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Here's a chart that matches Vallejo paints with their Citadel equivalents. The original web pages are gone. The following is from the Wayback Machine Internet Web Archives. If you are the original author, please contact this site through the comments section below. The Game Color equivalents are exact, while the Model Colors are approximate Vallejo To GW Paint Conversion Chart PDF. Find out how to make Vallejo paints work as a GW paint with this handy conversion chart! Download now to have all your paint conversion questions answered! Figuring out which Vallejo paint converts to GW's Citadel paints has never been easier with this handy conversion chart courtesy of Thibaut Robine Vallejo Game Color: Flat Flesh (XF-15) Tamiya Enamel: Flat Flesh (Lacquer Paint) (LP66) Tamiya Lacquer Paint: Pale Sand (70.837) Vallejo Model Color: LIGHT SKIN TONE (A.MIG-0115) Ammo Acrylics: Pale Sand (RC018) AK Real Color: PALE SAND (AK11032) AK 3rd Gen Acrylics: Leather (Matte) (62) Humbrol Enamel: Flat Skin Tone Tint Base - Light (4601AP. Vallejo Model; Vallejo Game; P3 Formula; Army Painter; The number at the end of the description of every matched color is the delta (the mathematical distance between the colors). A delta of less than 3 (green blocks) represent a very close match, nearly visually indistinguishable

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  1. * Whilst every effort is made to provide the most accurate color matching possible we cannot be held responsible for any inconsistencies that may arise. Your use of this website and data acknowledges this. All conversions should be treated as approximations only, all monitors are different, calibrated monitors will be more accurate but there is no guarantee as to the correctness of the RGB.
  2. Vallejo Game Color. The Vallejo Game Color range are in a matt and opaque, water-based formula, especially designed for brush-on use. Each color has been meticulously developed in collaboration with model-painters who specialize in fantasy figures and dioramas. BROWSE VALLEJO GAME COLOR CONVERSION CHART
  3. Vallejo Game Color Conversion Chart 2018 I've seen lots of article/videos where people compare Vallejo to other brands, but not much in comparison between the different Vallejo lines, especially with colors that are 'equivalent'
  4. Vallejo Game Color Name Stock # Vallejo Model Color Name Stock # Color Chip Citadel Equivalent Skull White 001 Flat White 951 Skull White White Primer 002 Foundation White 919 Smelly Primer Pale Flesh 003 Light Flesh 928 Pallid Flesh* Elf Skintone 004 Basic Fleshtone 815 Elf Flesh Bald Moon Yellow 005 Lemon Yellow 925.
  5. Model Color numbers are presented in 71.xxx with a further 3 digit number indicating their position within the Vallejo Model Air Display Rack. The 74.xxx Primer range is also included here. There are over 250 colors in this range so please allow time for this page to fully load
  6. Model Paint Conversion Charts. Welcome to ModelShade, the most comprehensive conversion tool for model paint color s. Convert to and from Tamiya, Humbrol, Mig, Vallejo Model Color, Vallejo Model Air, MrHobby, AK Interactive and Testors. Get Started

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Here is the ultimate painting matrix, comparing the games workshop Citadel paints with every known equivalent. Please note, hex codes are all approximate - double check before you get a batch of paint made up to match that colour! Colour. New Citadel 5. Old Citadel. Vallejo Game Color. Vallejo Model Color. INSTAR 6 The Model Color range sports more color options, and many of the colors are more muted, intending to be used by historical modelers for more realistic paint schemes (think WWII tanks). So where the Game Color range has 3-4 greens to choose from (dark angel copy, goblin copy, scorpion copy, ork hide copy) in the Model range you can get whole. Vallejo color charts for models and miniatures like Model Color, Model Air, Model Wash, etc and vallejo hobby tools for hobby and miniatures Game Color. Mecha Color. Catalogue. Hobby Tools armour artbattle artbattlebarcelona colorshift hobby Hobby Spray Paint scenery stencils the shifters vallejo colors wargames. NEWSLETTER. Vallejo Game Color Conversion Chart. Find out how to make Vallejo paints work as a GW paint with this handy conversion chart! Download now to have all your paint conversion questions answered! Figuring out which Vallejo paint converts to GW's Citadel paints has never been easier with this handy conversion chart courtesy of Thibaut Robine Vallejo Cross Reference Chart Equivalent Values. Table of Contents: Model Color. Tabla de comparación general/General equivalent chart - 4/5 Federal Standard - 6 RLM - 6 RAL - 7 Citadel Foundation - 7 Gunze -7 Humbrol - 8 Revell - 8 Tamiya - 9 Testor - 9 Model Air - 10 Game Color - 10. PANZER ACES. Federal Standard - 11.

