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Search and Book Hotels Near You now. Quick, Easy Booking. No Reservation Costs A Gem in the Oregon Desert: Alvord Hot Springs. Before we begin, it's important to share that while pretty much everything around the Alvord High Desert is public land, the place where the actual hot spring sits is private property. Soakers must pay a day-use admission of $8.00 (current as of March 2018), or if you decide to camp for $20 a night, you get 24-hour access to the pools Camping at Alvord Hot Springs. If you pay to camp at the Alvord Hot Springs, you can access the desert via their road at no extra cost. You also have unlimited access to the hot springs for the duration of your stay. Additionally, they have garbage and recycling options as well as a heated restroom. There is no potable water or showers, though Alvord Hot springs is a long way from anywhere, which based on it's size is probably a good ting. A spectacular location, owners are friendly, the springs are small 2 concrete pools about 10' square more than 6 or 8 people in each and things would be too close for comfort! The $8.00 fee is OK I guess it's there property & you don't have to buy

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The Frog Springs national recreation site is located only about a mile southwest of Alvord Desert Hot Springs. The drive down to the Playa is pretty rough here, but you can camp either on the Playa or near the small parking lot, that has trash bins and a vault (pit) toilet Willow Creek Hot Springs also known as Whitehorse Ranch Hot Springs is located in the isolated part of eastern Oregon, at the southeastern edge of the Alvord Desert. Nonetheless, it is still comparatively easy to find if you follow the driving directions provided below However, there are two hot springs in Alvord Desert - Alvord Hot Springs and Willow Creek Hot Springs to enjoy soaking in mineral hot waters. Steens Mountain is a 70-mile long snow-capped mountain range with its summit that rises 9,733 feet above sea level and 5,000 feet above the desert surface Costs of Camping at Alvord Desert, Oregon. Camping at Alvord Desert is FREE. The payment to Alvord Hot Springs to use their facilities are all optional. Currently, it's $8 for the hot springs, $5 for the access road, and $60 a night for a bunker. The access road is the only needed thing to camp on Alvord Desert

Located at the southeastern edge of the Alvord Desert, this hot spring is basically in the middle of nowhere, but relatively easy to find compared to other hot springs in the area. Head to Whitehorse Ranch and take Whitehorse Ranch Road for 2.5 miles Soak in the Hot Springs. One of the best things about taking a trip out to the Alvord Desert is being able to visit the hot springs found in the area. The most popular is the privately owned Alvord Hot Springs which is located just on the edge of the playa itself. Passes are $5 and it will give you access for 24 hours The Alvord Hot Springs, a privately-owned hot spring, bubbles up at 174 degrees, but cools by the time it reaches man-made sitting pools. It's also worth exploring the other geothermal springs in the Alvord Desert which are TOO HOT for soaking: Borax Lake, Mickey Hot Springs and Willow Creek Hot Springs The old, free Alvord Hot Springs that we have all come to know and love over the years is gone as of early 2013. The Davis Family (owners) have torn down the old structure and built a new one complete with parking lot, bathrooms, pay camping, store, showers and on-site caretaker. Access for 24 hours costs $5. Season The old, free Alvord Hot Springs that we have all come to know and love over the years is gone as of early 2013. The Davis Family (owners) have torn down the old structure and built a new one complete with parking lot, bathrooms, pay camping, store, showers and on-site caretaker. Access for 24 hours costs $5

Alvord Hot Springs LLC, Alvord Desert / Princeton. 2,664 likes · 6 talking about this · 153 were here. 'Getting into hot water has never been more fun! A destination for all seasons, Alvord Hot Springs is a stunning location in Harney County of eastern Oregon. The hot springs were named after the Alvord Desert that borders it on the east side. On the west, you will enjoy a stunning view of Steens Mountain that towers a mile above the desert floor, 9,700 feet above sea level THE ALVORD DESERT HOT SPRINGS; The Alvord Hot Springs lie near the base of Steens Mountain, at the edge of the playa. Though they are not the only thermal springs in the area, they are by far the most developed. For $8, visitors can spend all day at the hot springs. The fee also includes use of a private road for direct access to the playa 9 reviews of Alvord Hot Springs First time to the Alvord Desert camping. The Alvord Desert Hot springs is a campsite/hot springs. Not a B&B. So, not sure why it is classified as that. This hot springs is on private property, but that shouldn't stop you from coming, for it's awesome. It will get better over time from my understanding in talking with management

