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Highland Cattle Semen For Sale. Semen straws from both our herd sires are now available for sale here on the website, via the buttons below. After purchasing, we will contact the lab to release the straws. It is the Buyer's responsibility to arrange and pay for shipping directly with Cottage Farm Genetics, typically $125-150 in the. He is a Paternal Half brother to PBR Finals Bull Crosswired. His Sire: He is a PBR/NFR Finals Bull and a PROVEN PRODUCER. He has too many sons to list, however he is the sire to: 5 Straw Package $750 Individual Straws 1-4 straws, $200 per straw: Package of 5 Straws $375 Individual Straws $100 per straw: Package of 5 Straws $37 Straws: $2.60 ; $200 deposit required; Blood Dying or DNA Requirements. One requirement that is generally common for all breed registry associations is that a record of the blood type of each bull used in artificial insemination be on file with the respective breed associations Straws are available in Canada and can be exported to Australia and S. Africa, Domestic supply was sold out but we have moved 40 straws to the U.S. lab, making this limited number available. Belle Fourche Mr. Right is a homozygous polled red bull out of our best udder lines. He measured 43.5 at the shoulder at 3 years of age

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Champion Genetics collects, stores and transfers buck and bull semen. Bovine Reproductive Services. Artificial Insemination Classes and Services offered as well as Embryo Transfer services. We have equipment of all types for sale. On farm collection available This bull still has a lot of buck in him and we plan on hauling him some. Semen- $250/straw. Limited to 10 straw sales per year. Photo Courtesy of Miller Photos (661) 822-7760 2012-2016 Herd Sire 352 Kish's No Guts ABBI# 10130569 RANKED #358 ALL TIME ON PROBULLSTATS OUT OF OVER 30,000 BULLS Bulls, which have three-foot penises, vary widely in the frequency with which they produce and in the quantity of semen that results. A single ejaculation can yield as many as 500 straws, or as. Advantage Cattle Services lists prices starting at $20 per straw with a 10 straw minimum purchase. Bovine Elite lists straws for the Beefmaster breed at $30 to $250 per straw. So depending on how the revenue is split out among the owner of the bull, retailer and/or other service providers, you are looking at potentially $10,000 per week in. Incorporated in 1975, Universal Semen Sales, Inc. located in Great Falls, Montana, is owned and operated by Chase & Toni Mury. It is our desire to bring the best genetics to the cattle breeder and represent the bull owner fairly in today's fast paced cattle semen market. Marketing cattle semen and custom AI projects is our primary business but.

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  1. Uniting bull owners worldwide, the Breeder to Breeder concept builds bridges between bull breeders and the genetic marketplace. ORIgen founders have built and designed a service system model that gives bull owners the ability to collect and market their beef genetics through a system that is designed for their best interests and returns
  2. SEMEN AND EMBRYOS FOR SALE. Discounts available for multiple straws and/or package deals. Kish's Razor Sharp NFR/PBR Finals Bull. A proven Producer (499 Tombstone X Too Legit Daughter) -$100/straw. All embyros listed are #1 Direct Thaw IVF created embryos. We also have a recip program available if you want to pick up a calf from one of these.
  3. Filter Bulls Angus. Buy Semen. 9AN628 E W A FULL CIRCLE 9126. Buy Semen. 7AN642 HPCA VERACIOUS. Buy Semen. 9AN569 QUAKER HILL ANGUS YOUNG 7R93. Buy Semen. 9AN568 QUAKER HILL SIR LOIN 7BP25. Straw Type. Conventional Semen (Non-Sexed) (63) Female Sexed Semen (1/4 cc straws) (4
  4. Phone: 336-861-7673. Email: davisrodeo@jeromedavis.com Address: 5667 Elmer Beeson Rd. Archdale, NC 2726
  5. This greatly increased processing times for bull studs. In the late 1990s, Minitüb developed the first inkjet printer for straws. This machine has the capability to print the desired information on each straw, like bull and stud identification, the date of production and even barcodes
  6. imum; Sire Certificate.
  7. imum, but there is a 10% discount on ten or more straws, and you can mix bulls to make the ten straw package. Mrald Amadeus (Sexed straws, sorted for female calves, A.I. grade) $160. Belle Fourche Mr. Right $150 (very low quantity) Mrald Absolutely Perfect $90 (Canada only) Belle Fourche Rousseau $9