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  1. Vallejo Model Color. Here is the paint reference chart for Vallejo Model Colors.The color samples are from the Vallejo site The Foundry Paint System is a series of 216 colors of paints from War Games Foundry ofthe United Kingdom.The paints come in 20 ml pots that should be closed while painting, or elsethe paints will thicken or dry out.
  2. Matt and opaque acrylic colors with highest pigment concentration in a water-based formula, especially developed for brush-on application. The Model Color range is very extensive and includes basic shades as well as many references developed by our experts for use on historical figures as well as the specific colors employed for all types of vehicles, planes and military models
  3. Official conversion chart between citadel old and new ranges. Vallejo paints and citadel color equivalents vallejo game color name stock vallejo model color name stock color chip citadel equivalent skull white 001 flat white 951 skull white white primer 002 foundation white 919 smelly primer pale flesh 003 light flesh 928 pallid flesh elf.

AV VALLEJO MODEL COLOR VERF CONVERSIE TABEL - COLOUR CONVERSION CHART Verf - Paint ID Naam - Description Model Kleur - Color Humbrol Tamiya Model Air Revell Modelmaster RAL RLM VAL400 Model Color - Plastic Putty 400 VAL470 Model Color - Glossy Medium 470 VAL510 Model Color - Glossy Varnish 510 35. Model Paint Database Another excellent resource that includes the pantone numbers. You can also search visually for your desired colour - Very handy. Scale World New Website Scale World Colour Charts Old Website A comprehensive colour conversion website with clear, colourful and easy to understand conversions. 49 Paint Conversion Char Shop Devices, Apparel, Books, Music & More. Free Shipping on Qualified Orders

Vallejo Model Color (and Game Color) is the best brush on base coat. It's opaque and self leveling. The new BF paints are from Army Painter. They are your more regular acrylic style paint which has less pigment and more easily thinned for layering for highlights. If you find a result you like, just make sure you can replicate it and paint. Model Paint Cross Reference Charts. This list for paint charts is compiled as a part of the work on Humbrol Paint Converter application for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1. Official manufacturers sites. Official conversion charts Vallejo conversion table. Thread starter. tomstockton. Start date. Apr 14, 2019. ModelRailroadForums.com is a free Model Railroad Discussion Forum and photo gallery. We cover all scales and sizes of model railroads. Whether you're a master model railroader or just getting started, you'll find something of interest here Paint Conversion Charts: Ever effort has been made to make sure these conversions are accurate. most have been taken from information provided by actual manufacturers but we can accept no responsibility for inaccurate information as we have just compiled this list from many sources and have not checked all colour variances ourselves The Vallejo color charts I have list 200 Model Color paints and 98 Model Air. That's quite a selection. They don't have FS, RAL,RLM, etc numbers but I can crossreference them. Are you guys satisfied with their color match? I guess it's like anything else, add a little of this and a little of that to get just what you want

