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  1. The Tremembé population are estimated to have once numbered 20,000. The Tremembé, a Tapuia tribe, were virtually surrounded by Tupi peoples - on the coast, there were Tupinambá to the west, and the Potiguara and Tabajara to the east. In their hinterlands were other Tupi ethnicities, like the Guajá, the Urubú and the Guajajara
  2. Tapuia is a South American Ge native tribe located in the Rio de Janeiro area, Brazil region, of the South American continent; present during the start of the 'Pre-Roman-Parthian War' era. At the beginning of the starting year of 2, the tribe neighbors no one but uncolonized native land and the Coast of Brazil to the east
  3. Tapuia Tapuia, a generic term used by Europeans in colonial Brazil to designate non-Tupi indigenous societies. In the sixteenth century the term applied mainly to Gê-speaking peoples living near the Atlantic coast, particularly the Aimoré south of Bahia, whose persistent opposition to colonial rule lent the Tapuia archetype negative overtones
  4. The Tapuia of Brazil, numbering 150, are Unengaged and Unreached. They are part of the South American Indigenous people cluster within the Latin-Caribbean Americans affinity bloc. This people group is only found in Brazil. Their primary language is Curripaco. The primary religion practiced by the Tapuia is ethnoreligion. Ethnoreligion is deeply rooted in a people's ethnic identity and.
  5. Tapuia in Brazil. When the Portuguese first made contact with the indigenous peoples of what is now Brazil, they began a long, tragic process of assimilation for the first nations peoples. Portuguese men intermarried with indigenous women, and their land and resources were taken from them. The first nations peoples died by the thousands because.
  6. Tremembé (Tapuia, coastal tribe, ranged from São Luis Island (south Maranhão) to the mouth of the Acaraú River in north Ceará; French traders cultivated an alliance with them
  7. Tapuia é um termo de origem tupi que foi utilizado durante o período inicial de colonização do Brasil para designar todos os indígenas que não falavam o tupi antigo.Ao desembarcarem na costa do atual Brasil, os portugueses encontraram grupos que falavam línguas pertencentes a dois grandes troncos linguísticos da América do Sul: o tupi e o macro-jê

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In São Paulo: The people principal indigenous groups were the Tupí-Guaraní, who lived on the coast and on the plateau, and the Tapuia, who lived farther inland. Black African slaves were introduced to the region by the Portuguese during the 17th century Iza Tapuia, 50, from the indigenous Tapuia tribe in Pará in the Amazon, said Workers' Party policies such as a cash-transfer scheme called the Bolsa Família, or Family Allowance, for poor families.. Cacique NN Tibiriçá, Tribo Tapuia: Birthdate: estimated between 1689 and 1749 : Death: Immediate Family: Husband of NN Tibiriçá Father of Índia Tapuia Pereira, Tibiriçá. Managed by: Helen De Morais Cambuí: Last Updated: toda Aimoré -Tapuia-Jê tribe from sliver coast Goitacá -Tapuia tasting croodile roast Temiminó -Tupi at war with Tamoio around Tupinambá and its old vertamarilla sound. Enemies of Tupiniquim from East mists. Tupiniquim Guaianá-allies of colonists Nuaraque group of the upper Amazon, Manaus, Amapá, Roraima -old corazon

The Tapuia - Tupi Rivalry In times past our ancestors of all the major Tupi tribes have waged war on the Tapuia who used to dominate the eastern coastline Juruti is spoken by about 1000 people in Colombia and Brazil. The people call themselves Wajiara. Other spellings and tribal names used to refer to the Juruti and their language include Yuruti, Juriti, Yuriti, Yuruti-tapuya, Yurutiye, Juriti-tapuia, Iuruty-tapuya, Waijiara masa-wadyana, Waikana, Patsoka, Totsoca, Wadzana, Waimasá, and Wayhara Regis Tapuia is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Regis Tapuia and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected Tapuia Kids, Cantanhede, Coimbra, Portugal. 2,398 likes · 2 talking about this. Tapuia Kids é uma marca de roupa para crianças, desenhada e produzida integralmente por nós

