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Every Month We Help Millions Find the Best Chainsaw & More. Shop Today Chain Saw, Chain Saw, Gas Chainsaws, Chain Saws, Best Chainsaw, Chainsaws For Sale. Be informed & Save more Chain Saw, Chain Saw, Gas Chainsaws, Chain Saws, Best Chainsaw But ​the minimum required age is 16 to take any chainsaw courses at any institutes. In the UK, the age limit 16-18, but in USA, there is no legislation to set the minimum age. However, there are rules that dictate the below things. Age 16 - can move out and buy some particular kitchen knive

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  1. Im guessing 16,17 or 18, uk, what about in the USA? 16, maybe because, you can move out when youre 16 and might need to use one. 18 because its too dangerous.. 17 cos airrifle is 17 I'm going to..
  2. If you have to ask on a chainsaw forum, they're not old enough yet. There's lots of firewood rounds to be toted and loaded yet, keep 'em wanting to run the saw. When you're sure they (and you) ((and their mother)) are ready, I'd recommend a 7 log, well secured to a heavy sawbuck. Very controlled environment
  3. If you have other battery-powered outdoor gear, you should consider buying a chainsaw from the same brand—the batteries are usually interchangeable. Cost: $180 to $330. Chainsaws Ratings
  4. Personally, if you only need to cut small branches (under 4-inches), forget a traditional chainsaw, instead, I recommend buying either the : WORK JawSaw (read review) or the Craftsman Looper. These are much safer and easier to use for the average homeowner. Details below. If you want a powerful battery chainsaw, new for 2019, consider the.
  5. g. Larger saws with 20-inch or longer.
  6. Only if you plan to mothball your lawn trimmer, brushcutter or chainsaw for a longer period - say during the winter months - should you pay a little more attention to the topic of care. This will ensure that your equipment, when required, will be ready for action

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Depending on the volume of chain you're using, and what type of chain, how you buy it would differ. A homeowner or land/lawn maintenance crew will probably just buy a couple chains from lowes, whereas a pro (arborist/feller/cutter) or enthusiast will probably be buying pro chain from a dealer or the internet. 4. level 2 If you already own a 60V MAX 7 ¼ circular saw from DEWALT, you don't have to buy the whole chainsaw kit. Save some money, and grab the DCCS670B standalone tool. You get an excellent brushless chainsaw that comes with a 16 low kickback Oregon bar and chain assembly

Not every bar or chain is right for every saw. For example, larger chainsaw bars work best with more powerful saws because it takes more energy to drive a chain around a long bar. That's why electric saws use bars 18 and shorter. Similarly, chainsaw chains are measured to fit certain bars. Try to fit a chain onto a bar that's too narrow or too long, and you'll find that your saw simply won't. Presuming that you are needing to use a chainsaw to fell trees the best place to start is with the City & Guilds Ground Based Operator. This will then allow you to go on and either train to fell larger trees or train in the aerial cutting of trees although you do need to take the Accessing a Tree and Aerial Rescue training for this first You will not be permitted to operate a chainsaw or top-rated arborist chainsaws in a professional capacity if you do not have a license to prove you are fit. Without either the license or the course, your Public Liability Insurance or personal accident insurance may not cover the medical costs if something unfortunate happens on the job What do the numbers mean on the side of your chainsaw guide bar? What information do I need to order the correct replacement chain? No measuring needed. F.. How to Buy the Right Chainsaw Chain. The chain is the business end of a chainsaw, the portion of the saw that does the actual cutting. To perform its job safely and reliably, the chain must fit.

It is essential that anyone who uses a chainsaw at work should have received adequate training. [1] and be competent. [2] in using a chainsaw for the type of work that they are required to do. In recent years (in forestry and arboriculture) direct contact with a chainsaw has caused 5 deaths and many serious injuries 1 The Cut: Notch and Fold. A felled tree will usually have saw-pinching areas where the top of the log is under compression and the bottom is under tension. If you have access to the top and. Reboot Saw and Turn Everything Off . If a flooded chainsaw is your problem, no extra gas is needed—DO NOT be tempted to prime the saw again. The saw has more than enough gas at the right place and too much is the problem. After a few minutes, you can often simply pull the crank cord again with everything on, including the throttle pressed in along with its interlock. Cranking a depressed. STIHL are still the number one selling chainsaw brand in the USA. The STIHL 271 Farm Boss is a great saw for the small farm owner, or if you have a larger section of land with mature trees, and you need a reliable saw that can handle big jobs on a regular basis. Considering its size, it's a very manageable weight, but you still need some experience to handle this beast safely If this happens to you, don't worry, the problem is solvable if you are willing to put in a little effort and take the time to do so. If you haven't, you always have the option to buy a new one. Chain condition. Before you start, check the condition of the chain, ie whether the chain is new or old