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  1. I need a Humbrol Paint to Vallejo model color conversion chart or Testor Model Master or even better Vallejo Model Air. I need the following Humbrol Color equivalencies: 89 Middle Blue, 115 US Dark Green,127 US Ghost Grey, 147 Light Grey, 145 Medium Grey, 155 Olive Drab. Now looking at the Hubrol conversion chart a lot of the colors shades are.
  2. Convert to and from tamiya humbrol mig vallejo model color vallejo model air mrhobby model color mr color and testors. Model paint color conversion chart. 49 paint conversion chart. You can also search visually for your desired colour very handy. Here is the best model paint conversion chart for tamiya revell humbrol model master model colors
  3. Here is a Conversion chart that allows players that paint with Wal-Mart acrylics to follow the FoW painting guides from Afrika and Ostfront: Painting Equivalencies Chart. From Vallejo Model Color to any Delta, Apple Barrel, or Folk Art Acrylic Paint. Sometimes you will see a mix like: 1:1 English Uniform (921) : Black
  4. Sorted by Model Air Colour,New Citadel,Old Citadel,Vallejo Game Color,VGC#,Vallejo Model Color,VMC#,Vallejo Model Air,VMA#,Rackham,Reaper Master,Privateer Press P3.
  5. Game Color Gunze Sangyo Humbrol Model Air Model Color Modelmaster Rackham RAL Revell RLM Tamiya. Paint Conversion Charts. Ever effort has been made to make sure these conversions are accurate. most have been taken from information provided by actual manufacturers but we can accept no responsibility for inaccurate information as we have just.
  6. Vallejo/GW Death Guard Color Conversion (Your Help Needed!) - posted in + GENERAL PCA QUESTIONS +: Right, B&C. I made a thing. And this thing is for Death Guard players, as well as anyone else who likes to paint camo green colored stuff, ie. like this: Now, I am starting out a Primaris force of Mantis Warriors, and Im trying to choose colors to replicate the look above with Vallejo GC range
  7. Organized by color groups i.e. whites, yellows, flesh, reds, greens, blues, etc. An even more simple chart with Vallejo Game and Model Color Name and Stock Number as well as their Citadel Equivalents. Very simple comparison between Citadel and Vallejo Game Color paints. Not even in a fancy format, just text

Vallejo game color line was actually developed (so legend tells) in order to make a bid to provide paint for games workshop. This is why their colors match the games workshop colors so much. They do have some great colors on their palette, but for very specific colors without having to do any mixing, model color works better 3 Colours Vallejo Swatch Jpg 1089 1022 Vallejo Games Workshop Paints Paint Colors . Model Paint Conversion Chart Paint Charts Paint Color Chart Painting . Chart Modelmaster Jpg 100538 Bytes Color Chart Model Airplanes Model Paint . Vallejo Model Air Airbrush Paints Pick Any 10 X 17ml Inc Primers Aux More Paint Charts Model Paint Air Brush Paintin Between the Vallejo conversion charts and the Ultimate Paint Conversion Chart, this is what I came up with. XF-67 NATO Green, Vallejo Model Color 894 Russian Green, Vallejo Model Air 14 Gunship Green, and Model Air 17 Russian Green Video about how to airbrush Vallejo Model Color paints by José Brito. Besides showing how to achieve a zenith effect in a resin head, José also shows how to. The cost and the quality of the Vallejo is what is prompting me to choose Vallejo over Citadel. The main reason I was asking is the materials from Vallejo are a little marketing-ish (if that's a word!) and I have to buy the paints at two different locations - model color is at a local hobby shop, game color is at my FLGS.. I don't have an airbrush currently, that's a thought for the future.

Here are charts by Vallejo to convert other colors paints to Vallejo Model Color & Model Air. Vallejo Model Air Catalog Link HERE, TT Previous Color Inventory Post HERE These are some of the more current color conversion combinations that interest me on the eve of painting Vallejo Color Map Vallejo Enamels - (Scale-models.nl) Model Master Color Map - (Federal Standard FS) Model Master Enamels - (IPMSStockholm.org) Model Master Reference cart Model Master Enamels - (www.Angelfire.com) Paint Conversion & Colour Charts - (224 conversion charts) Paint Conversion & Colour Charts -. Add to Compare. Quick view. $24.95 Back Ordered. Vallejo Model Air Paint Set - US Navy &... Vallejo Model Air Paint Set - US Navy & USMC Colors from 70's to Present - 71155. $24.95