Indigenous peoples in Brazil: | | |Indigenous peoples in Brazil| |Povos Indígenas no Brasil|| | World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most definitive collection ever assembled The normal letters are tupi tribes, the italic letters are non-tupis (tapuias tags). Tupinambá at the top are already present in game, the other 2 tupi tags present in game are Tupiniquim and Potiguara, that's all, a brazilian start have only 3 tupis tags in his coast and 1 fictional tapuia tag, for this region be playable we need remove tapuia tag and substitute it for some real tapuia. Historically, the state was inhabited by the following tribes: Pimenteira, Tabajara, Jaicó, Timbira, Gueguê, Tremembé, Acroá and Guajajaras. I was looking at an 1828 map of the what was then the Imperial Brazilian province of Sao Ioze de Piauhy. The map, printed in Munich, is derived from an earlier Brazilian manuscript

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Te Puia, is home to the largest active geyser in the Southern Hemisphere, Pōhutu Geyser, as well as the New Zealand Māori Arts and Crafts Institute - training the next generation of artists from around the country. Join one of our guided experiences at 10.30am, 12pm and 1.30pm, highlighting our geothermal valley, Māori culture and Kiwi. Much of the ancient tribes of Tapuias was encompassed by the Gê group. In the early twentieth century, anthropologists began to reject the name Tapuia and adopted the name GES for this other group of language families. In 1953, the Brazilian Association of Anthropology took the form Gê in lieu of Ge The Tupi-Guaraniballs were divided into several nations, which constantly warred among themselves or against non-Tupi-Guarani tribes, that they called tapuia (foreigners or enemies in their languages). Even within a single nation, however, military disputes and conflicts were common Charrúa (Tapuia (Jê) tribe in modern Uruguay coast, with an aggressive reputation against intruders; killed Juan Díaz de Solís in 1516) With the exception of the hunter-gatherer Goitacases , the coastal Tupi and Tapuia tribes were primarily agriculturalists Beatriz, Índia Tapuia (1502 - 1569) Desta relação se vê que Catharina Ramalho, § 1.° da pág. 31 do V. 1.º. e Beatriz , § 3.° da pág. 34 do mesmo V., não foram f.ªs de João Ramalho. Segundo a genealogia escrita pelo padre Mascarenhas,..

The Pataxó people live in several villages in the southern part of the state of Bahia and northern of the state of Minas Gerais. There is evidence that the village of Barra Velha has existed for nearly two and a half centuries, since 1767 (see History).Tracing a history of contact with non-indigenous people that goes back to the sixteenth century and often forced to hide their customs. 44 xingu stock photos are available royalty-free. Xingu pleco. Resting in water. Xingu River. Paz no Rio Xingu, Natureza calma. Pajê Kaiapó at the meeting of the Xingu villages. Pajê Kaiapó landing for photography during the meeting of the Xingu villages in the Brazilian Amazon. French Navy Emb-121AN Xingu Like most tribes of Brazil, the Karapoto need to be able to adjust to a world that was forced upon them. Some have accepted Christianity, but few have embraced the Lord Himself. Prayer Points * Pray that the Holy Spirit will fill the hearts of the few Karapoto believers with love for their unsaved friends and relatives Indigenous nurses from the Special Secretariat for Indigenous Health (Sesai) of the Arapuim ethnic group and Tapuia ethnic groups perform a rapid COVID-19 test on Chief Domingos from the Arapuim. Indigenous nurses from the Special Secretariat for Indigenous Health (Sesai) of the Arapuim ethnic group and Tapuia ethnic groups perform a rapid COVID-19 test on Chief Domingos from the Arapuim tribe

