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s. StickyB. Posted 1/22/13. So I went to the doctor yesterday for my 13 day ultrasound to check my follies and see if I can trigger and I only had one major follicle that was only 12 mm. I was so. From what I understand, that follicle is rather small. But that does not discount the fact that there could be an egg in there. Doctors like to see the follicle sizes on a medicated cycle at about 19-20+ and follicle sizes at 15-18 in a non-medicated cycle At my scan yesterday, my follicles were 12, 13, and 23mm. They had me take the trigger shot last night. Will only the 23mm follicle be mature, or is it possible for the other two to be mature by the t read mor

Your follicles are too small. Your smallest should be about 18mm before triggering and you shouldn't trigger til around 14, 15, or 16 day of cycle because the follicles grow 2-3mm every 2 days if stimulated right. Read my story... I just had my transfer on Monday, March 21st. It's my fifth cycle Harlo17. 17/04/17. First IVF cycle I had 12 follicles ranging from 16 - 22mm, estrogen 8939 pmol/L 2 days before trigger, resulted in 6 eggs 5 mature. Second IVF cycle I had 10 follicles ranging from 20-26mm, estrogen 10,590 pmol/L 2 days before trigger resulted in 8 eggs 7 mature. Third IVF cycle I had 15 follicles ranging from 16mm - 48mm. Yes, size matters. Especially when it comes to follicle sizes before trigger. But size isn't all and there are other details to be taken into account before putting that trigger shot to use Last month I was trigger on CD 11 with 2 follicles at 15mm and 16mm with a lining of 6.1mm. Does this seem a bit early or am i paranoid? Reply Quote. Topic starter Posted : 06/05/2018 1:10 pm maw123 . Hi happy0, I am 4dpiui. My first iui I triggered on day 13 with one follicle measuring 20mm. IUI took place on day 15 January 2013. I always did better when they waited to trigger me when follicles were in the 18-20mm range. If the follicles are too small, the egg isn't as likely to be mature and capable of fertilization, but wait too long and I think the egg might be too old and not viable either. It's so hard to know

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I went in today for a study and my follicles measured 16.5, 15.7, 14.3, 12.4, 10.2 and they want me to trigger tomorrow night and iui Monday am. I was trying to get an idea of how many of these would mature and ovulate to decide if I want to go forward or cancel this cycle. Could you give me an idea on which ones you think woul Eggs from follicles measuring about 20mm at trigger have the highest *chance* of being mature, but that doesn't mean that they will be, or that eggs from other follicles won't. There are so many factors and this is why getting pregnant, whether by IVF or not is such a lottery and such a miracle. IVF looks to set as many of the variables and. I am 43 yrs. old. It it day 10 of my cycle and my dominant follicle is 18mm and I have two more that are 14mm. I am going in for my egg retrieval on day 12. Do you think the two follicles that are 14mm have the potential to reach 18mm before my egg retrieval? If not, is it even worth it to go in for an egg retrieval with only one developed.

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  1. The goal, or what should be the goal, is to trigger when the majority of follicles are of mature size but not let it go on so long that you begin losing the larger follicles. That balance is the key. In my case, I use 50% maturity as my baseline measure, since follicles tend to grow at different rates. That is to say, that I strive to have at.
  2. I am on my first cycle of Letrozole this month (TTC #1, PCOS), and had an ultrasound yesterday (CD12) to measure follicle size.I have one follicle on each side that each measure 12mm. The doctor said that they were too small for her to give me the trigger shot, but to use an OPK at home, and if I don't get a positive on that by Saturday to come back in for another ultrasound and the trigger.
  3. Irishowl Posts: 16. April 2012 edited November -1. These were my stats for my 4 clomid cycles with HCG trigger: IUI #1 - 3 follicles ranging in size from 17mm-20mm. This was on 50mgs of Clomid. IUI #2 - 1 follicle that was 23mm. This was on 100mgs of Clomid. IUI #3 - 1 follicle that was 24mm. 100mgs of Clomid
  4. e the optimal size of the leading follicle before human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) ad
  5. Hmm. I am no doctor but had almost the same thing happen to me. Mine was later on in the cycle, they found a 12 mm follicle/cyst on day 11. I went back for monitoring again the next day and they found it again and had me do two nights of Ganirelix to prevent ovulation (this was a medicated cycle)