young person is anyone under 18 and a child is anyone who has not yet reached the official minimum school leaving age which may be just before, on, or just after their 16th birthday Price: $439.00. Shop at Amazon. Shop now Read our review. Husqvarna 130 16-Inch Gas Chainsaw. Amazon Customer Reviews. 38cc 2HP gas engine. Nice size and weight distribution. Anti-vibration system Ever wonder if you should replace your chainsaw bar? In this video I show you exactly what to look for so that you don't need to guess!Proper chain tension a.. If you have consulted enough opinions about the best gas chainsaw vs electric chainsaw, and you have decided on a specific model, we suggest you buy it online, where you have the chance to find it cheaper. Here are the main criteria: Blade length Blades can range from 30 to 70 cm. Your choice depends on the material being cut - how thick are.

If you were to look in your chainsaw manual, it would tell you to use a specific brand and/or product number for chainsaw bar oil, such as: Oregon 54-059 Chainsaw Bar Oil. STIHL 2.6 Ounce High-Performance Bar and Chain Oil. Maxpower 337045 ar and Chain Oil. Poulan Pro 952030204 Bar and Chain Oil A gas chainsaw is a must-have for serious DIYers who need a powerful and long-lasting tool to cut through wood with ease. Built with a range of special features like automatic oilers and anti-vibration systems, gas chainsaws are heavy-duty tools that can help with a variety of projects Unless you are an experienced chainsaw user, always ensure that you have selected models with anti-kickback chain. These features will reduce the chances of a user hurting him when using the tool. Remember, purchasing a chainsaw is not buying any other power tool the main difference is that the chainsaws are more dangerous especially if you do. Professional gas chainsaws. You'll see chainsaws with engine capacities as low as 32cc and as high as 60cc. You'll also find that your gas saw might work with a bar as short as 12 or as long as 24, depending on the model. All that variety means is that you're bound to find a gas chainsaw to help you with any project

So You Have a Chainsaw—Here's What Else You Need We love playing with power tools. But buying a tool isn't the end of the story—to get the most out of a chainsaw, and to keep it in working. Sometimes, you actually get more power with a smaller bar. So, if you purchase a chainsaw that comes with a 20 bar, it will probably be even stronger if you tone it down to an 18 or 16 bar. Always make sure whatever chainsaw you buy offers a lot of flexibility and allows you to do your own customization If you are not going to be using your chainsaw for a while, run the chainsaw until the gas runs out. This will ensure that nothing is left in the tank to go bad. Always do this in the off-season, when you will not use the chainsaw. Fuel Intake Problems with a Stihl Chainsaw. Next, you have problems that can occur with the fuel intake Learn More About Our Wide Range of Chainsaw Chains for Any Task. Find a Dealer

Wood chips of the first ones are thinner, but the saw operation a little slower, whereas the second group has a higher cut depth and performance. For low profile saws, this parameter is 0.635 mm, for high profile ones - 0.762 mm. Chainsaws for domestic use are always low-profile. Professional saws can be of two types If you've ever bought, or thought about buying, a STIHL chainsaw, you've probably wondered what the letter and number abbreviations mean in the model names. It's a hot topic in many forums, and you'll find that it's very confusing. STIHL hasn't released much information about the meaning of these model numbers, but they do have this chart. Aug 20, 2019. #1. Hello. My neighbour has been looking at buying a chineese chainsaw, he wants one no matter what i advice him too, and he wants me to order one for him. However i have no clue about those saws, he really wants a husqvarna 372xp clone which looks ok enough i guess. However i see there are what i assume to be stihl clones. In case you replace your old chain, you should match the new cutter type with the old cutter type. Need Oregon Premium chainsaw chains? Buy from Amazon. Conclusion. We have tried our best to cover what do the numbers on a chainsaw chain mean and to give you some solid insights Here are 7 top stihl chainsaw we have selected after research. So if you are really interested to buy a stihl chainsaw, you can check anyone from the below list. 01. Stihl MS 170. The most popular compact model of the brand. Stihl chainsaw MS170 can cut small trees with ease. It's also friendly to the environment and very cheap. If you're.

