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Ready, Set, Play! Playground rubber mulch is the top choice in safe play, with long-lasting vibrant appearance. Shop Playground. Long-Lasting Landscaping. Gorgeous landscapes start with neat garden beds. Natural rubber mulch lasts for years. shop landscaping. 1 Vigoro 37.5 cu. ft. Espresso Black Rubber Mulch (25 Bags) (45) Model# GN15BK25. Vigoro 76.9 cu. ft. Green Rubber Mulch (505) Model# LTGGRMN1TS. Top Rated. Vigoro 0.8 cu. ft. Espresso Black Bagged Rubber Mulch (441) Model# HDVEBMN8CB. Project Guide. How To Mulch Your Yard Inorganic mulch is made from man-made products and doesn't degrade, meaning it won't provide any nutritional benefits to soil. Inorganic options, like bulk rubber mulch and pea gravel, help to reduce weeds and help plants retain moisture. Mulch Colors Mulch colors range just as much as mulch materials

Our rubber mulch is eco-friendly, made from recycled tires and is 99.9% wire free. We offer a wide selection of colors, sure to complement any existing home colors or playground equipment. It is highly resilient, and will not compress, rot, deteriorate or fade even after daily use and constant exposure to the elements Playsafer Rubber Mulch Nuggets Protective Flooring for Playgrounds, Swing-Sets, Play Areas, and Landscaping (40 LBS - 1.55 CU. FT, Black) 4.5 out of 5 stars 654. $49.99 $ 49. 99 ($1.25/Lbs) These black rubber chips will lend a decorative touch to landscaped beds or create an attractive and safe surface beneath play equipment Playground Rubber Mulch. GroundSmart ™ Playground Rubber Mulch is uniquely designed and manufactured to not only meet, but exceed today's playground safety standards and guidelines. Landscape Rubber Mulch. GroundSmart ™ Landscape Rubber Mulch looks better all year, it's more durable, cost-effective, maintenance free, and eco-friendly. Product Title Rubber Mulch - Redwood Color - 40 Pounds. Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews. Current Price $45.99 $ 45. 99. Sold & shipped by.

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Mulch Direct is a leading retailer of rubber mulch products for playgrounds and landscaping. Our rubber mulch is rated 5 stars by our customers Rubber mulch doesn't necessarily enrich the soil and it is also known for leaching heavy metals such as zinc, cadmium, aluminium and chromium into the soil. This can lead to soil contamination and eventually kill the plants. 2. Flammable. Rubber mulches are more likely to catch fire easily than organic mulches. It burns faster and is very. Finally, rubber mulch isn't a healthy choice. Like everything else, it does break down, and when it does, it leaches a witch's brew of heavy metals and toxic chemicals into the soil and ground water. Rubber mulch is also a fire hazard -- it burns at a much higher temperature than natural mulches and belches toxic smoke. So forget rubber mulch Vigoro 75 cu. ft. Mocha Brown Rubber Mulch (50 Bags) (68) Model# GN15BN50. Vigoro 37.5 cu. ft. Mocha Brown Rubber Mulch (25 Bags) (45) Model# GN15BN25. Project Guide. How To Mulch Your Yard. Using mulch in a yard is easy to do, inexpensive and helps protect your plants. Read Our Guide. Buying Guide As the leading rubber mulch wholesalers in the industry, Rubber Mulch Products is proud to offer wholesale prices direct to the public on all our recycled rubber mulch. Whether you want a safer surface for a school playground or a more environment-friendly surface for your landscaping, rubber mulch is the answer. (888) 660-245