0. With ivf you sometimes get eggs from follicles that are slightly smaller. I had 28 follicles but a lot of them were around 12 like yours, the day before trigger. A nurse that called me with bloodwork on the final appt before trigger told me she only thought 8 would be mature. however they got 22 eggs, 16 were mature This optimal size is influenced by the endometrial thickness. For both drugs, higher pregnancy rates were achieved with the leading follicle being in the range of 23 to 28 mm . Within that range, pregnancy rates were higher when the larger follicles were accompanied by a thicker endometrium and vice versa (see Table 3). These findings can be. However, once hormonal signals trigger the development of follicles and they start to mature and grow, they become known as antral follicles and measure up to 10 mm. These are then visible on an ultrasound and can be counted. This doesn't show the total amount of follicles a woman has on her ovaries, but just noting the amount of visible.

Over 10+ follicles seen, however the 3 largest measured 12mm, 10mm, and 0.9.mm. Took clomid 150 mgs for 5 days starting cd 4. Going back in for another scan tomorrow, which will be cd 12 only. They are trying to see how they are growing for when I can be given the hcg trigger shot and schedule the IUI procedure MATURE FOLLICLE SIZE? had my first ultrasound today-day 11 of af, i produced 9 follicles 5 on left & 4 on my right ovary using clomid50mg though unfortunately left fallopian tube is blocked. my 2 largest follicles are only 15mm & 14 1/2mm my doctor wants me to take okt tuesday morning cd12 if its positive she wants me to come in for my first.

still got it done. Today is my 13th Day and my follicle size is 27 mm ( its growing by 3 mm everyday since last 3 days) and endometrial thickness is 12 mm . I have not been given any HCG trigger .I want. We compared female age, BMI, numbers of follicles > 12 mm, on the day of trigger and peak serum E2 levels between the 12 women who had OHSS and the 76 women who did not develop the syndrome. The number of follicles measuring > 12 mm on the day of trigger was significantly different between groups ( Table 5 ) About 14 days into a person's cycle, hormones trigger the release of an egg. During this secretory phase, endometrial thickness is at its greatest and can reach 16 mm. Pregnancy Ovulation trigger is needed in in vitro fertilization (IVF) to get mature eggs. Routinely, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is used for that purpose given its similarity to the natural hormone that does this job in a natural cycle (luteinizing hormone, LH)

Aspirated follicles were grouped, according to follicular volume, into the following arbitrary groups: small follicles with a volume of 0.3-0.9 mL, corresponding to a spherical diameter of 8-12 mm; medium size follicles with a volume of 1-6 mL, corresponding to a spherical diameter of 13-23 mm; and large follicles with a volume of > 6. Usually, your doctor will want to schedule your trigger shot—or hCG/LH injection—when your follicles are just about to reach full mature size. This is around 18 mm. A mature follicle that is about to ovulate will measure anywhere between 18 and 25 mm The timing of the trigger shot to initiate meiosis: This should coincide with the majority of ovarian follicles being >15 mm in mean diameter with several follicles having reached 18-22 mm. Follicles of larger than 22 mm will usually harbor overdeveloped eggs which in turn will usually fail to produce good quality eggs When the leading follicle reached 12 mm, GnRH antagonist was started using Cetrotide 0.25 subcutaneously daily till the day of triggering. Triggering was done when at least 3 follicles larger than 14 mm and at least one of them reached a mean diameter of 17 mm or more. At the day of triggering, women were randomized into 2 groups More than 15 follicles (≥12 mm in diameter) on ultrasound, and/or estradiol level of > 3500 pg/ml on the day of trigger. Exclusion Criteria: History of three or more miscarriages. History of three or more previous IVF failures. Abnormal uterine cavity (Hysteroscopy or HSG)

