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  1. In the first session, the doctor will mark up the points to be injected, and then inject the first 2ml of Profhilo treatment at 5 separate injection points on each side of your face. If you are having the treatment injected to other body parts such as your neck, your cleavage or your hands, then the procedure will be similar
  2. Profhilo is injected into 5 precise Bio Aesthetic Points also known as BAP points. This allows it to reach 3 key layers of the skin, namely the epidermis, d ermis and subcutaneous layers. What's more, these 5 injection points are located far away from nerves & major blood vessels which means less risk of injury.. This treatment improves overall skin quality, provides intense hydration from.
  3. Profhilo injections are carefully mapped on the face with bio-aesthetic points (BAP). These BAPs are anatomically-receptive and spread across the entire malar and sub-malar areas. With this unique method, the injection points support progressive diffusion across the widest sections of the face through sub-dermal patterns

As with most injectable treatments, the Profhilo liquid is strategically administered into precise points by our skilled doctor, and at precise levels (also known as the 5-point lift). The Hyaluronic Acid is slowly released and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, renewing your skin from within Profhilo has high spreadability- meaning that the hyaluronic acid complexes spread easily by themselves, so in the hands and face, only a few injection points are required; vis a vis Skinboosters, which require 50-100 injection points for the hands. Performing Profhilo hands injections for a patient in my clinic Profhilo® works in a course of 2 or 3 treatments, 4 weeks apart. On the face, only 5 injection points are necessary on each side of the face to give maximum results. Profhilo® acts as a hydrator rather than a filler Using only 5 points to administer Profhilo is possible as the formation of hybrid cooperative complexes significantly reduces viscosity, while at the same time maintaining manageability and diffusibility in the tissue. [5] Treatment of the neck involves a total of 10 injection points During Profhilo treatment, your desired body part will be injected with roughly 2ml of hyaluronic acid-based treatment in around five places. This is injected just below the skin layer where it quickly disperses and spreads throughout the skin, providing instant hydration. For face treatment using Profhilo, a total of 10 injection points are.

The injection points for Profhilo are less than Skinboosters and Rejuran; which means a lower risk of side effects and complications such as bruising and (very rarely) infections. 3. The injection points for Profhilo are also standardised- 5 injection points called Bio Aesthetic Points (BAP) 3,4,7 ; which are far from major nerves and blood. When injected into skin, Profhilo stimulates the skin cell receptors to counteract skin laxity and improve and restore firmness of the skin. One of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid on the market, Profhilo not only boosts and hydrates the skin, but also remodels ageing and sagging tissue. The most common areas of treatment include. Profhilo on the other hand is more fluid and works by spreading under the skin so that is covers the whole face, hence only 5 points of injection is required on each side of the face. The texture and the way Profhilo works mean that volume is not added to your face, rather your skin will hydrated and strengthened from within Unique BAP (Bio Aesthetic Points) injection technique for optimal diffusion of the product . With just 5 BAP injection points per side of the face, Profhilo diffuses through the different skin layers, across the widest sections of the face through, bringing a natural and lasting refreshed look

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Profhilo® is most effective when injected into or below the lower part of the deep skin layer (dermis) where pain can be more intense. A numbing cream will be applied prior to the treatment to reduce the pain, but mild-moderate pain can still be felt during the injection (depending on the individual variance of pain threshold). However, there are only 5 points of injection per cheek and 10. How many mls of Profhilo do you need? You will require 2 mls spread over 10 injection points. At the start, you will need two induction sessions one month apart then one session every 4 - 6 months for maintenance. Is Profhilo painful? The injections sting briefly, but patients generally report only mild discomfort Profhilo nucleofill les cinq points d'injection selon le schéma d'injection qui permet de lifter , d'hydrater et de combattre les radicaux librespour s'ab.. Profhilo Injection Points. Profhilo has a comprehensive range of injections points with 10 injections administered in total, five on each side of the face. This technique allows up to focus the hyaluronic acid treatment where the skin appears the most relaxed and aged