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Which Vallejo's are you referring to? The Vallejo Air Model has been well-received by display-level fantasy miniature painters, and Vallejo Model Color by military model painters. Vallejo Game Color was a pass by reviewers for generic fantasy miniatures. AP is primarily for generic fantasy speed painting, with its color primers, dips, and washes WWII USMC Colors Green & Grey Patterns 1942-1945 Model Air Paint Set (6 Colors) Vallejo Paint. $19.95 $17.96. Out of Stock. Quick view

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The Metal Color line is really good, probably the best in the acrylic range. From other brands, I would say Scale75 has the second best metallics. 3. level 1. solsolnox. 2 years ago. I use Vallejo game color (which I mostly love) and personally loathe the metallics. I went all in on the formula p3 Metallics and they are wonderful Game Color. Acrylics colors in a matt and opaque, water-based formula, especially designed for brush-on use. Each color has been meticulously developed in collaboration with model-painters who specialize in fantasy figures and dioramas. The formulation of these colors has been developed signed taking into account that some of these figures are. 2-1. In this chapter I built a color-for-color paint conversion chart from Testors' defunct Floquil / PollyScale paints to the equivalent colors in the Testors Model Master, Vallejo Model Air/Game Air, and the Badger MODELflex paint lines. To do this, MRH acquired an extensive collection of paints from each line and di

The Game Color range also contains a line of inks for shading, washing and glazing, and a number of opaque paints with more pigment for quicker base coating. The Vallejo Game Color range is fully compatible with all other Vallejo paints and all three of the Vallejo paint ranges share a common set of media, thinners and varnishes A place to share ideas and techniques for painting and converting miniatures. I'm trying to get a few starter sets so I can have a wide variety of choices. I have a ton of things I could paint. For the Vallejo colors listed here, how accurate is this chart, and if you had to choose one vs the other which would you choose and why? My plan for now was probably to buy all (or at least most) of.

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Game Color Plastic Model Kits - Scale Model Shop. Add to wishlist. 17ml Extra Opaque Heavy Charcoal Vallejo Game Color 72.155. £ 2.55. Add to basket. Add to wishlist. 17ml Extra Opaque Heavy Siena Vallejo Game Color 72.154. £ 2.55. Add to basket By request a simple video about spraying and thinning the popular Vallejo acrylics line. I also cover some additional products to assist in this process.I c.. The colors dry rapidly and form a homogenous and self-leveling film while preserving even the smallest detail of a miniature. Game Color presents an extra ordinary adherence on all grounds, such as resin, plastic, steel and white metal. Painting tools are cleaned with water. £2.55. 5 in stock. Vallejo Model Color Thinner quantity. Add to cart Vallejo Paints 17ml Empty Dropper Bottle (10/pk) Available in Stores. Not yet reviewed. $27.99. In Select Stores. Vallejo Paints 17ml Bottle Face Painting Set (8 Colors) Available in Stores. Not yet reviewed. $16.95 Vallejo. Vallejo Paint Color Matching and Conversion. Explore 204 Vallejo paint colors - find Vallejo matches across 160502 other paint brand colors and convert Vallejo paints to hex, RGB and CMYK. Vallejo Color Distribution. Hue. Colorfulness / Saturation. Shade / Lightness. Colors from the Vallejo Paint Collection. Red Paints. Vallejo 70.909.

Click here to find a paint conversion chart for Vallejo Model Color 821 German Cam Beige WWII. This website has model paint conversation charts for paints from different model hobby paints manufacturers for any scale models or miniatures Each color has been meticulously developed in collaboration with model painters who specialize in fantasy figures and dioramas. Includes 51 colors, 8 surface primers and 5 auxiliary products and color chart. See image for set contents.Water-based Acrylicos Vallejo Model Air paint is formulated especially for airbrushing straight from the bottle . . . no thinning or special mixing is required Use the color picker to compare and convert paint colors across brands or select a paint brand for dedicated paint brand matching. 1829 Vallejo (204) Vallejo Game Color (86) Vallejo Model Color (78) Valspar Paint (4403) Van Hool (3) Vauxhall (10) Venucia (2) Vista Paint (1357) Volkswagen (460 302. Rep Power. 13. Vallejo game colour is saturated with colour, similar to the GW paints. The model colour is more desaturated (colour wise) giving flat neutral tones (however they have some bright ones) The game paints are few in colour as vallejo was contracted to make gw\'s range of paints, but then gw decided to go with another company. Does anyone know how to find out the Vallejo Model Air color equivalents of the Vallejo Game Color range? It's a bit awkward but the Vallejo website has equivalence tables for VGC and VMA and other paints like Reaper, so you could see if there are equivalent colours between the two of them through one of the matches