Hot Springs Fee: $5 day use fee. Cross over to the eastern base of the Steens Mountains and you'll find yourself in the picturesque landscape of Alvord Hot Springs. The water feeding these Oregon hot springs is 184-degrees, yet the hot springs have been engineered to maintain a lower temperature between 100-110 degrees Willow hot springs are a bit south of the desert, and many people camp close to them. There is a large tub dug into the ground. They are less visited by people driving through than the Alvord hot springs, and offer a little more remote experience, although groups do often camp right at the hotsprings We have hot springs on site, a small store/reception center and restrooms. The pools are near the east base of Steens Mountain, a mile below the summit at the edge of the Alvord Desert. Whether its for a relaxing stay or simply to getaway, we hope to see you soon Alvord Hot Springs is one of the tourist attractions in the area. They are located at the foot of the Steens Mountains, on the western outskirts of the desert. Here you can enjoy the hot mineral-rich water, which is an especially pleasant experience during the cooler months of the year

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  1. Fee: $8/person for day use, overnight lodging starts at $30. Season: Year-round, but check driving conditions to and from the hot springs. Any trip to the southeastern corner of Oregon would be incomplete without a restorative soak in the Alvord Hot Springs. Water emerges from the ground at around 170 degrees Fahrenheit before mixing with.
  2. Oregon: Take 2 - Hot Springs in the Alvord Desert and Bend, Revisited We made two stops on our second traverse across Oregon, one repeated, one new - though we could have done so much more. Our first was in the Alvord Desert, found in the quite remote southeastern part of the state, and an area which no one passing through the rest of.
  3. 12. Alvord Hot Springs. 237 miles from Bend. What's near here: Steens Mountain. Next, we have Alvord Hot Springs. Though Alvord Hot Springs has charged an entrance fee since 2013, it still offers dusty travelers a little oasis in the desert. The site has two large concrete pools that can accommodate many people

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  1. Alvord Hot Springs at the base of Steens Mountain deep in the heart of the eastern Oregon Wilderness is a hidden gem, known mostly to climbing enthusiasts and the ambitious adventurer willing to drive the nearly 4 hours from Boise, Bend, or 2.5 hours from the nearest town of any size, Winnemucca in Nevada
  2. utes north to the tiny town of Crane, literally an oasis in the desert..
  3. Located in the vast high desert of Southeast Oregon, Burns is a friendly town with a lot of heritage. Not only that, but it also has plenty of outdoor activities for any type of traveler. After all, Burns is near the Steens Mountain, the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, the Alvord Desert and many not-so-secret fishing holes
  4. Alvord Hot Springs. The Alvord Hot Springs are sandwiched between the Steens summit and the Alvord Desert, which provides a stunning backdrop for a soak. Located along East Steens Road, these privately owned and maintained springs collect into two concrete pools, one of them is out in the open, and the other is enclosed for some privacy
  5. Bog Hot Springs - NE Nevada. October 2006 Video Clip. Located in the high mountain desert region of northern Nevada 312 miles from Boise. The video clip features a sunset soak, the hot springs at dawn and primitive campsite footage. Alvord Hot Springs - SE Orego
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Mickey Hot Springs is a moderately known geothermal area on the northern end of the Alvord Desert. Sometimes there is a plethora of geothermal activity here and sometimes it is mostly dried up, empty holes - all dependent on the season and recent rainfall. Nearly always, there is a colorful 15-20' diameter, over 10' deep, pool - clear with near. Mickey Hot Springs is a moderately known geothermal area on the northern end of the Alvord Desert. Sometimes there is a plethora of geothermal activity here and sometimes it is mostly dried up, empty holes - all dependent on the season and recent rainfall. Nearly always, there is a colorful 15-20 The Alvord Desert Hot Spring really has a style of it's own and is unlike any other hot spring I've visited: it's truly a must-see for anyone roadtripping Oregon. The journey is not easy - you'll have to travel 30 miles on a gravel road, dodge loose cows and dirty up your car a little bit - but the payoff is unbelievable