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  1. #1 IUI on Dec 12/14 on CD15 - 50mg clomid CD 5-9, Gonal F @ 75iu cd 7-12, beautiful 25 mm follicle,Trigger cd 13, 12 mil swimmers post wash2ww Dec 12 - 24/14 -->>> 10-16 dpiui - HPT all negative; 15 dpiui - went for beta - waiting for results - - > Beta less than 2 #2 IUI - Jan 17/15 on cd 17 - same protocol, 2 follicles at 21mm each
  2. ant follicle rupture and the egg will be released (ovulation). Hope this helps! I know all the ultrasound are frusterating, but hang in there! HeidiRenae 02/01/2011. Thank you so much!! I don't really see ovulating around CD19-21 as an issue for me, actually it's great! Without the Femara I don't ovulate at.
  3. d sharing your level and eggs retrieved? I have DOR and this is my 4th round. Follicles are 18,15,12,10,10. Estradiol is by far the lowest one yet. 1975 pmol (canada). Last try it was 2520 pmol and got 4 eggs
  4. Follicle size: gong to be doing my second iui this weekend. Last cycle I only took gonal-f with ovidrel trigger and on cycle day 10 I triggered with a 21 mm follicle. This month I added menopur 75 u I as well as continued taking gonal -f hoping to make 2 follicles, but that didn't happen
  5. It will then grow 2 to 3 mm in size each day. By day 10, the follicle should be anywhere between 16 and 25 mm in size. Just prior to ovulation process, the follicle should be between 17 and 27 mm in size. When ovulation begins, the follicle takes on a rapid growth spurt and begins protruding from within the ovarian cortex
  6. istration in cycles with CC and letrozole
  7. The NP said my endometrium looks good. I had lots of follicles but only one was 14 mm and another (maybe two more) was 13.5 mm. Is this good? Today is Friday, I was told to take my Ovidrel trigger shot on Tuesday night at 8:30 pm and then will do the IUI on Thursday at 10:30 am

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  1. g I would do stims for 10 days. I was slow to respond and half way through they (CFA) was thinking best case scenario would be 3-4 mature follicles
  2. ant follicle around 12 mm on CD 10, since follicles typically grow a millimeter or two every day
  3. Considering that CHR now quite routinely treats women between ages 45 and 49 with use of their own eggs, hCG triggers at 12mm lead follicle size are no longer uncommon. CHR's oldest woman ever to conceive and deliver with use of her own eggs at age 47 and 10 months, was, indeed, triggered at 12mm lead follicle size
  4. ) found that a 1 mm difference in follicle size at the time of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) trigger raises the odds of clinical pregnancy significantly, with an observed clinical pregnancy rate ranging from approximately 8% for mean follicle diameter of 19 to 20 mm, to 11% for 20 to 21 mm follicles, and 16% for follicles 21 to 22 mm (see Figure 1 in Reference 1)

Trigger shot was 1ml of suprecur. They collected 10 follicles with 8 mature eggs out 28 follicles. 2nd cycle: I've stimmed for 8 days. Menopur dosage was more of a roller-coaster at 225,300,75. Today was my trigger shot (1ml of suprecur). This is what today's scan looked like; 1 at 21mm. 1 at 18mm. 1 at 17mm. 1 at 16mm. 3 at 15mm. 2 at 14mm. 3. Need advice asap to trigger or cancel. Niacin 14/06/21. Hi so I just got of the phone to the nurse and I only have 4 follicles all different sizes one 18mm one 14mm two 12mm. They would like me to decide either cancel or trigger Wednesday tomorrow night. So confused any advice would be fantastic Follicle number. In HMG and clomiphene + HMG cycles for patients less than 35 years of age, the incidence of three or more implantations per cycle (but not of twin implantations) was tripled, while pregnancy rates were not significantly increased, when E2 was over 1000 pg/mL, when six or more follicles were > or = 12mm, and when four or more follicles were > or = 15mm However, the 25 mm follicle is large and the egg within it might be over-mature. So the net might be 3 eggs. If you wait 2 days to trigger, you will lose the 25 mm, which you've probably already lost anyway, but will gain the 12 mm follicle and the 17's won't be over-mature so the net would be 4 eggs