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  1. Vigoro 0.8 cu. ft. Espresso Black Bagged Rubber Mulch (439) Model# HDVEBMN8CB. Project Guide. How To Mulch Your Yard. Using mulch in a yard is easy to do, inexpensive and helps protect your plants. Read Our Guide. Buying Guide. Buying Mulch in Bulk Buying Guide. See Our Tips. Related Searches. wood chips black rubber mulch
  2. Equestrian - Rubber Mulch - 2,000 lb Supersack. $525.00. This rubber mulch is great for equestrian footing. It's crumb rubber which is a smaller grind than landscape and playground rubber mulch. This helps it blend in with sand better.... Placing rubber mulch bulk orders can be expensive, so you want to be sure that you have a great.
  3. Rubber mulch is the perfect solution for landscaping around your home or business. It's eco-friendly, encourages plant growth, discourages pests, and save you money in the long run
  4. The introduction of rubber mulch to the market has changed the way many people do landscaping and gardening. In the process it has created some polarization between those who think it is a good idea and those who don't. People who are skeptical about its effects give reasons ranging from lack of organic aesthetics (look and feel), to fears about poisoning their plants with unseen.
  5. Our rubber mulch is a perfect loose fill surface for these applications due to its high fall rating and ease of maintenance. Additionally, we work with shooting ranges to provide our rubber mulch, which is the best ballistic backstops for shooting ranges because of its extraordinary ability to reduce airborne lead dust, ricochet, noise, and.
  6. Rubber mulch is a great choice for playground surfacing because it's environmentally friendly, it doesn't attract insects, it discourages weed and fungal growth, it's a low-maintenance surfacing option that lasts forever, and you don't need as much rubber mulch to provide adequate cushioning compared to wood mulch
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Vigoro 37.5 cu. ft. Espresso Black Rubber Mulch (25 Bags) (44) Model# GN15BK25. Top Rated. Vigoro 0.8 cu. ft. Espresso Black Bagged Rubber Mulch (439) Model# HDVEBMN8CB. Project Guide. How To Mulch Your Yard. Using mulch in a yard is easy to do, inexpensive and helps protect your plants. Read Our Guide Rubber Safe Playgrounds Inc. of Illinois offers a wide variety of rubber mulch and rubber mulch products throughout the Midwest, including easy-to-maintain, durable, and safe playground rubber mulch and more! Call today to see what Rubber Safe Playground Inc. can do for you

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Rubberific Mulch RM16RW Rubber Mulch, Redwood. 4.1 out of 5 stars. 17. $29.49. Nuscape Brown 0.8 Cu. Ft. Rubber Mulch Nuggets, Earthtone. 3.7 out of 5 stars. 6. 1 offer from $34.99. NuPlay Rubber Nugget Landscaping Mulch Ground Cover Weed Barrier, 1 Pack, Earthtone RUBBER MULCH -Beware Rubber mulch is typically made from ground up recycled tires and has generated a lot of discussion on the benefits and risks or dangers of using it. There seems to be two schools of thought on rubber mulch. It seems that all the studies paid for by the rubber mulch manufacturers and tire companies show benefits after their.

Click to add item NuPlay Black Rubber Mulch Nuggets - .8 Cu. Ft. to the compare list. Add To List. Click to add item NuPlay Black Rubber Mulch Nuggets - .8 Cu. Ft. to your list. Sku # 1803020. Online Price. More Information. $5.99 each. You Save $0.74 each with Mail-In Rebate Landscaping: Because it packs less densely, mulch allows landscapers to fill the same surface area with 20% less material. When using it in landscaping applications, we recommend a layer of 2 to 3 inches in depth. Playgrounds: The soft surface that shredded rubber mulch creates makes it a great, shock-absorbent choice for places where kids play. What Is Rubber Mulch? Also known as loose fill mulch, the shredded rubber mulch we offer at Perfect Rubber Mulch is affordable, safe and sustainable, made from high quality made in the USA recycled tires. It's available in multiple colors that will last for 10+ years, from black to brown to green. Rubber mulch is resistant to wind, resistant. Black Rubber Mulch Border for Landscaping, 120 x 4.5 Roll, Natural-Looking Permanent Garden Barrier for Plants, Vegetables, and Flowers, Recycled and Sustainable, 15 Plastic Anchors Included 4.7 out of 5 stars 1 Red Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds. $599.00 $899.00. Quick view. View Details. Unpainted Black Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds. Call 800-778-6852 to order. Quick view. View Details. Green Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds

Rubber Mulch and Curbs: Black Rubber Mulch $429-$459 per Ton Brown Rubber Mulch $565-$595 per Ton Green Rubber Mulch Special Order $565-$595 per Ton Red Rubber Mulch Special Order $565-$595 per Ton Rubber Curb $42.50 each Rubber Mulch Delivered Price Chart (with tax)Mass Mulch is one of the few loca Rubber Mulch is the original landscape rubber mulch designed specifically for landscape use. Mulch pieces are 5/8″ and smaller, and offer excellent natural looking texture. Everlast mulch is 98% steel free and is excellent for all types of general landscape use. Read More Shop for Rubber Mulch at Tractor Supply. Notice: Changing your store affects your localized pricing and pickup locations to new items added to cart. Any items already in your cart may change price. Any new items added to your cart as Pickup In Store will be sent to the new store Perfectly Pink. Regular price $34.35. Rainbow Mulch is 100% non-tire, non-recycled rubber mulch. As a durable, non-toxic alternative to traditional mulch, Rainbow Mulch is perfect for use on playgrounds, in the backyard, for landscaping and so much more. Naturally repels insects, mold, mildew and fungus