In 1500 an estimated 2 to 4 million indios inhabited present day Brazil. Today there are an estimated 400,000 to 600,000, living in 200 different tribes.Government policy has aided their protection, and today more than one million square kilometers, or around 12% of Brazilian territory, is officially registered as indigenous land The women of the Wayuu tribe have been hand weaving these bags for generations. Every single bag is different and unique, with intricate tribal designs and colors. Many of the designs that are woven into each bag represent the natural elements that surround the Wayuu, and what their culture revolves around, such as animals, the sun, planets, stars The TCIM Americas VHL is an initiative coordinated by BIREME/PAHO/WHO with the collaborative and participatory work of the TCIM Americas Networ Brazil had many tribes, with a total population estimated to be up to 3 million people divided into around 2000 tribes before the Portuguese arrived in America. Currently, 500 years later, it is believed only approximately 900,000 indigenous people in Brazil, in 305 ethnic group are still present in Brazilian territory Popocatépetl is an active volcano, located in the states of Puebla, Mexico, and Morelos, in Central Mexico, and lies in the eastern half of the Trans-Mexican volcanic belt. Ferdinand Denis was born in Paris and was a historian and librarian. At the age of 18, he traveled with his parents to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Red Gold: The Conquest of the Brazilian Indians. Red Gold. : John Hemming. Harvard University Press, 1978 - History - 677 pages. 0 Reviews Tupi. Tupi, a linguistic trunk composed of seven distinct language branches, among which the Tupi-Guarani family is by far the most widespread. Tupi speakers were the principal indigenous inhabitants of early colonial Brazil, occupying much of the coast between the Río de la Plata and the mouth of the Amazon The paintings, Black Man (1641), Black Woman (1641), Mulatto Man, Woman Mameluca (1641), Man Tapuia (1643), Woman Tapuia (1641), Man Tupi (1643) and Woman Tupi (1641), reveal the Mapping of the painter on the ethnic, botanical and geographical typologies, insofar as these three repertoires are covered in these representations

Wikinativa/Tapuia. A religião dos Tapuias era basicamente animista, eles adoravam as forças da natureza com o trovão, a lua, o sol, além disto, acreditavam que certos animais, como serpentes, aves e alguns mamíferos, como morcegos, praticaram sacrifícios de animais, até humanos. Os europeus aqui chegados trataram de demonizar os deuses. The 13th tribe 3 Tapuia Riddim By Nomade Riddim 4 Telephone (Morbidly-o-Beats Remix) By Unconventional Science 5 Derivation By Beats Antique 6 Aaj Mera Jee Kardaa (Today My Heart Desires) By Sukhwinder Singh 7 Golden Arrows (Thornato remix) By Dynasty Electric 8 Play Remix Feat Goapele By Los raka Indigenous nurses from the Special Secretariat for Indigenous Health of the Arapiuns ethnic group and Tapuia ethnic groups, perform a rapid Covid-19 test on chief Domingos, from the Arapium tribe.

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With this tribe, as with many others, the bodies of women were in great demand. Albert Eckhout. Tapuia woman. Brazil, 1641. This period of time was also rife with instances of explorers and seafarers resorting to cannibalism for survival >> South American tribes and cultures: - Jivaro (Jivaro) - Campa (Maipurean) - Guaycuru (Chacoan) - Chiriguano (Guarani) - Ge (Ge) - Now Tapuia is named Botocudo (Botocudo) - Plus changes of south american cultures grouping. > THANKS TO OUR COLLABORATORS! - MilkAndLettuce Future plans: - Add nations in America, Africa, South Asia and Oceania On the 10 th of September another milestone was reached for the Sirebe Tribe in Choiseul, when signing the PES (Payment Environmental Services) agreement with NRDF as the Project Coordinator and the Nakau Programme as the Programme Operator. The signing was done by the Chairman of the Sirebe Tribal Association Mr. Bartholomew Qalo and Director of the Sirebe Community Company Mr. Linford Jahjo.

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Mapuche is a South American Araucanian native tribe located in the Central Chile area, La Plata region, of the South America continent; existing at the start of the 'Pre-Roman-Parthian War' era. Present, with cores, at the start of the year 2 the native tribe borders uncolonized native land in all directions besides east, and the waters of the Coast of Chile (Chilean Sea west, Pacific South. INDIGENOUS TEXTILE TRADITIONS IN THE AMERICAS In the Portuguese territory of Brazil, the textile traditions of the nomadic Tupi and Tapuia tribes — which occupied the coastal and tropical regions of the Amazon at the time the Portuguese and then the French, English, and German traders arrived — were not significantly developed from a. Brazil - Brazil - The economy: Brazil is one of the world giants of mining, agriculture, and manufacturing, and it has a strong and rapidly growing service sector. It is a leading producer of a host of minerals, including iron ore, tin, bauxite (the ore of aluminum), manganese, gold, quartz, and diamonds and other gems, and it exports vast quantities of steel, automobiles, electronics, and. Granted if you are talking the Guarani tribes in central and Southern Brazil, you might be able to get away with the bowl style cuts better. These are the Indians depicted in the movie The Mission. The Copplestone are more like Tapuia tribes. The Tremembe or Aimore would be well represented by these castings According to Portuguese explorer Gabriel Soares, the Tapuia (some unnamed non-Tupi people) lived on the margins of the São Francisco river, near the coast. The fame of the abundance of the land and sea of this province attracted the Tupina (I suppose they are Tupi) to the region, expelling the Tapuia