Profhilo has been developed with an exclusive injection technique, customisable for each client. In the area chosen to be treated, up to 10 specific injection points can be used. Each point is known as a bioaesthetic point, and identifying these points for injection with Profhilo is known as the bioaesthetic point (BAP) technique For injections on the face, there are a total of 10 BAP (5 points on each side) For injections on the neck, there are 10 BAP points. Comparing to treatments such as Rejuran & Skinboosters where there are more injections, the low injection points allows Profhilo to be safer (reducing risks of bruising and pain)

Profhilo is the only injectable treatment available, specifically designed to reverse this breakdown by stimulating collagen and elastin, to help slow down t.. With 5 injection points on each side of the face (total of 10 points for the entire face, with 0.2ml in each point), the procedure is quick with minimal discomfort. Topical numbing cream is applied 15 to 30 minutes before the procedure for analgesia. Where can Profhilo be injected? Profhilo can be used for skin rejuvenation for the following areas The injection points were therefore selected in secure areas far from major vessels, and in an area promoting great diffusion of the product. PROFHILO should be injected in the deep dermis using the bolus technique, with a smooth release of the substance with a 29 G needle given its low viscosity

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Profhilo is absorbed within a 2cm radius of its injection site, so to treat the face only 10 injection points are needed in total. A single course of Profhilo involves 2 injectable treatments 4 weeks apart, after which you can expect to see an intense hydration PROFHILO INJECTABLE AREAS (BAP - BIO AESTHETIC POINTS) INJECTION POINTS : Reverse Face Aging. 1. Cheekbone 2. Middle Cheek 3. Side Cheek 4. Side Chin 5. Jawline To maximise product diffusion into the cheek areas and surrounding cheek structures for a sculpted contour. volumising facelift. INJECTION POINTS Our Doctors inject Profhilo in very precise points; for example, there are 5 injection points on each part of the face. Once injected, this technique allows the hyaluronic acid to disperse in a homogeneous way and cover the entire area requiring treatment. To obtain the optimal result, 2 injection sessions are necessary, planned at one-month.

The routine protocol is to inject in 5 positions on each side in the mid- and lower face. The highest injection point is on the zygomatic arch. It is unlikely that it's effect will spread to the forehead. However, I regularly inject the forehead to improve forehead lines and skin texture. Likewise, it is a great product for improving the skin. How many injections does Profhilo need? Just 10 small injections at strategic points of the face, which takes less than 10 minutes. Afterwards, you'll look like you have some weird, swollen insect stings on the injection points but these will vanish by the end of the day, because the product is gradually spreading itself beneath the surface of the skin The key difference when it comes to Profhilo is the number of injection sites required. With other skinboosters, multiple injections at various points are usually needed, at very specific points around the face. However, with Profhilo, the number of injection sites is streamlined to five on either side of the face and neck

Profhilo uses a hybrid of high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid and low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid, explains aesthetician Dr Lauren Hamilton.This basically allows slow release into the top. In addition, the downtime of Profhilo treatment is minimal because of the few injection points on the face compared to a skinbooster treatment. A couple of hours with some light massage and post-treatment care, you can go about your daily life Profhilo is an injectable anti-ageing treatment made from hyaluronic acid (HA) designed for treating skin laxity, fine lines and wrinkles as well as providing deep skin hydration. This injectable differs from other injectables by only requiring 5 injection points for each half of the face. It can boost the largest concentration of hyaluronic.