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It's worth noting that this particular dealer won't sell you a chain unless you know exactly what to ask for or bring in an old one for comparison. The wrong type of chain can be inefficient or even downright dangerous, so get some expert advise before buying a non-genuine chain. If you have an doubts err on the safe side - always If your multimeter displays a reading above the specified level it is an indication that you will also have to replace the coil of your chainsaw because it is open. If you do not have a multimeter you can find one here. Repeat step no. 4 and step no. 5 if needed. Step No. 6: Disable the fuel pum Step 1: Remove the gas and oil from chainsaw when storing. If your chainsaw is used for casual or seasonal use, you should drain all the fluid from it before storing. The chainsaw is powered by a two-stroke engine with gas and oil. When draining the fluid, be sure not to spill anything on the motor When you have to take down trees or cut wood, using a chainsaw is an effective way to get your work done. McCulloch makes a number of chainsaws that are sold in a variety of conditions on eBay. New and old McCulloch chainsaws for sale range from smaller models that are ideal for occasional use to heavy-duty machines suitable for the industry.

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Firstly, this is not a powerful chainsaw, so it's not the kind of tool you buy if power is what you are after. However, if you want an easy-to-use cutting tool for home use under 200 dollars, there is no beating its value. It's lightweight and will not cost you a fortune Do you need to buy genuine STIHL chainsaw parts? While many people prefer to purchase factory OEM parts, there are other options. Whether you are shopping for parts for the entry-level STIHL ms170 or a 32-inch bar for a professional saw, you can find both genuine STIHL and aftermarket parts

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As a general rule of thumb, you want to buy a chainsaw with a bar about 2 inches longer than whatever you're going to be cutting most frequently. So, if you're planning to cut up 12-inch diameter logs, then a 14-inch chainsaw is what you're looking at However, you should consider a full-size chainsaw (maybe even a gas-powered one) if you'll be taking down trees or branches wider than 6 on a regular basis. • Size and shape. Commercial-grade gas-powered chainsaws tend to have guide bars that range from 16 to more than 30 in length, and can weigh anywhere from 9 pounds to 25 pounds. Get your chainsaw up and running with help from Repair Clinic! Just be sure to enter the full model number of your chainsaw in our website's search bar to find the specific replacement part you want. If you need additional help finding the right part, you can always call our Customer Service Team at 1-800-269-2609

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Residential, Prosumer, or Commercial. Before choosing a chainsaw, consider the quality of the saw that would best fit your cutting needs. We separate our chainsaws into Residential, Prosumer, and Commercial qualities.. Residential chainsaws are for the light-cutting less experienced users, where the Prosumer saws have increased ease of use and higher performance When making a selection below to narrow your results down, each selection made will reload the page to display the desired results. Made in U.S.A. with US & Global Parts ( 5 ) Click here to go to. Poulan Pro® 20 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw. detail page. Poulan Pro® 20 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw. Click to add item Poulan Pro® 20 50cc 2-Cycle. If you were to buy or rent a stump grinder, you would be spending a lot of money. You can hire a stump grinder service, rent a stump grinder, use a chainsaw, or use a stump grinder chainsaw attachment. In addition to the grinder, you will also need a mattock, a rake, a stable chainsaw, and a shovel

6 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Chainsaw. 1. Engine size is measured in cubic centimeters (cc) or cubic inches. In general, the bigger the number, the more powerful the engine. Most homeowners will do fine with a saw in the 32 cc to 45 cc range. 2. A bigger bar isn't necessarily better 1. Remove the chain from your chainsaw. You will need your tools for this as you detach the saw chain, chainsaw housing, and the guide bar. Once you're done with that, carefully keep the rest of the chainsaw pieces away. 2. Look for two loops that are opposite from each other. Sometimes, this is all you need to do to untangle the chain If you expect to work without waiting to charge, look for saws that have rapid chargers in the kit (or at least one available). Even though you might have to pay separately to get one, it's worth the expense. As you'd guess, the best battery-powered chainsaw should have a good balance of cutting speed, runtime, and efficient use of its battery You need to know what size chain your saw uses (the chainsaw manual should have this) so you get the right sharpening tool for the job. I have a ritual after I use my chainsaw each time