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sidewalk in the edge of santarem, amazon region, brazil - santarem brazil stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. Livestock in Amazon rainforest, herd of cattle at BR-163 road . Soy plantation in Amazon rainforest near Santarem - deforestation for the agribusiness - economic development creating environmental degradation Va Tapuia - Sacred Spaces - Taro planter Lui's grief for his dead wife is blighting his life and crops. A widow, Malia, is bound by anger to the grave of her abusive husband, as the rising sea slowly drowns it. When Lui and Malia meet by chance, he's provided with a path from his hurt. Filmed in Samoan on the island of Upolu, and directed by Samoan-born Tusi Tamasese, the short is a fable.

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It is the first time that the Tarelavata tribe send timber to the overseas market and it is considered as a first important trial to experience all the work involved and also experience the benefits of exporting timber to the Australia markets. NRDF's financial officer Bernadette Tapuia has successfully completed a financial management. The Tupi led by Cunhambebe is a custom civilization by Leugi[1], with contributions from Tomatekh, UberGeneral, Reedstilt, Hoop_Thrower, Homusubi, and LastSword. This mod requires Brave New World. 1 Overview 1.1 The Tupi 1.2 Cunhambebe 1.2.1 Dawn of Man 2 Unique Attributes 3 Strategy 4 Music 5 Mod Support 5.1 Events and Decisions 5.1.1 Deploy Aimberê 5.1.2 Summon a Mongaba 6 Full Credits List. Jun 25, 2021 - 123RF - Millions of Creative Stock Photos, Vectors, Videos and Music Files For Your Inspiration and Projects Va-Tapuia historically •Va (space) Tapuia (made sacred) •Ancient Samoan concept of Zsacred space in the Zfeagaiga (covenant relationship) between brother and sister. e.g. O le Ioi mata ole tuagane o le tuafafine •Considered the core of all relationships founded and grounded on Zfaaaloalo (respect) given to the sister by the brother

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Sousa sent a government-sponsored expedition (entrada) back over Garcia's route, only to meet death at the hands of the Carijó tribe of Indians. Such feeble results did little to attract investors, so the crown turned to the hereditary donatory captaincy system that had succeeded on the islands of Madeira and the Azores Remark by Janssens, F. 2016.12.26: Yoshii & Suhardjono, 1989 defined Willowsiini as a tribe of Entomobryidae. In this checklist, the polyphyletic scaled Entomobryinae sensu Zhang et al, 2016 are maintained at subfamily level mainly for convenience. Genus IncertaeSedis Zhang, F, Chen, J-X et Deharveng, L, 2011:8 From earliest childhood, most of us are inundated with the message that we need to be nice to other people. Generally, this is a good thing, as it encourages kids to be less mean and more gentle, compassionate, and generous, but it can also breed a whole load of unhealthy behavior patterns

Brasilian alkuperäiskansat ovat ihmisryhmiä, joiden esi-isät asuivat nykyisen Brasilian alueella jo ennen eurooppalaisten tuloa.. Alkuperäiskansoihin kuuluvia etnisiä ryhmiä on yli 230, ja he puhuvat yli 150 kieltä. On arvioitu, että ennen europpalaisten tuloa eri kieliä oli yli tuhat Otocinclus mura Schaefer 1997 Portuguese name for indigenous tribe formerly inhabiting the middle reaches of the rio Solimoes (Amazonas, Brazil), within probably derived from the native Tapuia language expression ceri-toh, little foliage and little shade, referring to characteristic Caatinga vegetation,. The South American Indigenous people cluster encompasses indigenous peoples of South America who are not classified within other people clusters, notably the Amazon, Aymara, Guarani, and Quechua clusters. More indigenous peoples of South America are assigned to this people cluster than to those four clusters combined and more than two hundred distinct languages are spoken by these people groups Before Pedro Alvares Cabral. Indians. The natives were called indians by mistake. Cristóvão Colombo, getting to American soil, thought that it was the Indias, which he was looking for. So the guy stumbled into America also by mistake