Alvord Hot Springs . Hot Springs-soakable . GPS GeoCoords Borax Lake: 42.327547,-118.605095 Alvord Hot Springs: 42.543988,-118.532834 Mickey Hot Springs: 42.678401. Borax Lake Hot Springs Near Fields in Oregon. A small lake on BLM land north of Fields in the Alvord Desert. Borax Lake is fed by 95-degree thermal vents and typically only feels warm during summer. It is adjacent to an old Borax Works station were borax was mined and carted by mule train to Winnemucca, NV. The remains of the station are still. Alvord Hot Springs is your escape from well from everything. Located two hours south of Burns. Your experience will be one to remember. Mickey Hot Springs, just north of Alvord Desert, is a temperature a little hotter than most would find comfortable. What it lacks in soaking relaxation it gains in visual relaxation Alvord Hot Springs is in a beautiful and remote location with the Alvord Desert on one side and Steens Mountain on the other. Several springs emerge next to the road at about 170 degrees F forming a small marshy area and hot creek. A large 4 inch pipe is set up in the creek that brings about 120 degrees F water to the pools The Alvord Desert is beautiful, barren playa in Eastern Oregon. With the jagged Steens mountains and relaxing Alvord hot springs on one edge and barren sagebrush hills on the other, the playa is a flat expanse of white sand unlike anything you'd expect to see in Oregon

The hot springs pools are in an open field with the beautiful Steens Mountain to the West and Alvord desert to the East. The pools are small and natural. They could get crowded if too many people showed up at once. The water is amazing - right in the middle of a hot springs creek Hot Springs at Borax Lake Hot Springs near Princeton, Oregon. Maps, directions, and reviews. A small lake on BLM land north of Fields in the Alvord Desert. Borax Lake is fed by 95 degree thermal vents and typically only feels.. There are actually four other springs located around the desert region including Mickey Hot Springs, Tule Springs, Buckbrush Springs, and Borax Hot Springs. However, the Alvord is the only one you. Alternatively, you can pay to camp at Alvord Hot Springs, a private natural springs near the Alvord Desert. Overnight guests get unlimited and 24-hour access to the two pools. You can also opt to pay the $8 fee to get day-use access too if you're not camping

Alvord Desert Hot Springs - open year round. Alvord Hot Springs is a geothermal spring located in southeast Oregon on the eastern slope of the Steen Mountains on the western edge of the vast Alvord Desert. The springs sit at an elevation of 4,080 feet in the Oregon high desert region. Currently open to the public year-round Alvord Hot Springs is accessible by the all-weather county road on the east side of Steens Mountain, 110 miles southeast of Burns or 25 miles north of Fields; 541-589-2282; alvordhotsprings@gmail.com Desert Waters. Pack your fishing rod for nearby Mann Lake where trophy Lahontan cutthroat trout cruise the waters. Mickey Hot Springs is also on the north end of the Alvord; look for its deep pool, clear with near-boiling water, the ground hissing with steam and gurgling mud pots. These are not waters for soaking or drinking, and don't expect.

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4. Soaking in the Alvord Hot Springs. There are quite a few hot springs around the perimeter of the desert, such as Mickey Hot Springs, Borax Hot Springs, Tule Springs, and Buckbrush Springs.. Of these springs, Alvord Hot Springs is the only one you can actually soak in Alvord Lake Playa viewed from East Steens Road 19 miles east from Fields, OR Alvord Desert. Hot Springs on East Steens Road. Hot Springs near Alvord Lake LATITUDE: N 42°32.603 LONGITUDE: W 118°32.067. There are dispersed camping sites near the hot springs. We have seen RVs and trailers camped here. Alvord Lake south from Mann Lake.

If You Go: Crane Hot Springs: 59315 Highway 78, Burns, 541-493-2312, cranehotsprings.com. Farther south sits Alvord Hot Springs at the edge of the Alvord Desert. The privately owned outfit hosts two concrete pools fed by water that comes out of the ground at 170ºF—and which is, naturally, cooled when mixed into the soaking pools Lite / Green RVing, RV Journey 2010-11, RV Life, RV Short Stops January 31, 2013 February 10, 2013. Boondocking near the Alvord Hot Springs. by Julianne G Crane. Share. Tweet. In March 2011 on our return to the Pacific Northwest after spending the winter touring the country, we had just left Zion National Park and were facing an early spring.