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It helped to produce one mature follicle at 17mm then did Ovidrel shot to trigger ovulation but got a BFN! This month the dr had me do the Femara again, 5mg CD 3-7, Follistim Injections 75iu CD 7-9, this only produced two follicles in which only one was mature at 20mm and the other was only 12mm both from my right ovary In the knowledge that, in fecund cycles, follicles with a diameter of 15 mm have an 8% chance of producing a viable implantation, and that 14 mm follicles show a much reduced incidence (4%), we would recommend that cycles be cancelled when there are more than two follicles present whose diameters are ≥15 mm at the time of hCG administration Dr. Jeff Livingston answered. Around 20 mm: 18-20 mm is ideal but it depends on the infertility specialist. It also depends if it is an unmedicated IUI or if a BHCG trigger shot is being given f Read More. 90,000 U.S. doctors in 147 specialties are here to answer your questions or offer you advice, prescriptions, and more Clomid 3-7. Last cycle I had a 15 and 18 on cycle day 10. I ovulated on cycle day 13 or 14 they said and I triggered on cycle day 13. TTC since 06/2010 HSG-clear,SA-good DX:Unexplained IUI#1- (May) 100mg of clomid +trigger + progerstrone supp=BFN IUlI#2- (June) 100mg of clomide+trigger+progesterone supp=BFN JuLy Break for vaca Our protocol is to commence ovarian stimulation with a few days of 150iu of FSH, aspirate of follicles at a maximum diameter of 12 mm, without the use of a trigger injection, using a double lumen needle, and the maturation of the oocytes in the laboratory

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Once a dominant follicle measures greater than 12 mm, follicular growth of 2 mm (1-3 mm) per day is expected [].Growth continues until follicular maturation at 18-21 mm, and at that point the oocyte inside is ready to ovulate, that is, complete meiosis, and be released in preparation for fertilization Small: The follicle usually reaches 18 to 20 mm when it is ready to ovulate. In the days preceding ovulation, follicles usually grow approximately 1 mm per day. Based on your number, i would guess you will be ovulating in 5 to 6 days, but this is just a guess, and it may be that you won't ovulate at all this cycle Many patients ask what is the ideal follicle size to be able to trigger ovulation. Dr. Timmreck offers, The maturity of an egg in the follicle is in part reflected by the follicular size; on average, the ideal follicular size is 18 to 20 millimeters or larger, depending on the type of medications used

Severe early ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome following GnRH agonist trigger with the addition of 1500 IU hCG There were 23 women with a mean estradiol level of 4891 ± 2214 pg/ml and a mean number of >12 mm follicles of 20 ± 6 on the day of ovulation triggering. OHSS was categorized according to the Golan criteria. The number of. On the first scan, my biggest follicle was 14mm, and on the second scan, I had two big ones of 17mm and 18mm. For the final scan, even more follicles had developed/grown, and I had four measuring 18,19, 15 and 14. It was deemed that all four follicles could potentially release eggs, so the cycle was cancelled. Cycle tw The ovary is made up of follicles, which are very tiny fluid-filled sacs, each containing an immature egg (or oocyte). During the first two weeks of the menstrual cycle, hormones   regulated by the hypothalamus and released by the pituitary gland trigger a few of these follicles to grow and the egg inside the follicles to mature On the day of trigger, estradiol was 1472 pg/mL, and the lead follicle was 21.5 mm with a total of 25 follicles measured > 12 mm. She was triggered with 5000 U hCG. She had a total 23 oocytes retrieved, 17 of which were metaphase II and vitrified (three metaphase I, one germinal vesicle, and two atretic oocytes were discarded) Ovulation induced with hCG or GnRH agonist when the dominant follicle reached 18 mm in diameter and ovarian stimulation was started 2-3 days after trigger Luteal phase Start ovarian stimulation without antagonist and initiate it when 12mm Outcomes comparable excepted slightly longer stimulation, more gonadotropin

The mean number of follicles >12mm on the trigger day and the number of oocytes retrieved at OPU were significantly higher in SPL of 10-12 days (P = 0.002 and 0.011 respectively). But there were no significant differences in the mean number of grade A/B OCC or M2 oocytes among all three groups of SPL ( P = 0.056 and 0.100) Had 12 mm and 10mm follicle on day 13. 16.7 mm and 12.8 mm on day 15. Day 17th follicle size was 24 mm and 20mm in right ovary and I got hcg 5000 trigger shot on same day. Today 19th day follicle size 30 mm and 23 mm with ET 8mm. With free fluid ++ If the follicles fail to mature, the cycle may be cancelled before the egg retrieval process. Ideally, fertility clinics would like to see 4 mature follicles before the trigger shot. Once again, though, there is no magic number, and this is a very individual situation. Follicle quality is as important as quantity here 2. Add GnRH antagonist when secondary cohort following lead follicle reaches 12 mm regardless of size of dominant follicle. 3. Disregard any spontaneous LH surge. 4. Trigger when lead follicles in secondary cohort reach 18 mm. Antagonist Gonadotropins Start Trigger 9 Cycle Day +/- LH surge Bleed 1 Cakmak H, et al., 201