For the best, most significant results, Profhilo works in two stages and requires two treatments within a month. After the first treatment, the injections begin to stimulate four different types of Collagen and Elastin and slowly release Hyaluronic Acid: this acts as the activation stage Profhilo® diffuses within the tissue after injection and over a period of 4 weeks it stimulates 4 different types of Collagen and Elastin. Due to its ability to spread, only 5 injection points on each side of the face are needed, which means many of our patients find this treatment more comfortable than others There are five specific BAP (bio aesthetic point) injection sites, where the doctor injects Profhilo into facial skin The product is then absorbed into deeper layers of the skin, where it stimulates dramatically increased production of multiple types of collagen and elastin - the building blocks of more youthful, healthy skin For face treatment using Profhilo, a total of 10 injection points is needed. (5 injection points per side of your face.) Compared to previous skin booster treatments which generally require more than 30 injection points, Profhilo has the benefit of fewer injection points. This is reduced pain and risk of bruising

Profhilo treatments have been described in the as injectable moisturiser as skin feels super hydrated, smoother, firmer. Treatment is pleasant with just five individual injection points on each side of the face Thanks to the unique characteristics of Profhilo®, skin condition can be visibly improved after just 2 sessions, with a 1-month interval, and only 5 injection points on each side of the face. Profhilo® can be used on a number of areas including the full face (including eye area), neck, décolletage, upper arms and hands and is suitable for.

Prior to treatment, your doctor will map out the 5 injection points and apply numbing cream. Unlike traditional injection techniques, 0.2ml of Profhilo is carefully injected into the specific injection points. During this time, the slow release of hyaluronic acid stimulates four different types of collagen and elastic Neoasia, Profhilo's distributor in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam (with registration pending in Indonesia and Philippines at time of publishing) says, There is no known risk associated with Profhilo. The 10-point bio aesthetic point technique is away from the major vessels and the injection plane of deep dermis is also away from the vessels 5 points each side of the face, product spread will greatly enhance skin & boost 4 types of collagen Profhilo in neck area Profhilo is a series of injections that contain a high level of Hyaluronic Acid. As we get older, natural Hyaluronic Acid levels in our skin decreases, which causes skin to lose it

Profhilo does not cause any long-term side effects as it is biocompatible with the body and can be broken down completely. Immediately after the treatment, you may experience some swelling, bruising, and/or pinpoint bleeding at the injection points You can expect slight redness at the injection point in the moments following the treatment, but this quickly disappears. There is some risk of temporary bruising, which can last three to four days. Makeup can be applied to conceal any bruising along the injection site after 12 hours. How does the Profhilo treatment work PROFHILO® can be use on the face, neck, decollete, hands or any part of your body where the skin shows visible signs of ageing. The Bio Aesthetic Points (BAP) technique was specially developed for PROFHILO® and consists of only 5 injection points on each side of the face Sometimes called a 'lunchtime facial treatment', Profhilo® is a quick treatment - taking only about 15 minutes with no downtime. It is injected just under the skin, using very fine needles, in ten pre-determined points; five injection points on each side of the face to give optimum results. The consultatio

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Founder of The Tweakment Guide. Lord Gavin. I love Profhilo, it's an injectable hyaluronic acid that gives a wonderful fluffing, lifting effect to the skin & holds moisture right at the surface.. Celebrity Facialist. Fiona Golfar. Profhilo gives me exactly the effect I want. A healthy, moisturised, refreshed looking skin Profhilo diffuses within the tissue after injection and over the period of 4 weeks it stimulates 4 different types of collagen and elastin. It doesn't need to be massaged and leaves no nodules. Due to the its high spread ability, only 5 injection points on each side of the face are needed, which means patients find the treatment much more. 5 -point mini face lift is performed using a new generation dermal filler known as Profhilo ® . Profhilo ® is a revolutionary new development in the field of medical aesthetics. The injections are made with ultra-fine needles in the superficial layer of the epidermis using the BAP technique. This involves five injection points on each. These points are selected based on safety, diffusibility and a reduction of side effects to maximise treatment comfort. Compared to skin boosters treatment, where there can be more than 30-50 injection points, a facial Profhilo treatment uses only 10 injection points