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Simmental - Black Semen. Semen Orders: Please read this important information! During the established Fall and Spring breeding seasons, semen orders are shipped as soon as possible after they are placed and paid for. As you might imagine during these periods, a tremendous number of orders are being placed with us Owner: Jo Bulls LLC, (Brock Johansen) - Castle Dale, UT. Contact owner for semen purchase at 435-381-5785 or 435-749-1543. - Jo Empire Z631 is one of the most consitent bulls we have used. - He is the sire of Jo Black Jack 4217 and other amazing sires in the ABHA. - Has proven calving ease Bullseye is super gentle and very easy to handle and is a dark color of dun. He is the perfect height and weight for a Dexter bull. Price is forty dollars ($40.00) per straw. Discount of five dollars ($5.00) per straw for orders of ten (10) straws or more. All shipping and handling charges are extra FOB Logan, UT Straws are the typical packaging unit for frozen semen, it is also possible although unusual, to receive frozen semen in pellets and packets. The most common straw size in use today is the 0.5mL straw, although you may occasionally come across 0.25mL straws. In the past semen was frozen in 4mL or 5mL straws, also known as macro-tubes We collect all our semen from 100% Japanese Black Wagyu and sell it by the straw. For pricing, just call Prime Valley Farms at (765) 714-8563! We offer Wagyu bull semen for sale so you can raise a great herd. If you're looking for Wagyu bull semen for sale, you've come to the right place! We're happy to offer powerful genetics to other.

Sire of 5 bulls with pro bull stats. PBR and 2 time NFR bucking bull. 101 Rampage. ABBI # : 10006168. $ 75.00 per Straw. 2x PBR Finals and 2x NFR bucking bull. 324 Lighting Bolt. ABBI # : 10017274. $ 25.00 per Straw Silver is one of the hardest AHCA-recognized colors to breed for and finding a bull with these genetics and Scottish heritage in a Silver color is almost impossible to find. WL Genesis' semen sold for a top-selling $550/straw on the March 2021 NCHCA Sale. Learn more about WL Genesis at HighlandGenetics.com There is one lot offered of 5 straws Bulls for AI | Read U.S. Semen Straws. Read U.S. Semen Straws The small summary code printed on every straw is the key to the quality controls for U.S.-produced semen. Photo Courtesy of GENEX. The U.S. system and straw codes system enable traceability - including who produced the semen, when and where, and fertility and viability checks.

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  1. North American Breeders. North American Breeders Inc., a division of Herbster Angus Farms Inc., collects all of our bulls at Herbster Angus Farms. They have set the standard for quality semen collection and caring for top registered herd sires for over 45 years. To ensure North American Breeders continues to serve cattlemen far into the future.
  2. C-4 Rio Bravo 9369. Semen Straw $30. AI Certificate $30. Select options
  3. Filter Bulls Angus. Buy Semen. 9AN628 E W A FULL CIRCLE 9126. Buy Semen. 7AN642 HPCA VERACIOUS. Buy Semen. 9AN569 QUAKER HILL ANGUS YOUNG 7R93. Buy Semen. 9AN568 QUAKER HILL SIR LOIN 7BP25. Straw Type. Conventional Semen (Non-Sexed) (63) Female Sexed Semen (1/4 cc straws) (4
  4. Straws are available for sale in Australia, for commercial use and for Speckle Park stud use in Canada and USA. All bulls are collected for export in addition to domestic market and straws are currently available for immediate shipping. Please contact us for further information here
  5. His semen is still used although the price per straw is higher than $1000 each. He gained 84.7 points as an Ikushu-Toroku bull which was the highest honor in Japan at the time. The number of registered sons by this bull is very high. 005 Shigefuku was a bull that never left Japan, just his semen