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The 9 Best Ladders of 2021. Final Verdict. Our top chainsaw mill, the Timber Tuff 24-Inch Portable Saw Mill ( view at Amazon ), wins top marks thanks to its lightweight, portable design combined with versatility in cutting down lumber into useful planks from 0.2 inches to 11.8 inches thick The models are: 14 inch electric chainsaw. 14 inch gas powered 42cc chainsaw. 16 inch electric chainsaw. 16 inch gas powered 42cc chainsaw. 18 inch gas powered 42cc chainsaw. The Homelite range is aimed towards homeowners and those looking for a reliable saw in either electric or petrol powered form. No matter the job, a Homelite saw is sure to.

You should replace your spark arrestor if you have used your chainsaw for more than 24 hours. It helps an arrestor shielding the starter spark. Is it worth sharpening a chainsaw chain? Among many things that chainsaw owners do for the maintenance of the equipment is to sharpen the chain. You can use a chainsaw sharpener to do this. Most of the. In order to buy a Stihl chainsaw, you must visit a Stihl dealer. I found out that the current Kobalt 80V saw is much more powerful than the old Kobalt 80V saw that I have, which still isn't bad at all. It's great these saws are getting more powerful than ever. Perfect for homeowners. Reply But if you want a chainsaw to do a very heavy task like cutting old large trees, then you can choose a 60cc chainsaw. However, the cc of the chainsaw depends on the use, we suggest you invest in a 50cc chainsaw. 50cc chainsaws are better compared to 60 cc ones The Sun Joe Ion could stretch a lot of people's budgets, but I think it is a fair price to pay for one of the best battery operated chainsaws on the market. #6. Oregon CS300 Cordless 16-inch Self-Sharpening Chainsaw. Oregon CS300 Cordless Self-Sharpening Chainsaw at a Glance: Volts: 40V. Amps: 4Ah

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While some version of the chainsaw has existed since 1830 (being either steam-powered or kinetic in nature), Andreas Stihl built the first gas-powered chainsaw in 1929, and then in 1950 built the first single-operator chainsaw. He is rightly considered the father of the modern chainsaw, and his company/factory in Germany was the first to mass-produce chainsaws, being at one time as synonymous. When you buy a STIHL chainsaw, you're also buying ongoing support and commitment from the most experienced outdoor power equipment network in the world. In Australia, there's more than 600 dealers nationwide, all qualified to make sure you choose the chainsaw that's right for your requirements, to instruct you in the finer points of its. WORX WG303.1 Electric Chainsaw has a bar and chain that's 16 inches, powered by a 14.5 amp electric motor, allows you to do multiple cutting jobs in a quicker way. This unit is designed to be robust while being lightweight at the same time, being the recommended model for beginners and average users You get 16-inch chains in this pack that are compatible with 16-inch chainsaws without any issues. These chains have a standard pitch of ⅜ inches and .050-inch gauge. As a result, these can be a great option to use with your chainsaw. Although, if you have a small chainsaw, then you can go with the Greenworks 8 inch chain. It is the smallest.

But if you know exactly what you need it for, it'll make your work a lot easier while also giving you peace of mind. 6. Safest mini chainsaw runner-up: Worx WG320 JawSaw Cordless Chainsaw After all this writing on chainsaw oils, if you ask our opinion, we would recommend you to use a reputed chainsaw bar oil because it's safe to use and easier to find. You can also buy Oregon 54-059 Chainsaw Chain Oil. It's slightly thinner and fully light compared to other oils. It will be the best chainsaw oil to use on your loving chainsaw A gas-powered chainsaw gives you the ability to cut anywhere. The Remington RM4216 16-inch Gas-Powered Chainsaw is a terrific smaller gas-powered saw, but small doesn't equal weak. This chainsaw guards against vibration and kickback, yet it cuts through almost anything and includes a convenient carrying case You have a very good idea there. I think you can make the handle more ergonomic and safer to use with trapeze triangle hand grips, you can easily get them from ebay or other online stores. What you have to do is remove the pin from the last chain and attach the triangle rings to the chain with bolts