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So I have just started using airbrush, and bought the new Vallejo Game Air paints, however they are sadly missing many of my NMM colours. And I am now trying to find a comparison in the Vallejo Model air paints. The colours are: 1. Charred Brown 2. Parasite Brown 3. Plague -brown 1. Shadow Grey 2.. Humbrol vs Lifecolor, Vallejo Model color, Ammo-Mig, AK Acrylics. by Olle Lindau. Back to main article. Humbrol Enamels. Humbrol is one of the oldest model paint brands in Europe. Humbrol number are traditionally referred to in paint instructions of Matchbox, Airfix, Heller, MPM and other contemporary East European manufacturers Vallejo Model Color will thin with water. Keep in mind, there are a few Vallejo Model Color colors will not thin properly, even using Vallejo Airbrush Thinner . It has to do with the carrier and how finely ground the pigment is. In those cases, you can probably find a matching Vallejo Air color and it will usually spray just fine right out of.

The Vallejo acrylics are great. The only disadvantage is the only railroad colors are the dozen or so MicroLux colors. However, they have a tremendous number of colors. You'll likely find what you need, it just won't have a railroady name like UP Armour Yellow. Check out their web site and you'll see the color charts. g Convert to and from tamiya humbrol mig vallejo model color vallejo model air mrhobby ak interactive and testors. Hobby gsi tamiya vallejo hataka humbrol model master lifecolor. Rc061 dunkelgelb ausgabe 1944 dark yellow 1944 variant ral 7028 htk 250 rc062 dunkelgelb dark yellow variation ral 7028 I don't hate Vallejo, but I do hate Vallejo Model Color. Long may it rot in Hell. On the other hand, Vallejo makes another type of model paint, called Model Air. One of the damnable things about modern culture is the obsessive need to tell you how to use a product Vallejo Comes in several varieties. Model Color, Game Color, & Panzer Aces are all thick paint designed for hand-painting. Model Air is a little bit thinner but still works great for hand-painting. Comes in dropper bottles. You must use a palate, and you must thin it (Thinner Medium, Airbrush thinner, or water)

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Acrylicos Vallejo Game Color Introduction Set, Model Color Paint Set, 1/2 Fl. Oz. Bottles, 16 Colors © 2020 ModelShade. Third party logos are trademarks of their respective owners. All rights reserved Vallejo has introduced a series of eighteen metallic colors in their Metal Colors line. This also includes a glossy black primer and a gloss protective varnish. Each bottle is 32ml (1.08 ounces) and has an excellent pour dropper which is angled. MSRP is $10.99 per bottle. The colors reviewed are: 77.701 - Aluminum. 77.702 - Duraluminum Vallejo Game Color 130 colors. Vallejo Hobby Paint 31 colors. Vallejo Liquid Gold 10 colors. Vallejo Mecha Colors 79 colors. Vallejo Metal Color 22 colors. Vallejo Model Air 400 colors. Vallejo Model Color 294 colors. Vallejo Model Wash 29 colors. Vallejo Panzer Aces 55 colors. Vallejo Pigments 30 colors. Vallejo Premium Airbrush Colors 64. Mecha Color - Blues and Greens (Vallejo) Mecha Color - Metals & Metallics (Vallejo) Mecha Color - Reds, Yellows & Oranges (Vallejo) Mecha Primer (Vallejo) Mecha Varnish (Vallejo) Mecha Weathering (Vallejo) Metal Color. Metal Color Set. Model Air - Blues & Greys