Featuring Red SSS Tactic 651D, Red SSS Ambush 771X, TWT Bandera 639, Red Flying K Max 159Y, U2 Outlier 508E, and CRSL Navaho Cattle Visions | America's Premier Multi-Breed Semen Distributor. Login. Register. 573-641-5270. Helping Beef Producers Succeed With Artificial Insemination. Our genetic line up and professional services will bring your cattle visions to reality.. Find a Bull. Angus Charolais Chi-Influenced Club Calf Galloway Gelbvieh Hereford H/P/S. His brother, Bonfire, deceased, 2010 National Champion Bull, has produced 3 National Champion bulls, 1 Miss Beefmaster America, Live Oak Bull Sale Grand Champion Bull and numerous other champions. He also is a trait leader for REA. His other brother, Red Ryder, 2009 Houston Livestock Show Grand Champion Bull, has produced numerous champions Expected to mature around 40 or so. He is a very small, light bull. Conventional semen $45 per straw or $40 per, for more than 5. Misty mornings Little king kong. Semen for sale: His reputation preceeds him. This little exceptional Bull has it all. $ 65 per straw or $500 for 10. A2/A2, 40 tall at 6 years old Semen: $50.00 per straw, 5 straw minimum. 58 F ast F orward He is the grandson of Rafter 7r Rooster and a son of Rafter 7's cow 65, which makes him a maternal brother to PBR bull Prime Time. Semen: $50.00 per straw, 5 straw minimum. R AFTER 7 r 177. Sire: Rafter 7r 749 Rooster. Dam: Rafter 7r -

Jesse is a young bull and as of March 2021 only has one calf on the ground, but she is tiny and gorgeous, we are expecting great things from this little guy. Regular semen is available for $35 per straw plus shipping, and female sexed semen is available for only $150 To view the multiple Akaushi bulls HeartBrand has available for semen sales, we invite you to flip through our online catalog. Semen is available for both domestic and export use. In early 2016, HeartBrand made history with Elgin Breeding services when we shipped more than 32,440 straws of semen for use in Brazil He has produced some very nice calves so far. None of which have had any calving issues. So far more heifer calves than bull calves. Semen stored at Champion Genetics in Canton TX. $25 Per Straw for Unregistered use. $25 Per Straw for Registered use, $25 Per Certificate for Percentage Calves or Purebred Calves. UPDATE: Only 61 straws left

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Semen is most commonly collected from bulls in bull studs using an artificial vagina, as described below. Electroejaculation is an alternative method used with bulls that cannot mount or are too fractious for easy handling (e.g. range bulls). Finally, semen can be collected by massage of the seminal vesicles and ampullae per rectum The TBS, or Top Bull Straw, was designed for bulls of high genetic merit. Proprietary, low-absorption technology used in this straw reduces the volume of ejaculate lost to the plug during filling. Ref. 017011-018299-017015-017016-028392-017017-026859-025601-017012-019707-017014-028393-021702-018888-017013-019709-02685

The cost for the semen is typically $16 per straw. The cost for the synchronization protocol drugs is about $14 per cow. That's $30 total. At 60% conception, it's $50 per pregnant cow, half the price per calf of owning the $5,000 bull. Except, A.I. mating takes more management and time, and you still probably have to own a lower-priced. Semen and embryos are stored in large liquid nitrogen tanks that can each hold up to 99,000 straws. Rocky Mountain Sire Services has 24 of these tanks on-site with over 1,050,000 straws in storage for our customers enough semen to impregnate over 3% of the beef cows in the USA! We store conventional domestic use and export qualified semen Straws available on this outstanding DNA verified Homozygous Polled Wagyu Bull with genetics from the Bar R Cattle Company - LRX 30F. Straws are CSS certified for export to Australia, South Africa and Others. He is genetic twin to the recently deceased BAR R ARIMURA, another highly desired homozygous bull. He is free of all test genetic defects Cash Basis Farmer and his Bull Semen Straws! 8-Apr-2017 9:11pm. What is the tax treatment for the cost of Bull Semen Straws? Client purchased 50 straws of bull semen in 2016 and had all of them still on hand as of 12/31/2016