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  1. The Alvord Hot Springs manager was kind enough to let us use his private road to have access to the desert. We camped a few yards south of it near 2 planes. Stayed here with a passenger vehicle and a tent
  2. Alvord hot springs. This is not a spa. It's remote, rustic, a little unrefined and perfect for the environment of the Alvord Desert. Two decent sized square soaking pools, one open, one partially enclosed, are fed from thermal springs producing 174 degree waters
  3. The Alvord Desert has a cold desert climate. Mountain ranges stop the rain in the area. Winter temperatures in the Alvord Basin are moderated. Daily average temperatures are between 40 and 50 °F (4 and 10 °C). Rare temperature fails to 32 °F (0 °C). At night, the temperature falls between 20 and 30 °F (−7 and −1 °C)
  4. Re: Alvord desert. You can land near the hot spring, conditions permitting. Most pilots and planes will land about 1/4 ~1/2 mile away where the playa is flatter. What you really want to be careful of is water on the playa. Not standing water, but soft soil/mud. It can be dusty on top and gooey mud an inch down
  5. g treat in eastern Oregon, the Alvord Hot Springs in Fields, Oregon is a private family-owned hot spring and campground site. The dual hot pools lie in the valley of the Alvord Desert, near the base of the massive Steens Mountain

A hot spring steams at the edge of the Alvord Desert When I first stepped out of the van somewhere near the middle of the playa, I felt like an escaped house-cat seeing the sky for the first time Alvord Desert If you really want to get away from the crowds, take a trip out to the Alvord Desert in Southern Oregon and look for nice thundereggs at Pike Creek . This is one of the few year-round creeks out here, just north of the Alvord Hot Springs along the Fields/Denio Highway

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Hwy 20 goes through the eastern OR desert from Ontario to Burns. I made a left at Buchanan and took the county road to Crane Hot Springs were I was meeting up with some folks from the Sport Tourning Forum. I finally arrived at the campsite at about midnight MST. The group had just retired to thier tents but Ron and Kurt got up to say hi Borax Hot Springs. Steens Mountain and the Alvord Desert. The Island and Lake Billy Chinook Near the bottom of this trail we cut cross country toward the opening of Big Sand Gap and started seeing lizards. We turned right and continued north for 2.3 miles to Alvord Hot Springs where we picked up a $5 permit for the Pike Creek Trail and. Alvord Hot Springs LLC, Alvord Desert / Princeton. 2,632 likes · 2 talking about this · 154 were here. 'Getting into hot water has never been more fun!

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  1. Site 9 is located on top of a hill in the overflow camping area. This site is pull-through and includes water, 30 AMP power, and sewer. Site 10 is a pull-through site located in our gravel parking lot behind the office. Site 10 includes 50 AMP power, water, and sewer. Pets are welcome for a fee of $3.00 per pet, per night
  2. To reach the Alvord Desert, take Oregon Route 78 east from Burns for 64 miles, then turn right onto Fields-Denio Rd. You can access the playa via a maintained road for $5 at Alvord Hot Springs.
  3. Part of the Alvord Desert - We Return to Explore (Apr 2019) trip. April 25, 2019. It'd been several weeks since my last trip and as usual that meant I had a bad case of the shakes. Spring is such a frustrating time from an adventure perspective - the weather seems so nice, and yet everywhere interesting is still covered in snow

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Located in Harney County, Oregon, and tucked into the Steens Mountain rain shadow, the Alvord Desert is one of the most isolated and unique land formations in the state. With some areas only receiving 5 inches of annual precipitation, it is also one of the driest locations in Oregon. The Alvord Desert was once a giant lake extending 100 miles from end to end with an estimate After waiting out the storm, we soaked in the hot springs near the campground. The high desert was showing beautiful shades of green due to recent rains, and we enjoyed a starry nite and bugless. What is Crane Hot Springs? If you read our previous posts, you already know that we are fans of hot springs. And Oregon is full of unique natural hot springs.We have described detailed guides on Umpqua Hot Springs and Alvord Hot Springs on Alvord Desert in Oregon.. Crystal Crane Hot Springs is another source of minerals hot waters that we immersed ourselves in during our Oregon road trip

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7. Alvord Hot Springs (Alvord Desert) Facebook/Alvord Hot Springs LLC. Facebook/Alvord Hot Springs LLC. Located out in the Alvord Desert, this unique hot springs offers 360 degree views of Oregon's desert landscape and the Steens Mountains. There is a $5 day use fee. 36095 E Steens Rd., New Princeton, OR 97721 Borax Lake Hot Springs, Alvord Desert, OR, 2015, scalding water, no soaking opportunities. Alvord Hot Spring, Alvord Desert, OR, 2015. Private property, they charge a fee for soaking and/or camping