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With just 10 injection points for the entire face, Profhilo is a quick 10-min lunch-time procedure with minimal downtime and long-lasting results. Two or three treatments spaced one month apart offers a natural-looking enhancement and skin rejuvenation that lasts for 10 to 12 months Profhilo is an EXCLUSIVE skin remodelling treatment that will give you visible results in just 2 visits. Great for people wanting to combat ageing, dull or tired looking skin and loss of facial volume. This revolutionary NEW treatment rivals dermal fillers and takes just 10 minutes, with 5 injection points into your area of concern However, as Profhilo® is subjectively a low pain procedure, numbing is not necessary for most clients. During treatment . After cleaning and preparing your skin, you will receive a total of 10 subcutaneous injections of Profhilo® using the Bio Aesthetic Points (BAP) injection technique The suggested treatment protocol for Profhilo is 2 injections, one month apart, and repeat the regime every 6-9 months for maintenance. Profhilo can be injected following a unique BAP (Bio Aesthetic Points) injection technique for optimal diffusion of the product to the treated area

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Profhilo is mostly used to treat the lower face. Compared to previous skinbooster treatments that require more than 30 injection points, Profhilo involves only 5 injections on each side of the face, with 0.2ml in each point. Profhilo may also be used for the abdominal and neck area. There are 10 BAP injection points for neck, and 20 BAP. Unlike skinboosters which usually requires multiple injection points, Profhilo uses the unique BAP (Bio Aesthetic Points) technique, with just 5 injection points per cheek. There is usually no downtime associated with the Profhilo procedure. You can resume your daily activities immediately after the treatment

Profhilo comes in individual pre-filled 2ml syringes. From the prior extensive studies done on the product, a special Bio Aesthetic Points (BAP) technique had been introduced to administer the injection With Profhilo there are 5 bio aesthetic points which is a regime of areas that are injected into. The idea is that it distributes the product throughout the whole level of the face. The 5 points mostly target the areas people are most concerned about, under-eye, nose to mouth lines, jowls, chin and around the jawline There is no harmful side effect associated with Profhilo. Mostly, there will be slight bruises and redness at the injection point that will subside in a few hours, maximum 24 hours. Other than that, there is nothing you should be worry about

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Profhilo also has the advantage of requiring only 5 injection points on each side of the face using the Bio-Aesthetic Points (BAP) technique which means the treatment only causes minimal downtime in the form of swelling over the injection points that usually subside within the day. In all 3 treatments, Profhilo has the least downtime due to this Each injection takes five seconds. The five points are: around the cheekbone (it shouldn't be too close to the eye), in front of the ear, just above the angle of your jaw, in the central part of your cheek, and one in your chin. From there, the profhilo spreads out through the skin, so you can imagine all those points joining up as it works

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The only reported side effects are light bruising and mild swelling at the injection sites, and these generally disappear in a short period of time. This happens because Profhilo is injected with a fine needle, rather than any effect from the Profhilo treatment itself Last year, the star got Profhilo injections Credit: Instagram. 8. The treatment injects Hyaluronic Acid into the skin to stimulate collagen production Credit: profhilo_ukInstagram. 8. You can have. profhilo treatment process Profilo uses 5 bio aesthetic points as the injection points on per side of the face, which are situated far from the major nerves and blood vessels, hence allowing for maximum diffusion of the hybrid HA complex, while minimising the risk of bruising and complications The administration of a full syringe of PROFHILO® needs only 5 injection points per side of the face and typically takes 10-15 minutes. This procedure is performed with topical anaesthesia to ensure that the treatment is as comfortable as possible Profhilo 10 Point Injectable Dermal Moisturiser. Moisturise Skin from within, Youthful glow. Profhilo is a series of injections that contain a high level of Hyaluronic Acid. As we get older, natural Hyaluronic Acid levels in our skin decreases, which causes skin to lose its plumpness. The reason for injecting Hyaluronic Acid, instead of.