FS: This powerful red bull offers an unprecedented opportunity for Wagyu breeders to establish a new fullblood line to expand the limited genetic base, as his sire's genetics are extremely rare among fullbloods in North America. Semen from the sire of JC Rueshaw 76 was so highly prized that five straws sold for a record $25,000 at the 2012. Using your information from the straw find the home page for the bull. In 2018 we are using ABS-global semen. So go to the ABS bull search site. You can enter the short name for the bull, the 5 digit bull number (for 29HO18323 it is 18323) and then click the search button (an magnifying glass). Note the HO indicates it is a holstein DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY. Bull Barn and its agents or employees cannot guarantee the conception rate quality or productivity to be obtained in connection with the use of its products or recommended techniques, therefore, it makes no warranty of any kind whatsoever expressed or implied which extend beyond description of the products herein and all warranties of merchantability and fitness for a. However, the existing ½ cc straw inventory on sires will be exhausted before new production in ¼ cc straws will be released. Thus, there will be a transition period where you may receive semen packaged in both ¼ and ½ cc straws depending on the bull. Why is GENEX switching from the 1/2 to 1/4 cc straws? Simply put, fertility

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At the time of collection we typically dilute semen to 100 million sperm cells per straw. If you desire a different dosage rate, please let us know prior to collection so the dilution rate can be adjusted accordingly, additional fees may apply. Semen is typically frozen in 0.5 cc straws, but 0.25 cc straws are available upon request SEXED SEMEN _ Available $240 per straw but 5 get 1 free AVAILABLE CONVENTIONAL SEMEN STRAWS $75 PER STRAW BUY 10 GET ONE FREE Frazier's Credentials (Rio) A2/A2 heterozygous polled SEMEN AVAILABLE NOW! $75 per conventional straw This is a great little bull with a wonderful attitude and terrific milking lines Beef on Dairy The idea of crossbreeding low genetic/productive dairy cows with beef semen has become a growing practice on dairies. The main reason for the growth i If you are unfamiliar with the manner that frozen semen is shipped, contact us for details. On all sales orders of ten total straws or more, no packing, handling or lab fees are charged. Orders of nine straws or less will require a $15.00 packing fee. UPS round trip freight charges WILL APPLY on all semen orders!

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Straws are $1550 for the entire package of 470 Straws or $10.00 each with 10 straw minimum plus shipping. You will be responsible for pickup or shipment from Texas Semen Storage Facility. Bull is named Cotton Eye Joe and was a 1989 model. He was a notable bull that produced averaged sized calves at birth and was syndicated Foreign straws may also have a local stud code listed instead of the U.S. version. For example, this straw may have NL01 printed on the straw as the EU equivalent of as U.S. stud code. The bigger picture. The information that is on your semen straw is the most accurate representation of the product that you use to breed the next generation of cows $40 per straw. TF147 Itoshigefuji Sired by Itofuji and dam was Dai 30 Noboru. Ifofuji was made between Dai 7 Itozakura and Hirota 1 (she has Dai 6 Fujiyoshi blood line on her sire side). Dai 30 Noboru was a descendant of Okayama's original bull called Takenotani Tsuru and goes back 300 years and later this same bull was called Noboru. 32Y BRUISER. Sire: 009 Showtime (Wolfdancer) Dam: PAGE T8 (Little Yellow Jacket x 255-152 (Mudslinger) 2015 ABBI World Champion Classic Bull; 2015 PBR Reserve Champion Bucking Bull of the Year. Pro bull stats for Bruiser

Top carcass bull. Semen $25 per straw plus shipping and handling. 5 straw minimum. ALDERMERE WELSH 5253 Sire Aldermere Ajax 3235 (2867), dam Aldermere Norma II 8108. Top producing Ajax son. Long bodied, deep quartered. Calves are very eye appealing. Full brother to Aldermere Rhonda. Semen $25 per straw plus shipping and handling. 5 straws minimum For Sale: Angus semen from Connealy VRD 869 reg # 14217885 Click on the reg # to see his epd's and pedigree. $20.00 per straw, certificates $30.00 each. Selected as the 32,500.00 top selling bull in the 2003 Connealy Angus Ranch Bull Sale In Nebraska Dams Production: 9 NR @ 111 8 YR @ 109 Herbster Angus Farms has already pre-sold about 10,000 SAV America semen straws — each filled with 40 million sperm cells — to commercial cattle ranchers and registered breeders at $80 apiece, twice what it normally charges. And no one knows the potency of this bull, Herbster said. This bull has never been collected Mini Jersey Bulls & AI Straws has 1,890 members. A place to share Mini and Midsize Jersey Bulls and Artificial Insemination Straws. No posts or sales of Cows or Heifers, please. We encourage you to share offspring and give bull stats (Registered name, age, height, Polled and A2 status, pedigree, etc., if known)