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Rooster Rubber Premium Rubber Mulch™ is great for all your landscaping needs - mulching flower beds, trees, and any garden area. It is environmentally safe for plants and animals. Premium Rubber Mulch™ insulates the soil while allowing water to pass through to plant roots. Premium Rubber Mulch™ does not attract termites or bugs and will. Rubber mulch is a unique playground surface, as it provides shock absorbency that reduces the incidence of playground injuries. It offers more shock absorbency than wood mulch, gravel, or sand. Because rubber mulch requires little maintenance, dries quickly after rain, and will not decompose, it's the perfect cost effective option for play. Plus, they help moderate soil, conserve moisture, suppress weeds, add nutrients and, most importantly, improve the soil overall. Research on rubber mulch is limited. There is some concern that rubber mulch does not live up to its claims, contains heavy metals, and may result in nutrient deficiencies and toxicities in some plants Mulch Life is a family-owned company full service playground safety surfacing provider. We supply mulch delivery and installation needs of the Greater NC Charlotte area including Asheville, Lake Norman, Durham, Greensboro, Greenville, Raleigh, Wake Forest, Wilmington, Winston Salem and South Carolina areas Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Columbia, SC and beyond Rubber tire mulch has two costs, the initial cost, and the long-term liability cost. Initial cost for rubber tire mulch is between $5 and $7 per cubic foot. A 6,000 sq ft playground would require 5,000 cubic feet of surfacing. Taking the lower number into account, a school, church, or public park could spend tens of thousands of dollars to.

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Benefits of Rubber Mulch. Lasts for years: 12-year color guarantee! Green product made from recycled tires. Each ton of rubber mulch recycles 134 tires and saves countless trees! *Natural Black rubber mulch can mark clothing or skin. Your mulch can look beautiful year after year! Rubber mulch puts an end to the yearly cycle of replacing. Rubberific shredded rubber mulch stands alone as the industry's hallmark recycled rubber mulch. This realistically textured ground cover looks identical to wood mulch and is made from 100% recycled rubber. Rubberific shredded rubber mulch will not fade, rot, compress or lose its original beauty even after years of exposure to the elements Rubber mulch nuggets. ADA Accessible and IPEMA Certified. Palletized for easy shipping. Available in five colors. Playground use at 3 depth for < 6' fall height. Warranted against fading < 12 years. Won't decay or attract insects, including termites. Made with 100% recycled rubber. 4.8 Square Feet At 2 Depth Playground Rubber Mulch is virtually maintenance-free. But if you do need to clear debris from the mulch, such as leaves or grass clippings, you would want to use a blower on a low setting. Since our rubber mulch is heavier than grass clipping and leaves, it will stay in place while the debris is blown away This Recycled Rubber Reversible Mulch Pathway, environmentally friendly product lasts years and looks nearly identical to real mulch. Water and air travel freely through the product to allow grass underneath to be conserved. Reversible functionality allows the mat to resemble red or brown mulch. Overall Product Weight: 18lb

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Rubber Mulch and Wood Mulch allows water and fertilizer applications to pass through to the soil. Sometimes wood will soak it up. Rubber mulch also does not attract termites or carpenter ants like wood mulch does, which will protect your flowers, plants and home from the pests Rubber mulch won't hinder seeds and young weeds already in the soil, so remember to weed or till the soil before you mulch. Improves Safety in Play Areas. The density and resilience of rubber mulch make it perfect for protecting children from falls in play areas. Rubber mulch is clean, so it won't stain your kids' clothes, and it stays in.