Purple/Vallejo 044 comparison. It's not even close. Perhaps my use of the word some was hasty, because I only bothered to check that one colour. What I should have said is, at least one colour is way off. :) The chart is obsolete anyway, since Vallejo's new Model Color line of paints is intended to be an exact equivalent of all the Citadel. Weathering Color: FS:30215: RAL:8001 : 033 Ochre (Ocre) FS:33275: RAL:1006 : 034 Sandy Brown (Marron Arena) Germany : 035 Camo Light Brown (Camuflaje Pardo Claro) FS:30140: RAL:8025 : 036 Mahogany (Caoba) Weathering Color: FS:33245: RAL:8016 : 037 Mud Brown (Marron Lodo) Weathering Color : RAL:8008 : 038 Camo Medium Brown (Camuflaje Pardo Medio. Shop at Noble Knight Games for Model Color - Sets by - part of our Full Inventory collection. New, used, and Out-of-Print. Model Color - Sets by is part of our Full Inventory collection. Free Shipping on All USA Orders Over $149! Complete Your Quest. Model Color Medieval Colors Set. By: Vallejo. Stock #: VAL70142 Year: 2010. Type: Supplies

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The Vallejo Model Color color chart can be found here (PDF download). A list of equivalent paints from other ranges can be found here (PDF). The Model Color range contains 218 colors and an extensive assortment of mediums and varnishes, designed especially for Miniature and Model painting Model Color - Metallic Gunmetal Grey. 10+ items in stock. £ 2.03 £ 2.55 RRP -20%. Add to cart More. Reduced price! In Stock. Add to Compare. Quick view. £ 3.38 £ 4.25 RRP -20% Vallejo Acrylic 17ml Bottle Medieval Model Color Paint Set (16 Colors) VLJ-70142 $52.95 $42.95 Vallejo Acrylic 17ml Bottle Metallic Game Color Paint Set (8 Colors) VLJ-72303 $25.95 $21.28 Vallejo Acrylic 17ml Bottle Metallics Model Air Paint Set (16 Colors Humbrol Paint Converter. A handy paint conversion chart for kit modelers. Displays conversions between Humbrol, Revell, ModelMaster/Testors, Tamiya and Vallejo paints and correspondence of Humbrol to US Federal Standard colors. Allows searching by name or by code and filtering of the model paints. Version history: What's new in Release 15.

Shop Vallejo 70965 Model Colour Prussian Blue 17 ml Acrylic Paint at the lowest price in Australia from Gap Games. $10 Flat rate Oz wide Shipping. Buy Vallejo 70965 Model Colour Prussian Blue 17 ml Acrylic Paint at the cheapest price today while stocks last Vallejo Metal Color Review - Application to Models. Right so let's throw this stuff at some models - it's meant to be used in an airbrush and made for vehicles so that's where I'm starting. From a matt-black basecoat, I applied 77.712 Steel all over the model. Generally, the coat was really smooth Model Color and Panzer Aces are creamy, highly opaque acrylics formulated mostly for brush application. Game Color has been developed for tabletop games. The formula has a lower viscosity than Model Color and a resin more resistant to frequent handling Vallejo Paints. We stock the full range of Vallejo paints available on the market. From paint sets to base paints and primers, you'll find everything you need to paint amazing detail on your models. For great quality at discounted prices, buy your Vallejo paints here today. Orders placed by 1 pm Monday - Thursday are eligible for next day.

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Our shop specialises in board games, Magic the Gathering and miniature games and supplies. We hold tournaments and events for various games and we have plenty of gaming space available for you to enjoy. 5170 Dixie Rd., Unit 102, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L4W 1E Product Title. Red Leather Model Color Acrylic Paint 17ml (.57 Fl Oz) Bottle Vallejo Paints. Average Rating: ( 0.0) out of 5 stars. Current Price $2.80. $2.80. Sold & shipped by MTech Cave. Free delivery