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12mm before a spontaneous LH surge. After the LH surge, GnRHantagonist is started when the secondary follicle cohort reaches 12mm to prevent premature secondary LH surge. (D) If the follicle cohort following the lead follicle reaches 12mm before the spontaneous LH surge, pituitary suppression with GnRH antagonist is initiated and continued unti What is a follicle? Follicles are small, fluid-filled sacs that form on your ovaries. These little sacs contain developing eggs. You can begin to see small follicles forming at the beginning of your menstrual cycle, and they grow over time as your cycle progresses The administration of rec-hCG is intended to trigger ovulation and the first FWE, and ovulation is estimated to occur 36-72 h after the administration of rec-hCG when the dominant follicle is ≥12 mm [22-24]. Ovulation trigger with rec-hCG followed by OI was used in a previous study on the preservation of fertility in women presenting with. HELP! 12mm cyst - should I cancel my medicated FET cycle? They said I can continue on and then if it continues to grow they will give me a trigger shot to get it to rupture and treat it like a egg bearing follicle, rest of the cycle would go as planned. But they said if it starts to behave erratically then they may advise we abandon the cycle (Orgalutran, MSD) was started when at least one follicle reached 12 mm in diameter. The last injection of GnRH antagonist was administered on the day preceding the ovulation trigger. When at least 3 follicles had reached 18 mm in diameter, ovulation was triggered either with a single dose of 0.2 mg triptorelin (Decapeptyl, Ipsen) or of 250 mg.

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leading follicle that maximizes the probability of pregnancy, with lower rates for both smaller and larger sized leading follicles. The optimal size of the leading follicle in ovulation induction with CC and Letrozole is similar for both drugs, 24mm for CC and 24.8mm for Letrozole, and is closely related to the endometrial thickness The small follicles (10-12) may or not be mature. But if the lead follicle is 14 mm, none of the eggs have yet reached maturity. Giving hCG would not be enough to achieve maturity. I personally have gotten mature eggs from smaller follicles. Also, (HCG) trigger does not slow follicle growth, they should continue to grow until ER. Thinking of.

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Ultrasound showed 23, 22, 21, and three 12 mm follicles. I was told the 12mm follies wouldn't amount to anything. CD 13: First IUI at 9:30 am; 24 hours post-trigger. 77 million of DH's swimmers at 86% motility. My RE said he likes to do IUIs at 24 and 48 hours post-trigger to make sure we catch ovulation Search in titles only Search in Pregnant Cysters only. Search. Advanced Searc Hi!! my age is 27 . Me and my husband are trying for baby from last 1 year. I have hypothyrodism. My doctor told me to go for follicular ultrasound on my day 10 the dominent follicle size were 12.1 mm and ET=5.6mm and on day 12 the dominent follicle size became 14.8 mm and ET = 7 mm. my doctor told me that my follicle does not seem to be growing optimally

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They should grow around 2mm per day. I had egg collection on Saturday and only had 2 follicles collected and the rest too small but actually they are much better quality so far than anything I had collected in the previous 2 cycles where had 10+ collected. I think on day 7 my measurable two follicles were circa 11/12mm Myofascial trigger point reference including referred pain and muscle diagrams as well as symptoms caused by triggerpoints Hey! I had only 4 bigger follicles (18-15mm)at my scan the rest were some in the 8-12 range. 7 were retrieved so i am assuming 3 others caught up and matured. So, i will say the 10-12mm ones will most likely be matured come collection. You still have another 2 days to grow Most trigger when the dominant follicle is within a certain size range. While there is always some difference in doctor preference, the norms are unmedicated 20-24mm, clomiphene citrate 20-24mm, FSH-only meds 17 or 18mm minimum, and FSH+LH would be 16 or 17mm minimum Follicle size. Add message | Report. ktl1a Wed 27-May-20 17:24:22. I am on my first cycle of clomid and just had an U/S which showed a 28mm follicle on one ovary (+ a 12mm) and a 16mm on the other ovary (+ a 13mm). The larger follicle seems quite big to me so I am assuming it could go any time but my ovulation tests aren't showing an LH rise yet