Here's a few more top reasons for buying Jelly Bean Playground Rubber Mulch in bulk: Does not need to be replaced like wood mulch. 100% non-toxic, will not need covering up like rubber tire mulch. Easy to install and maintain. Curbside delivery included Rubber mulch is commonly used, for safety reasons, in areas where children play. The idea is that kids will bounce off of it when they fall down, making it safer than other materials. It also boasts other good qualities, prompting a spread in its use from play areas to the wider landscape, including gardens Prepare the area where the rubber mulch will be installed to ensure the safety of children and also the durability of the black rubber mulch. Grade over the surface of the installation area with a rake. Step 2 - Debris Removal and Digging. Remove all sticks, rocks and overall debris from the area where the mulch will be placed

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Rubber mulch might sound as aesthetically appealing as an artificial Christmas tree, but it does have a few selling points. It can eliminate the need for annual mulching, since rubber doesn't. Bagged Rubber Mulch. 2000lb bags and 20lb bags. Black, brown and redwood If you're doing some landscaping, you may be considering your options. This Type of Mulch Never Needs Replacing...and introduction to recycled rubber mulch In this wood mulch vs rubber mulch video, we show you the good, the bad and the ugly in mulching, and give you recommendations whether you should use wood mu..

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Rubber mulch doesn't float and won't erode in heavy rain. It doesn't attract wood-destroying insects such as termites and carpenter ants that can be a problem for other surfacing options like wood mulch. Rubber mulch helps to prevent mold and fungi growth, reducing the risk of allergy issues Rubber Playground Mulch offers superior, certified fall protection for kids at play on swings, slides and other playground equipment. Made from 100% recycled rubber, this is the perfect loose-fill rubber mulch groundcover for playgrounds and other landscaping applications. • Rated as the safest groundcover on the market Rubber mulch is heavier than wood mulch, so it is less likely to blow away or disintegrate in poor weather. It requires even less maintenance than wood mulch. Rubber mulch is has greater weed suppression capabilities. The shape and properties of rubber mulch mean that weed seeds don't get the chance to settle and take hold Rubber mulch is obtainable from many stores, together with home improvement stores, mass merchandisers with sizeable garden sections, specialty gardening stores, and a number of online resources. Remember that availability - especially in native stores - might vary seasonally, with the most effective choice offered throughout peak planting.

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Rubber mulch provides excellent drainage for the soil and supplies great insulation against harsh weather. It allows a higher degree of heat to be maintained in the soil, and it better maintains moisture levels. While wood chip mulch can provide long term benefits to soil as it breaks down over time, it's also high in carbon. Carbon will seek. Ground Smart Rubber Mulch in Cedar Red or Mocha Brown 37.5 lbs (1.5 Cubic Feet) Helps Prevent Weeds12 Year Color-Lock GuaranteeIPEMA CertifiedResists Termites & Insect Rubber mulch generally consists of either waste tire bits or nuggets of synthetic rubber from tires that are shredded or ground up whole, after having their steel bands removed. Almost any tire can be used to make rubber mulch, including passenger vehicle tires and large truck and trailer tires Barefoot Rubber Mulch. 360 likes. We manufacture Shredded Rubber Mulch that is IPEMA Certified to be free of metal and contaminants and Playground Safe. We sell our product through Landscape Supply.. This mulch is 5 times heavier than wood mulch, does not displace as easy from wind and rain. Fall protection at 6-inch depth is 10 feet, and at 4-inch depth is 6 foot. Rubberific Rubber Mulch is made from 100% recycled rubber and will not fade, rot, compress or lose its original beauty and will look the same for years to come

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Rubber mulch used near water sources, such as lakes or backyard ponds, can leach materials that may kill aquatic life such as algae, zooplankton, snails and fish. The toxic nature of rubber mulch. Our loose fill rubber mulch is affordable, safe, made from recycled tires, and is available in multiple colors that will last for 10+ years!This versatile product is excellent for multiple uses, including creating clean landscapes or keeping kids safe from falls on playground equipment Rubber mulch walkway eliminates the cost of buying bark mulch each year, as well as the time-consuming and back-breaking task of spreading it. Made from 100% recycled tires, it resembles real bark mulch, but won't scatter. Wider and longer than others on the market, it also allows air and water to pass through, while suppressing weed growth