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Big Sky Bucking Bulls. March 17, 2020 ·. Semen - 75 straws . Old school, proven bloodlines . Stored at Genex Hawkeye West in Billings, Montana. Sold all our cows and bulls, so offering these straws. Would make fantastic additions to any program and outcrosses for modern genetics. $4500 for all. No trades For sale are straws of Olympias Pelion Price: $25 per straw. If you like heritage genetics here is your chance Olympia's Pelion was a Canadian bull born January of 1976 and this photo was taken of him as a 2 year old at the 1978 National Western Stock Show. If you're looking to reduce frame size, this is the way to do it Top selling bull in Wulfs 2008 sale. If you want to use a thick, easy calving, tame, homo polled red bull, Trailblazer is a great option. His daughter's are in production and they are making awesome cows. $40/straw. David Clark, Clark Cattle Home: 905-786-2304 Cell: 905-449-0149 clarkcattle1@hotmail.ca Brandon Hollingsworth, Red Maple Farm

The record last year was $8,000 per straw, Mr Weyman-Jones said. You take 10 straws and $80,000 would be the cost to that buyer. A batch of bull semen sold for more than $67,000 at the sale Filter Bulls Angus. Buy Semen. 7AN519 BALDRIDGE CONDUCTOR E061. Buy Semen. 7AN528 DEER VALLEY GROWTH FUND. Buy Semen. 2AN526 H P C A CHECK IT. Buy Semen. 7AN516 RES DARK FIRE E612. Straw Type. Conventional Semen (Non-Sexed) (63) Female Sexed Semen (1/4 cc straws) (4

Straw trophy, bull's head Libitii Sale Price $33.54 $ 33.54 $ 39.46 Original Price $39.46 (15% off) Add to Favorites Straw trophies, gazelle heads, straw heads Libitii Sale Price $36.68 $ 36.68 $ 43.16 Original Price $43.16. Distribution. We offer FREE standard delivery and handling to UK Mainland (Excl. Highlands and islands) when ordering 50 straws or more. UK Sires Direct delivery regions are split into three zones. Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset (south of Bristol) - £35. The rest of England, all of Wales and most of Scotland (south of Inverness) - £45 Big Country Toys Lil Bucker & PBR Chute Combo - Kids Hopper Toy - Bull Riding Toy with Bull Rope - Rodeo Toys - PBR Bouncy Bull - PBR Bucking Chute. 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,631. $54.99 $ 54. 99. Get it as soon as Wed, Jul 28. FREE Shipping by Amazon. More Buying Choices $49.67 (5 used & new offers The cost per straw is £10 (inc VAT) plus a consignment fee of £5 (inc VAT). There is an annual limit per breeder of 10 straws per person per bull. Please enclose full payment and membership number with your order which should be posted to Genus Breeding Ltd, Alpha Building, London Road, Nantwich, CW5 7JW The label on every straw incl udes: breed symbol, bull's name and num ber, veterinary number of the centre, collection date and ejaculate numb er. After filling up the straws are controlled

Womens Summer Beach Hats dad Baseball caps Ponytail Straw hat Cap uv Protection. 3.0 out of 5 stars. 1. $10.89. $10. . 89. Get it as soon as Fri, Jun 18. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon Bull Plus. $ 150.00. Simple to use, it has everything needed for sexing a single straw of frozen bull sperm at the time of insemination. Packaged in kit form, each dose is sealed in a vial and stored refrigerated to maintain potency during storage. The agent is activated by adding semen directly to the Bull Plus vial Filter Bulls Angus. Buy Semen. 9AN602 GVC TOP END 215F. Buy Semen. 9AN570 QUAKER HILL T-BONE 8CA9. Buy Semen. 9AN568 QUAKER HILL SIR LOIN 7BP25. Buy Semen. 9AN569 QUAKER HILL ANGUS YOUNG 7R93. Straw Type. Conventional Semen (Non-Sexed) (1) Male Sexed Semen (1/4 cc straws) (1 Bulls. Semen from the American Milking Devon Cattle Association is supplied on the following conditions: The AMDCA reserves the right to limit the number of straws purchased by any one breeder. Price: $20.00/straw. Payment must be received by the Registrar prior to shipment of semen. The cost of shipping is NOT included in the price of the semen