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The ODT was much more diverse than I expected. In addition to the hot springs mentioned earlier, some standout sections include Steens Mountain, the Alvord Desert, and Hart Mountain Antelope Refuge. The trail also passes by petroglyphs as well as several fascinating volcanic features, like Crack-in-the-Ground. Water Source Mickey Hot Springs is a small hot spring system at the north end of Alvord Desert just east of Steens Mountain and North of The Chris March 1, 2020 0 Comment About two miles north of Alvord Hot Springs, Pike Creek offers a stunning hike up toward Steens's snowy top. Whether you walk for 10 minutes or an hour before turning back, the trail rewards with views of wildflowers, the sky through keyhole tunnels, and the desert below Alvord Hot Springs is covered by the Alvord Hot Springs, OR US Topo Map quadrant. The USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) publishes a set of topographic maps of the U.S. commonly known as US Topo Maps. These maps are seperated into rectangular quadrants that are intended to be printed at 22.75x29 or larger Located in southeastern Oregon near Steens Mountain, the area around Borax Hot Springs is known as the Alvord Desert, a dry desert landscape where a few glimmers of water remain. Take in the unique desert landscape, including the white, salty appearance of the soil

Alvord Hot Springs - Located in southeastern Oregon's remote Alvord Desert, Alvord Hot Springs is a unique hot springs resort that blends a rustic atmosphere with modern amenities and services. Crystal Crane Warm Springs - Another remote hot springs in Oregon, Crystal Crane Warm Springs has long drawn visitors from all over the country to. Photo: Will Floyd Why you should go: Well-maintained baths neighboring an off-roaders paradise. Alvord Hot Springs is a desert delight situated at the base of Steens Mountain on the edge of the Alvord Desert in southeastern Oregon.. In 2013, the landowners of Alvord Hot Springs rebuilt the soaking pools after they became riddled with trash by years of unmanaged public use Frenchglen Warm Springs used to have bath house and a large pool back in the 70's but today there is no evidence any of that ever existed. Warm 89 degree F water spring up under some bounders below the old fire road and flow into a shallow 5-6 foot diameter sand and gravel pool The following sites are excellent tools for more information on hot and cold water springs in any of the states. The National Geophysical Data Center lists spring temperatures with latitude and longitude in decimal format. The decimal format is useful at the Tiger Map Server .There you can input the lat. and long. and select what details you want to be displayed on the map GPS GeoCoords Borax Lake: 42.327547,-118.605095 Alvord Hot Springs: 42.543988,-118.532834 Mickey Hot Springs: 42.678401,-118.348325 Weather Forecast The Alvord Desert is an immense 12-mile long by 7-mile wide dry lake bed in the middle of the Alvord Basin. On the western edge of the Alvord Desert, at the base of Steens Mountain, you'll find Alvord Hot Springs

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Crystal Crane Hot Springs is a rustic resort on 160 acres, located 25 miles southeast of Burns at the edge of the Alvord Desert. These natural mineral springs are a perfect spot to soak while enjoying a panoramic view of the sagebrush desert and the fairly low southeastern Oregon sky. The resort is a great and quiet place that offers public and. Alvord Hot Springs The lure remains at these once-free springs that have turned commercial. Near the eastern base of Steen Mountain, these isolated dipping pools may now feature a parking lot and bathrooms, but nothing can diminish the view of the full moon hanging low over the desert

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The temperature of the water is ninety-five degrees all year round, so you can easily slide in for a soak after your easy hike to the hot springs. 50. Alvord Hot Springs in Oregon. The Alvord Hot Springs can be found near the Alvord Desert in Harney County, Oregon The Alvord is alkaline and supports little vegetation except sagebrush which is fairly good as cattle, antelope, and deer food. The Pueblo Mountains near Fields (spring board to the dusty Alvord Desert) is made up of two fault block ranges. Hot springs of bubbling, steaming Water also punctuate the desert. These springs start several thousand. Cougar Springs is located near Eugene, OR and accessible year round for a reasonable fee. Belknap Hot Springs - It's a fully developed beside the McKenzie River west of Bend, OR. There are two soaking pools to choose from and they are both surrounded by beautiful gardens. On-site accommodation is available I'd called Alvord Hot Springs to make sure they were open and to get an idea of how desert access worked. They were really nice and I almost understood the process. There were cars in the parking lot, a couple people near the accommodations (pretty charming looking repurposed modular MASH units) and a masked couple talking at a picnic table. In the Alvord Desert looking at the east side of the Steens. One of the very hot springs at Mickey Springs. Looking west toward the Steens. Looking east as a large bird looks for lunch. All these pools were way too hot to keep your hand in for more than a quick moment. Looking northeast, you can see the steam coming off the hot springs