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After all, a playground rubber floor is a much kinder and softer surface for little feet than traditional woodchip mulch! The benefits of rubber mulch vs. wood mulch for playgrounds are the same as those for gardens - rubber mulch is long lasting, looks good, doesn't attract termites and is non-toxic Make Your Outdoor Vision A Reality. Buy Online & Enjoy Free In-Store Pickup. Browse Our Variety Of Mulch And Help Boost Your Curb Appeal Rubber mulch not only looks better 365 days a year, year after year, it's more durable, cost-effective, maintenance free, and eco-friendly than wood mulch, stone, and other landscape ground cover materials.Unlike wood mulch, rubber mulch used in landscaping doesn't attract termites, carpenter ants or other harmful wood destroying insects so. Super Rubber Mulch controlled by Naturomulch, LLC a woman owned minority business based in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. Super Rubber Mulch offers premium quality all-purpose recycled rubber mulch nuggets that can be used as playground surfacing and landscaping purposes for commercial or residential use.. Super Rubber Mulch primarily serves entire State of Texas and Nationwide in United. Rubber mulch is an excellent ground cover for playgrounds giving a more suitable cushion for falling children that other mulches do not offer. Not to mention this mulch is rubber and will not deteriorate allowing you to never have to re-mulch your playground area. Rubber mulch is sold in a 1.15 Cubic bag or in a 2-yard super sack

PlaySafer Rubber Mulch's exceptional shock absorbency make it the #1 playground surfacing solution. Buying directly from the manufacturer ,gets you a quality product, lifetime customer service, and 12 year warranty Why Use B-Safe Rubber Mulch? Why Use. B-Safe Rubber Mulch? Save up to 65% over five years by reducing annual mulching costs. Natural looking and color remains vibrant. Allows passage of moisture directly into the soil and to the plant roots. Resists blowing and washing away

YardWise Landscape Superstore is your source for recycled rubber landscape mulch, lawn and garden supplies, and backyard waterfalls all with free shipping. We have some of the best landscape supply deals anywhere on the internet or in person. We offer FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the continental U.S. and only $89 to Canada. Take a look around our massive selection of recycled rubber mulch. Rubber Mulch Delivery in Maryland: Pricing Rubber Mulch, Mats, Landscape Timbers, Tree Rings, Borders, Blocks & Pavers For Sale Rubber Playground Mulch Nuggets: Playgrounds, Obstacle Courses, Combat Training Pit

Rubber mulch, being synthetic, is not something we can take. As I start explaining where he can possibly take it, he asks what I have for playground mulch that is all natural and safe. At that time I had never heard anything negative about rubber mulch, it was a product that we could potentially carry as it was gaining popularity <p>Our Permanent Mulch Recycled Rubber Border is a mulch look-alike that takes the work out of landscaping. Perma Mulch deters weed growth, but allows air, nutrients and water to pass through.</p> <p>This textured fake mulch border blends beautifully with your landscape. You'll love the manicured look it gives your yard. Plus, Permanent Mulch lasts for years, so there's no need to buy, haul. Each one of us uses 1 tire each year - Shercom turns that into 14 pounds of recycled reusable rubber per person. If you purchase one recycled rubber product you are TIRE NEUTRAL. Your home or business using mulch or other products typically recycles 20 to 125 tires making you TIRE NEUTRAL for decades to come

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BONDED RUBBER MULCH. No Fault Bonded Mulch consists of a single density pour of shredded rubber mulch blended with traditional polyurethane adhesive binder - achieving a unique, natural appearance for your outdoor activity area. We offer specific depths that meet particular fall height protections as well Rubber mulches made from shredded tires are touted by manufacturers as permanent, aesthetically pleasing, and safe for flowers, plants and pets. Companies assert that the mulch material is an. SHOP RUBBER MULCH ONLINE. Playsafer™ rubber mulch is highly durable and does not decompose, compact, or require annual top-up over its lifetime. Our processing methods have been perfected over the last 20+ years, yielding the cleanest, safest rubber mulch available today. It's no wonder Rubberecycle™ rubber mulch is the top choice of.