Top 10 Foods of the Maya World. We may not realize it, but many of our favorite foods—from guacamole to tamales to chocolate—were discovered, developed, and refined centuries ago in the Maya. déjà lu Issue issue 6 March 2018. Frankland, Stan. 2016. The Pygmy Mimic.. Africa 86 (3): 552-570. The Latin American literature on Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) welfare programs has typically involved the quantitative evaluation of social and economic impact, with fewer studies addressing the qualitative and gendered impacts of CCTs Ipai • Ipeka-Tapuia • Ipotuát • Ipurina • Irã-Amráire • Irántxe • Iroquoian • Iroquois • Isistiné • Isleta • Isleta del Sur • Istočni Shawnee • Itapexim‎ • Itapuranda‎ ‎• Itatin • Iteshicha • Ithkyemamits • Itogapuc • Itonama • Itoreauhip • Itoromohor • Itsatawi • Itscheabine • Itucale. For the Imperial intellectuals the Tapuia Indians, frequently characterized as enemies instead of as allies, represented the treacherous savage of the sertões (as the Brazilian hinterlands are known), always menacing and interrupting the progress of civilization. They were situated at the opposite pole of the Tupi - the noble warrior who. Description: The Northern South America Hotspot stretches along the northern coast of South America. Most of the population lives in coastal areas, but many of the indigenous languages are spoken in the rain forests of the interior

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Uira Dsb Tapuia studies Android, iOS Application Development, and Mobile Programming The latest Tweets from Indignação Master (@tapuia1500). Se todos o amam, algo está errado. Ninguém consegue agradar a todo

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On one side, the hinterlands were mainly populated by non-Tupian populations named Tapuia by Tupi populations and European sources, where we find mainly Macro-Jê speaking populations like Botocudo/Aimoré or Pataxó in the hilly areas nearby the coast, and Jê speaking populations like Xavante or Xerente more inland (Métraux 1927; Steward. Taisi Olaf Frederick Nelson, also known as Taisi Olaf, was a successful businessman and one of the founding leaders of the Mau movement for Samoan independence from colonial rule. He was born on 24 February 1883 at Safune on the island of Savai'i, Samoa, and died in Apia on 28 February 1944 The image to the right is a gorgeous cross-section manuscript by Erwin Raisz called Adriatic—Baltic (c. 1960-1968), and it is just one of many beautiful, fascinating, and illuminating pieces comprising the 'Manuscript Map' online exhibition. Facebook Twitter Share. Go to beginning of narrative

Characidium tapuia Zanata, Ramos & Oliveira-Silva 2018 named after the Tapuia people who originally inhabited the area (upper and middle portions of the rio Parnaíba basin, Maranhão and Piauí states, Brazil) where this species occurs; tapuia is the Tupí word for barbarous and enem The Tapuia - Tupi Rivalry. flavor_tupi.11. In times past our ancestors of all the major Tupi tribes have waged war on the Tapuia who used to dominate the eastern coastline. This old rivalry is still quite alive in the minds of our warriors and now that we again have come across a Tapuia tribe they have already begun to prepare for war to.

Early Brazil Main article: Colonial Brazil See also: Slavery in Brazil The papal bull inter caetera had divided the New World between Spain and Portugal in 1493, and the Treaty of Tordesillas added to this by moving the dividing line westwards.[9] Early Brazil Flag Portugal (1495).svg Royal Flag (1495-1521) Map of indigenous peoples of Brazil (16th C.).jpg Distribution of Tupi and Tapuia. On the Trail of Merandolino. This piece is a case study about river-based communities adjacent to the Amazon River, and an account of their claims for Indigenous recognition since the mid-1990s. I focus on the Lower Rio Tapajos and Rio Arapiuns region, in Santarem, Pará State, Brazil, where I conducted ethnographical studies between 2008 and.