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Re: Idaho Strips and Hot Springs. Splashpilot wrote: Hey everybody, I spent about 4 hours last night trying to co-locate strips in Idaho and hot springs within a short 2-3 mile hike. Idaho is supposed to have the highest concentration of natural hot springs, but I am having a difficult time finding ones that are secluded but near a strip #alvorddesert #alvorddeserthotsprings #advrider ☞Ever been out to Alvord desert hot springs? Well, what are you waiting for the water is nice and hot and the.. The 16 Best Hot Springs In Oregon. Having visited and enjoyed many of the best hot springs in Oregon, we have compiled a list of the most relaxing hot springs open to the public. 1. Paulina Lake Springs. Paulina Lake Hot Springs was by far my favorite of the pools we found in Oregon The Alvord Desert. It should be called a playa but isn't. That is because the Alvord Desert is tucked away in a little traveled, remote corner of southeastern Oregon where the few scattered ranchers living there have never heard of playas. Its one of those places where most folks tried and failed to make a living and then abandoned their efforts Potholes and hot springs, like this one near Brothers, Oregon, are scattered across the Oregon desert east of the Cascade Mountains. Ron Baldwin The playa of the Alvord Desert near Fields, Oregon

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Alvord Hot Springs, located in the Alvord desert area of southeastern Oregon's Harney County A multitude of tire tracks lead in all directions as the road opens up onto the vast playa (dry lakebed) of the Alvord Desert Thankfully, the newly minted, 800-mile Oregon Desert Trail takes you past petroglyphs near Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge, hot springs in the Alvord Desert, and ­native redband trout in. Alvord Desert (and Surrounding Area) The Alvord Desert is in southeastern Oregon and is a spectacular spot to spend some time in. Mostly on BLM, the Alvord Playa is the highlight, but it's far from the only thing there. With plenty roads to explore, hiking to experience, and hot springs to soak in, we've been several times - and I'm sure we'll. Get the forecast for today, tonight & tomorrow's weather for Hot Springs, AR. Hi/Low, RealFeel®, precip, radar, & everything you need to be ready for the day, commute, and weekend

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Apr 11, 2017 - Explore Debbie Boss's board alvord desert, followed by 232 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about oregon travel, oregon, places to go The Alvord Desert is on the other side of the small rise to the right. Evening light by Andrew Dunning, on Flickr Crossing back down to Alvord. Alvord Desert by Andrew Dunning, on Flickr Long shadows by Andrew Dunning, on Flickr We returned with enough sunlight left to study the source springs of Alvord Hot Springs

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The Alvord Desert is a desert located in Harney County, in southeastern Oregon in the western United States.It is roughly southeast of the Steens Mountains.The Alvord Desert is a 12-by-7-mile (19 by 11 km) dry lake bed and averages 7 inches (180 mm) of rain a year. Two mountain ranges separate it from the Pacific Ocean—the Coast Range, and the Cascade Mountains At the summit, the reward is an incredible view of the Alvord Desert, the surrounding Sheepshead Range, and most of all, the eastern face of the Steens Mountain. Mickey Hot Springs is the first attraction on the way to the deeper Mickey Basin. This protected geothermal site is an entirely undeveloped and natural hot springs Chattanooga Hot Springs in Idaho near Atlanta. Chattanooga Hot Springs features one large and shallow hot waterfall-fed pool next to the Middle Fork of the Boise River near the quaint mining town of Atlanta, Idaho. Depending on how strong spring runoff is or was, the pool may be submerged in the river. The key to a stellar soak? Come late season We used the 3rd edition of William L. Sullivan's 100 Hikes/Travel Guide - Eastern Oregon. From the Playa Access along East Steens Rd. ( 2.3 miles south of Alvord Hot Springs) we drove across the playa to the GPS locationN42 29.236 W118 23.211 which Sullivan gives in the book. Good luck, it was a great place to visit in southeastern Oregon. The Alvord Desert is located in Harney County, Oregon and lies near the northernmost end of the Basin and Range province of the southwestern United States. The basin is a broad, flat, graben valley bounded by Steens Mountain to the northwest and hosts several hot springs, including the Alvord Hot Springs adjacent to the. Aug 26, 2013 - there's nothing more relaxing than soaking up mineral water and turning into a raison. :). See more ideas about hot springs, oregon, oregon travel