Model Air Colours are supplied in a 17 ml. bottle with eyedropper. This packaging prevents the paint from evaporating and drying in the container. To download the Model Air User Guide, Colour Chart, Vallejo FAQ's, Vallejo Equivalent Values Chart or Historical Colour Reference Guide click on the pictures belo MPN: 72299. Manufacturer Part Number: 72299. Manufacturer: Vallejo. Contains 17 ml. /0.57 fl.oz. bottles and a color chart. If we make a mistake by sending you the wrong item or you get a defective product we will make it right at no cost to you. See details. - Vallejo 72299 Introduction (Set of 16) 17 ml Bottles. See all 8 brand new listings Vallejo Game Color Wash. Vallejo has been manufacturing acrylic colors for fine arts since 1970. Vallejo Washes, developed with a new resin, are used for shadows and for the application of colors in layers. When applied over a basecoat, they enter into the folds and grooves of the figure, and instantly brings forth the features

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I like game color, but for flesh I use vallejo panzer aces flesh base and flesh highlight. Vallejo Model Air are great for metallics. If I were doing Perdita I would use something like Cold Grey and Regal Blue for jeans, bloody red and white for a pink shirt, and bonewhite and some sort of brown for her hat Vallejo Paint 17ml Bottles 'Model Color & Panzer Aces' WWII Colors. $2.99 Vallejo Game Color Paint - Drip Tip - Hobby Paints - Various Colors. $3.50 + $2.55 shipping + $2.55 shipping + $2.55 shipping. Acrylicos Vallejo Game Color Acrylic Paint 17 ML - Many to Choose From! $3.29 + $1.49 shipping + $1.49 shipping + $1.49 shipping Acrylicos Vallejo VJP77711 32 ml Magnesium Metal Color Paint. Metal Color is a range of 19 water-based metallic colors, especially designed for airbrushing. In the development of this new and innovative range, the latest generation of aluminium pigments has been used in a specifically designed formula to produce colors of exceptional resistance. Hello fellow color enthusiasts. This thread's topic is German Panzer Grey/Gray (Dunkelgrau) during WW2. Warning: Color facts can be a very intense and complex subject at times. When you mention Panzer Grey/Gray, the one thing for sure you are going to hear or read about are multiple answers and responses from people telling you what the actual color should be

Model Color performs exceptionally well on all surfaces, with extraordinary adherence on resin, plastics, steel and white metal. Tools and brushes are cleaned with water. It is not flammable, and does not contain solvents. Model color is presented in bottles of 17 ml./0.57 fl.oz. with eyedropper to prevent the paint from evaporating and drying. 4 items in stock. £ 8.74 £ 10.99 RRP -20%. Add to cart More. Reduced price! In Stock. Add to Compare. Quick view. £ 30.21 £ 37.99 RRP -20% Model Color dries quickly to a matte, even, and waterproof finish. Exact drying time depends on the temperature and humidity of the environment, on the surface which has been painted, and on the thickness of the paint layer - although the colors are dry to the touch within minutes, the water content keeps on evaporating, and the paint does not. Arcane Scenery and Model Supplies presents: Vallejo Game Color Washes. Collection of 8 color washes sets for painting models and miniatures. Contains bottles of 17 ml 73.200 Sepia 73.201 Black 73.202 Pale Grey 73.203 Umber 73204 Flesh 73205 Green 73206 Red 73207 Blu

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Product Title Vallejo High Elves Game Color Set (8 Colors) Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews. Current Price $30.81 $ 30. 81. Product Title S6 17ml Bottle Dark Red Model Color. Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews. Current Price $10.14 $ 10. 14. Sold & shipped by. Vallejo Model Color Faces Painting Acrylic Paint Set - Assorted Colours (Pack of 8) 4.8 out of 5 stars. 141. £18.99. £18. . 99. Get it Tomorrow, May 10. FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon

Miniature Paint Conversion Chart (Download LinkExpanded Citadel, Vallejo, Rackham, Reaper, P3 Paint ChartHumbrol Tamiya Paint Conversion Chart Model Master PaintsVallejo Paints & Citadel, PP, Reaper equivalents – FrenzyPaint Color Equivalent Chart - Home Design