Electric chainsaws derive their power from electricity, so you will need to plug them in. You may not even realize this if you have never owned a chainsaw that runs on gasoline, but many run on a mixture of oil and gasoline together. Electric chainsaws don't require added oil, but there is a way you will use oil with your electric chainsaw Carole, thank you for your interest in the RYOBI ONE+ Lithium+ 10 in. 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Chainsaw - 1.5 Ah Battery and Charger Included. You can purchase a replacement chain at Home Depot Just make sure it is the correct chain. You can also call us and ask how to get part number 693814001 in order to replace your chain Leon's Chainsaw Parts & Repair officially debuted on Ebay in July of 2011. But it all began years earlier when I discovered that I could buy used Homelite chainsaws and parts. At first, I was just buying parts to repair my old Homelite Super XL. Then I realized I could buy non-running chainsaws, fix them up and resell them When you're operating a chainsaw, any old footwear won't do. You need something that offers protection, can withstand the demands plenty of walking, and has the stability you need for safe chainsaw operation. In this buying guide you will notice several different chainsaw boots - all with varying features, intended uses and price tags

Chainsaw experts (like professional woodsmen and those awesomely talented carvers who turn tree stumps into artwork) suggest that you should sharpen your chain when you have to apply pressure as you're cutting. A good, sharp chainsaw should really work like the old hot knife through butter-you're just there to guide it without. Rebuilding the Carb. A carburetor rebuild/overhaul kit contains replacement gaskets and other necessary components to rejuvenate your carburetor. Cost. $10 - $60 (Do-It-Yourself) $70/hr plus $10-$60 in parts (Shop Repair Bill) Time. 1.5 - 2 or more Hours. Difficulty Activision has announced a partnership, licensed deal to bring SAW and Texas Chainsaw Massacre related bundles to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone. The new bundles will debut on October 20 as part of The Haunting of Verdansk event. There are two bundles available, one based on SAW and one based on Texas Chainsaw [

Favourite. $329.95. Stihl MS180 C-BE 16 Chainsaw Easy2Start System Special. Kitchener / Waterloo < 6 hours ago. MS180 C-BE 16 $329.95 With the STIHL Easy2Start™ system and Quick Chain Adjuster, this high-tech chainsaw is unbelievably easy to use The MS 180 C-BE is where handy meets high tech If you have a question or experience a problem with your CRAFTSMAN purchase, go to www.craftsman.com If you can't find the answer or do not have access to the Internet, call A chainsaw will develop challenges here and there, especially when it gets old. You do not want your work to be halted by an unprecedented chainsaw breakdown. 【DO YOU CONSIDER THE COMPATIBILITY?】:This chainsaw chain sharpener just fit for 14/16/18/20 inches. ONLY work TWO HOLES on the outer part of the chainsaw blade to fix the chainsaw bar. The second pin is adjustable. NOT SUITABLE FOR ECHO 16 inch CHAINSAW. 【DO YOU WORRY ABOUT THESAFETY & FAST Never Underestimate An Old Man With His Chainsaw Arborist Blood Moon T Shirt £ 24.99. BUY PRODUCT. SKU: 132711649520910798 Category: Shirts Tags: An, Arborist, Blood, Chainsaw, His,. And that means buy a chainsaw if you don't have one, or applying proper chainsaw maintenance practices if you do. Of course, you could cut your wood by hand, as I did for several years while I.

Buy a brand new chainsaw and a bigger mill - the cool thing about Granberg Alaskan Chainsaw Mills is that you can get all different sizes depending on the size of chainsaw you have - and I would love to saw up a 36″+ walnut someday. I would like to buy a truck and trailer to haul trees and our slabs Richardson Saw stocks are large selection of premium residential and commercial Chainsaws including Echo and Stihl. Chainsaws ranging from 12 inches up and over 36 are all available. We also carry parts and service most brands including those we do not carry

If you have not received specialized training for kickback control and prevention, you should only purchase Low Kickback chains to help prevent injury. This is actually pretty universal advice. A chainsaw user should have special training if using a chainsaw chain that lacks anti-kickback features We figure Terry's tip would save you $160 over 20 years, assuming you burn through 2 quarts of bar and chain oil a year. You'd save even more if you have a large property and have to clear a lot.