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Blessed Joseph de Anchieta, Priest, Jesuit . José de Anchieta Llarena was born on 19 March 1534 in San Cristóbal de La Laguna on Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Spain, to a well-off family. His father, Juan López de Anchieta, was a landowner from Urrestilla, in the Basque country, who had escaped to Tenerife after taking part in a failed rebellion against King Charles V Portuguese Colonisation Of Brazil. 2010. By Amelia Meyer. Although long inhabited by prehistoric tribes and settlements, Brazil underwent an entirely new kind of habitation during the 16th century. In April 1500, the Portuguese arrived on the Bahian shores of Rio Buranhém, under the direction of Pedro Alvares Cabral

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vā tapuia (Sāmoan), sacred space or sacred relationships va'a (Sāmoan), canoe vaka (Cook Islands Māori), canoe wāhine (Te Reo Māori), woman wairua (Te Reo Māori), spirit waka (Te Reo Māori), canoe waka hourua (Te Reo Māori), double-hulled, sailing canoe waka taua (Te Reo Māori), war cano Dr. Karen Carr is Associate Professor Emerita, Department of History, Portland State University.She holds a doctorate in Classical Art and Archaeology from the University of Michigan. Follow her on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook, or buy her book, Vandals to Visigoths. We're trying to go ad-free! Become a supporter now! It just takes a $1 pledge to take the ads off an article Feb 14, 2021 - #Brasil #Brazil #Brésil #Brasilien #Art #History #Iconography #Eckhout. See more ideas about iconography, art, albert A Call to Save the Amazonian Nations. [unfinished] The Head of Nation of the Kayapo People weeping in happiness at the arrival of a friend. Before we arrived we were best friends with these Men, these individual human beings, these representatives of Humanity. In other times, and before we came back, they were our peers, our brothers, sisters. Ova stranica posljednji je put uređivana 3. rujna 2017. u 15:35. Tekst je dostupan pod licencijom Creative Commons: Imenuj autora/Dijeli pod istim uvjetima; mogu se primjenjivati i dodatni uvjeti.Pogledajte Uvjete upotrebe za detalje.; Zaštita privatnosti; Impresum; Odricanje od odgovornost

Epidemic - Hemi Te Koaka (First Episode) - Part one of a four part thriller written by Keith Aberdein. In a small North Island town, a mysterious unmarked grave is believed to hold the remains of a tohunga who died ridding his people of a deadly epidemic. Now, an archaeological dig might be getting too close to that grave. A visiting doctor (Cathy Downes) arrives in town to find the locals in. In Nomine Ultimate is the definitive mod for the In Nomine expansion of EU3. In Nomine was always a fun little pocket version of Europa Universalis that could run on basically any hardware. The later versions of EU3 (Divine Wind) suffer from serious stability and border gore issues, and EU4 suffers from feature bloat In this conversation. Verified account Protected Tweets @; Suggested user

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You need to activate your profile to be able to save or load profile. You can activate by OTP on your register mobile number OR on your register Email . Your One Time Password has been sent to your registered mobile 9898989898 number. OTP activation is success. Your Verification Link has been sent to your registered Email abc@gmail.com See 4 photos from 2 visitors to Canil Tapuia Seikan

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The tribe does not now exist, but its presence remains in the 17 surviving ethnic groups that reference its grammatical roots in their own languages. Ours is a country that embraces, absorbs and submits in the best sense of the word to recent arrivals, even making notably different cultures part of its obligatory usage Kirsty Cameron, Costume Designer: Whale Rider. Kirsty Cameron is a costume designer and production designer, known for Whale Rider (2002), Slow West (2015) and Perfect Creature (2006) Seventy DNA samples from individuals from Parakanã Indian tribe and 95 samples from individuals from Xikrin tribe were studied. Methodology included PCR amplification of the a-MRE and direct sequencing of the PCR products. Only A and B haplotypes were found among the DNA samples studied. In 330 chromosomes from Parakanã and Xikrin, the A. View the profiles of professionals named Holger Poli on LinkedIn. There are 3 professionals named Holger Poli, who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities tatu-tapuia (Tatu Tapuya / Tatutapúya / Tatú-Tapúya) Vocabulário tatu-tapuia (Tatu Tapuya / Tatutapúya / Tatú-Tapúya) Citado por SCHULLER, Rodolph R., in Revista Americana, 1911. Gr. Macro-Tukano-Tukano terena / tereno (Terena / Teréna / Terêna / Tereno / Terêno) Vocabulário terena / tereno (Terena / Teréna / Terêna / Tereno / Terêno

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