profhilo anti-aging The BAP (Bio Aesthetic Point) Technique The bio aesthetic point (BAP) technique was specifically developed for Profhilo using CT scanning to determine spreading in the facial tissues. These points when injected with 0.2ml of Profhilo subdermally give the best uniform spread. The product spreads over a day or so by the action of Profhilo TLC Read More Profhilo injectables are recommended to be injected strategically into the 3 key layers of the skin at 5 focal points on the face, known as the Bio Aesthetic Points (BAP).There 5 points are also located away from nerves and major blood vessels, which means less risk of injury There are five injection points on either side of the neck which ensure an even distribution of the product.Usually two sessions of Profhilo® are required, spaced one month apart. Results can be seen from the second week with the optimum effect visible one month after your last treatment. Lifting and tightening of the skin will be evident over.

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Profhilo ® is an EXCLUSIVE skin remodelling treatment that will give you visible results in just 2 visits. Great for people wanting to combat ageing, dull or tired looking skin. Treatment time approx. 10 minutes, with 5 injection points into your area of concern Profhilo involves targeted injections of Hyaluronic Acid into the skin, leaving your skin glowing with increased hydration, improved elasticity and refreshed. The unique characteristics of Profhilo, is easily obtained in only two sessions, with a one month interval, injected in 5 specific points in the areas of concern In any injectable product, Profhilo® contains the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid and has the unique ability to flow through the skin, which means minimal injection points are required, making it a more comfortable procedure Injections can cause some pain but this is minimised by numbing cream. Small bumps are usually present at the injection sites immediately after the procedure. They usually resolve in a few hours as the product diffuses and spreads under the skin. Areas that Profhilo are injected. Profhilo Face ( 1 syringe 2ml) 10 injection points. Unit Required. Treatment to the face is delivered by practitioners using the Profhilo BAP technique - Bio Aesthetic Points - which is seen as the optimum method for placing the product at 5 specific points on the face. The BAP technique identifies 5 injection sites on each side of the face, away from major vessels, nerves etc. and in such a way as to maximise the diffusion of the product through the.

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Profhilo can be injected into the face and neck areas. The treatment dose is 2 mls spread over 10 injection points. At the start, you will need two induction sessions one month apart then one session ideally every 4 - 6 months for maintenance. Patients with more mature skin may benefit from a three course initial treatment over 8 weeks There is little discomfort with Profhilo injections, Profhilo uses a technique called Bio Aesthetic Points (BAP) which only requires 5 injection points on each side of the face or neck. The injection points are far from major nerves and blood vessels too

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Profhilo Profhilo is an award-winning treatment and innovative approach to anti-aging. Comprised of 100% HA (Hyaluronic Acid), it restores firmness of the skin whilst nourishing dermal cells; providing hydration from the inside out to address 'crepey' skin. a month apart, and only 5 injection points on each side of the face. The downtime is. Developed specifically for Profhilo H+L, the BAP technique features the use of five unique injection points on each side of the face. Located far from major blood vessels on the chin, jaw and cheeks, this method maximizes the spreadability of the gel and minimizes the risks—especially bruising, haematoma and pain—associated with injection What is Profhilo? The first of its kind, Profhilo is an stabilised form of the miracle hydrating molecule hyaluronic acid.When injected, it stimulates the skin's natural synthesis of collagen for plumped and firmed up skin. As we age, the skin's ability to produce collagen decreases, explains Dr Michael Prager, award-winning and world-renowned cosmetic doctor Profhilo is injected just under the skin using very fine needles in pre-determined points. It is relatively painless and there is usually no need for topical pain relief creams prior to treatment. The treatment itself is very quick, taking only about 10 minutes Profhilo is an EXCLUSIVE skin remodelling treatment that will give you visible results in just 2 visits. This revolutionary NEW treatment to rival dermal fillers takes just 10 minutes, with 5 injection points into your area of concern

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