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If you're planning to buy a chain saw, you'll need to budget at least a couple of hundred dollars. The Craftsman Full Crank 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw gas chain saw is the most affordable, retailing for less than $200. You can get the Tanaka 14-Inch gas chain saw for just over $200, but the Husqvarna chain saw retails for more than $400 If you have an old tree trunk at your backyard sitting for a long time, it's time to turn it into attractive artwork! Wondering how it'll be possible! I'll tell you how! If you're in the woodworking industry for a long time, you must know about the chainsaw. Yes, it is the magic tool that can help you a useless tree Read more26 Awesome Tree Stump Chainsaw Carving Idea If yes, the MSA 120 C-B chainsaw is the best unit for you. The chainsaw is also a perfect buy if you want a product that can handle most of home chores such as storm clean-ups and limb removal in a home setting. The unit is also a perfect buy if you have never used a chainsaw, thanks to the chain braking features All of the chainsaws out there will do a good job and last well, once you put on the right chain and understand how to keep it properly sharp!! Robert Baker 2/15/2010 9:10:02 P

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When you have trouble starting your chainsaw, try these steps before you start tearing the chainsaw apart. If it still won't start, the problem could be the spark plug, fuel line or carburetor. See our DIY chainsaw repair page for symptoms and step-by-step repair instructions. 1 Hi everyone- What type of fuel do you guys recommend using in my new Stihl 250? I know Stihl says to use premium-octane fuel in all of its chainsaws, but I've also heard that the ethanol found in many high-octane fuels nowdays isn't good for the chainsaw's engine. I have a good family friend.. If you have a grinder and know what you're doing, you can technically do this yourself. However, for most people it's going to be better just to pay a professional to do it, at a local saw shop. It's pretty cheap to have this done (usually $5-$7) You can also find someone to do that for you for cheap. You shouldn't resharpen your chain over 4 times, because the chain will lose its low-kickback properties. Conclusion. Sometimes you grab a tool and it just feels right in your hand. This DeWalt 20V chainsaw review presents you one of such cases

The best Ryobi chainsaws can be found at the top of the range prices. You might have to save up so you can afford pole Ryobi chainsaws. Ryobi Chainsaw parts can be bought to replace broken or old parts. Therefore, even if you do buy used Ryobi Chainsaw chains you can replace parts that do not work properly All you have to do is enter the full model number of your chainsaw into our website's search bar to see a complete list of compatible parts, including stop switches, damper springs, chain tensioners, throttle levers, and more. Use the part category and part title filters to refine the results list to home in on the specific part you need Taking care of your chainsaw is one way to make sure the Stihl chainsaw you buy lasts. Stihl has come out with a simple guide on how best to maintain your chainsaw. To make it easier for you, we've summarized the separate ways you can keep your chainsaw in tip-top shape

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It is also the lightest Stihl chainsaw you can buy. The MSA 120 - C -B is identical to The STIHL MSA 140 above, with one big exception. This MSA 120 chainsaw battery kit includes the smaller AK20 (36 volts) - 2.8 Ah battery vs. the MSA 140 with AK30 (36 volts) 4.8 Ah lithium-ion battery - which has a duration of about 80% longer run time IMHO, and based on experience, buying cheap petrol powered machines is a waste of time and money - never has the old adage buy cheap, buy twice been truer. Now I bite the bullet and have bought stihl and honda. I had a ryobi petrol hedge cutter a bit back. What a cow. Even when it was working gave me whitefinger after 1/2 hour use We want to make sure the chainsaw you buy is worth the money it costs. Tag along and let's get you the best Husqvarna chainsaw. First, below is a quick comparison table of the various Husqvarna chainsaws featured in the review. Best Husqvarna Chainsaw 2020 (2020 New Husqvarna Chainsaws Additions) Name Typ If you don't own a chainsaw of these lengths, I invite you to visit my best 16 inch chainsaw guide and best 18 inch chainsaw guide to find the right tool for your needs. Those pages include the top chainsaws in every type for those lengths: gas, battery, and electric. I hope you found this guide on chainsaw techniques to be helpful. Happy sawing It is safe and easy to use. if you wish to start or stop the chain, all you need do is make use of the throttle control button. You have a soft touch rear grip with this chainsaw which reduced vibration and aids your control and handling. With a weight of about 9 pounds, you have the perfect lightweight chainsaw at your disposal Honestly I got this chainsaw for the storage box. I used to have a smaller 14 inch chainsaw, but when left in the garage, the engine and exposed parts constantly collected grime and dirt. This one however comes with a great carrying case and storage box. From the onset, having a larger chainsaw (18 inches), this weighs a lot more than I expected