NuScape Rubber Mulch Nuggets are the perfect loose-fill nugget groundcover for playgrounds and landscaping applications. NuScape nugget mulch creates an extremely safe playground surface, with a fall height rating of up to 16 feet. With a 12-year color guarantee, your children will stay safe and your yard or play space will look great for years. Mulch calculator online - estimate how much mulch you need for your gardening / landscaping project. Free mulch calculor that supports rubber mulch, wood chips mulch, and returns resutls in volume (cubic feet, cubic yards, cubic meters, cu ya, cu ft, liters) or number of bags. Pros and cons of wood and rubber mulch. Advantages and disadvantages of buying in bulk vs buying in bags Rubber mulch does not absorb water, this means that it helps in preventing the growth of fungus in plants. Rubber is non-porous, this, therefore, allows the water and soil that passes through it to rest on. It does not create a good environment for weeds to thrive over and they cannot also get through the mulch layer Magic Mulch rubber does not break down, disintegrate, erode, or biodegrade. The natural black, which mimics the look of midnight black wood mulch, is likely to last forever. The brown and red mulch is coated with a polyurethane paint and is guaranteed to hold its color for 12 years

Rubber Mats. Placed under swings or at the end of slides where loose ground cover may get kicked up, a rubber mat from Rainbow Midwest is an attractive addition or alternative to mulch in high impact areas. Our rubber mats: Keep kids safe with cushioned surface impact tested to a 3' fall. Stay in place with a web bottom for reliable traction. May 30, 2019 - Explore Debbie Malhiet's board Rubber Mulch, followed by 200 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about rubber mulch, mulch, mulch landscaping Rubber Mulch Related Categories. Decorative Rock Wood Bark & Mulch Bulk Sand & Gravel Search within Rubber Mulch: NuScape. Red Rubber Mulch Nuggets 0.8-Cu. Ft. Mfg.# NS08RW Sku# 5244306. Buy Now . NuScape. Brown Rubber Mulch Nugget 0.8-Cu. Ft. Mfg.# NS08ET Sku# 5244314. Buy Now . International Mulch Co. 0.8-Cubic Feet Earthtone Rubber Mulch. NuPlay, made from 100% recycled rubber, is the perfect loose-fill rubber mulch groundcover for playgrounds. Rated as the safest groundcover on the market, NuPlay also provides superior drainage and minimizes dust, keeping children clean while at play. Select 50 bags of 40 lb. each or 25 bags of 40 lb eac

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Rubber Mulch Calculator. As a web-based playground provider of rubber mulch, AAA State of Play is always trying to achieve above and beyond expectations. Use the rubber mulch calculator to calculate the exact amount of mulch you require for your project. Simply enter the desired depth, width and length of the area, and a calculated result will. The recycled Rubberific Rubber Mulch is an excellent choice for decorating perennial landscaping beds. The dark-colored rubber blends into the landscape and won't fade when exposed to sun and water Pictures of Rubber Mulch and other Recycled Rubber Products from Rubberscapes. National Rubber Mulch Wholesale Distributor: (877) 580-1517 Texas / Oklahoma Rubber Mulch Retail Location: (214) 357-050 Website. (216) 986-7032. 13532 Broadway Ave. Cleveland, OH 44125. From Business: Kurtz Bros., Inc. employees take pride in the company's strong family tradition, history of growth and innovative approach to problem-solving in the green. 6. Mulch Madness. Mulches

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Rubber Mulch promo codes, coupons & deals, July 2021. Save big w/ (22) verified Rubber Mulch discount codes, storewide deals & Rubber Mulch price drops at Amazon. Shoppers saved an average of $+ w/ Rubber Mulch site-wide codes, 25% off vouchers, free shipping codes. Rubber Mulch email newsletter codes, military, senior, first responder discounts Rubber Mulch: Rubber mulch comes in a variety of colours which may not be available organically or naturally. Those colours will not fade or lose their lustre over time (our rubber mulch comes with a 12 year colour-lock guarantee!) Advantage Rubber Mulch: Both natural and rubber mulches offer bright colour options. In this instance, the.

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Playsafer Rubber Mulch. Playsafer Rubber Mulch is an exceptional playground surface, as it provides unmatched shock absorbency, and greatly reduces the incidence of playground injuries. Unlike most other loose fill surfaces, Playsafer. Rubber mulch comes in a variety of colors and some can look similar to wood mulch. Photo: Creative Rubber Works. Americans generate about 290 million scrap tires a year, according to the. Vigoro rubber mulch nuggets are the perfect loose-fill groundcover for landscaping and playground applications. A 12-year color guarantee means you can stop annual mulching, saving time and money. Rated as the safest playground surface, it has a fall height rating 2X that of wood mulch, leading to fewer bumps and bruises. Made from 100% recycled rubber, rubber mulch nuggets will help prevent.