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On day 8, a pelvic ultrasound showed that there was only one follicle > 17 mm in each ovary so stimulation continued and a pelvic ultrasound was repeated on day 10 showing an excessive follicular response (27 follicles >12 mm). The pre-trigger peak E2 was 18,959 pg/ml; 32 oocytes were collected and 24 embryos were cultured So the dots on the right are where my follicles were at today, the group in the middle is from Friday, and the group on the left from last Monday so they've been continuing to grow at a good rate. Anything over 12mm on the day of trigger (today) is likely to produce a mature egg with the hope of getting as many over 18mm as possible

This includes monitoring the number and size of the follicles on each ovary. When your follicles have reached around 18-20mm in diameter they are deemed ready for egg collection. You'll be given a hormone trigger injection to stimulate your follicles to release the mature eggs that have been prepared in your follicles 4. We compared female age, BMI, numbers of follicles > 12 mm, on the day of trigger and peak serum E2 levels between the 12 women who had OHSS and the 76 women who did not develop the syndrome. The number of follicles measuring > 12 mm on the day of trigger was significantly different between groups (Table 5). Discussio Based on my follicle sizes and the way they expect things to progress, they currently are expecting me to trigger on Monday with retrieval on Wednesday! Obviously that could change, depending how things look at my next ultrasound.We left the appointment so happy! It really seems like this protocol is working better for my body

Search in titles only Search in Infertility and Trying to Conceive only. Search. Advanced Searc 16+ follicles < 10mm on left ovary (don't remember how many on right ovary) 3 follicles at 10mm. 2 follicles at 12mm. 1 follicle at 13mm. 1 follicle at 14mm. Uterine lining 5.0mm. So all of that is GREAT!!! Next up was the bloodwork and they tested estrogen, progesterone and did a CBC

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The follicle is a functional anatomical structure which forms part of the ovary and the egg is the cell that will mature in a microscopic part of inner wall of a follicle over spontaneous or stimulated ovarian cycle in normal conditions. Furthermore, the follicle contains other cell types which produce oestrogen required for normal development of the egg maturation 25 mm follicle at trigger

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You'll be given a hormone trigger injection to stimulate your follicles to release the mature eggs that have been prepared in your follicles. Can I get pregnant with 17mm follicle? Leading follicle size was 17mm in 25.6%, 18mm in 42.6%, 19mm in 19.7% and 20mm or greater in 12% of cases Ultrasound monitoring will start on day 6. If there are more than 3 follicles 12 mm in mean diameter, the same dose is continued. If less than 3 follicles 12 mm in diameter, the dose might be increased to 225 IU per day . The ovulation trigger of hCG 500 2. Developing follicles secrete more and more estrogen, reach threshold = positive feedback, and GnRH , LH, and FSH levels spike. LH spike induces ovulation (ovum from ovary to abdominal cavity) 3. Luteal Phase: LH causes ruptured follicle to form corpus lute, which secretes progesterone (levels rise, estrogen remains high

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dominant follicle reaches 12 mm. In order to delay breakthrough bleeding during OR, Medroxyprogesterone (10 mg/day) is added in those cases where the leading follicle is <14 mm on day 12. Whenever there are 3 follicles with an 18 mm diameter or one dominant follicle exceeding 20 mm, maturation trigger i So, the proper way to do this is daily ultrasound, if necessary, as your follicles reach closer to the 18 mm point. Once the follicle is 18 mm (my personal preference is 20mms), then the HCG shot is given and the IUI is done at 36 hours if only one IUI is done or at 24 and 48 hrs if two are done (My preference is the two IUI protocol)

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If less than 3 follicles 12 mm in diameter, the dose might be increased to 225 IU per day . The ovulation trigger of hCG 5000-10000 IU is then administered when the lead follicle reaches 18 mm in mean diameter followed by IUI on two days thereafter. the stimulation protocal varies with different femal And I had only 1 dominant follicle in LO. On the 12th day, the follicle was at 35mm size. I was not given any trigger injections for rupture. On 14th day, the follicle had ruptured on its own between 12th and 14th day. As advised by doctor, I did join with my husband from 11th day to 15th Once the leading follicle reaches 10-12 mm and her lining is >6 mm, hCG trigger is given 38 h prior to oocyte retrieval. If, on the second ultrasound, no follicle has developed above 8-9 mm or the lining does not exceed 6 mm, 150 IU hMG is prescribed for 3 days and the ultrasound is repeated