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Te Mania Angus is an independent seedstock supplier, which breeds, proves and delivers market-accepted genetics to the beef industry. Our AI Sire catalogue comprises sires who have been progeny tested through Te Mania Angus and commercial herds Australia-wide. All enquiries to Hamish@temania.com.au or Phone +61 3 5264 1606 Re: Semen Prices on New Bulls. I agree with DiamondCattleCo, I wouldn't bat an eye to breed to a proven bull at $40 to $50 but to buy semen on an unproven bull is to risky for me. Spending $600 for 10 straws of an unproven bull or getting 20 straws on one that I know works, I think that's an easy decision

Almarlea Speckle Park have a wealth of knowledge in Artificial insemination and Embryo production. Our semen is collected on farm by a qualified veterinarian. Semen is collected and stored under liquid nitrogen. We supply semen in 0.5 ml straws with a aim of approximately 20 million live sperm per straw Mini Jersey Bulls and Semen For Sale - Welcome to MiniJersey.org. Rocking Robins Rowan -. Semen - conventional and sexed available. Sexed heifer semen : sold out. $65 per straw, Bundles of 10+ straws of Rowan Semen for $50 per straw. Cleared and available in Canada - $65 per straw, 10 + straws go down to $45 per BLACKWATER AINSLEY Blonde £30.00 per straw More Info. MISTIC GUCCI Limousin £20.00 per straw More Info. TRUEMAN MOZART Limousin £5.00 per straw More Info. RACHELS DYNAMITE Limousin £30.00 per straw More Info. TAMHORN ENTERPRISING ET British Blue £12.00 per straw More Info. IVEAGH GILKES Limousin £25.00 per straw More Info India's #1 Imported Holstein Bull Jersey Bull Frozen Semen Straws Now Available in Tamilnad

Competition Bull Earning since 2005 are at $7,210,386 We look forward to 2015 and another set of great 2 year olds coming up DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY. Bull Barn and its agents or employees cannot guarantee the conception rate quality or productivity to be obtained in connection with the use of its products or recommended techniques, therefore, it makes no warranty of any kind whatsoever expressed or implied which extend beyond description of the products herein and all warranties of merchantability and fitness for a. Bull: Semen Code: ASA# # of Straws: Price/Straw: Hook's Shear Force 38K 1045 2081939 150 Call: CDI Endeavor 13X 1532 2569123 100 15: CDI Entourage 156U 969 2475150 100 12: Trax Rushmore 1431 2574812 Sold Out! Sold Out! GW Lucky One 686K 934 2092497 6 12: RFS Red Iron T20 426 2409687 4 10: SRS Right-On 22R 388 2322836 12 10: CDI Ridgeline 32 600 bulls are kept in those studs: 450 in the production center and 150 young bulls in quarantine. It produces straws containing male or female semen, enabling breeders to choose the sex of their future calves. This is a strategy that pays, since the use of sexed semen is in full expansion. In 2020, 400.000 sexed doses were produced

The 1/4 cc straw responds to temperature changes faster than the 1/2 cc straws (more subject to cold shock). The fertility of cattle inseminated with frozen-thawed semen packaged in 1/4 or 1/2 cc straws also has been the subject of research for more than 40 years, often with conflicting results, conclusions, and interpretations Barbern 1 Gargantuan (P) Price: £12 per straw + £26.40 at registration. Vendor: Hereford Cattle Society Semen and Embryos. C Free Farms Wagyu semen is from balanced bloodline bulls that have outstanding marbling growth traits. Semen. Wagyu bull FB18512 AA/8. FEMALE SEXED Semen 2.1M $120.00 a straw. MALE SEXED semen 2.1M $90.00 a straw. C Free's Michifuku CFF414. C Free's Michifuku CFF102-CFF414, exactly what breeders are looking for to.

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Bar R Sanjirou 4P : This bull is one of my favorites as a major contributor to our herd. Before his semen got impossible to find, we used 100s of straws in our program. DNA-wise, he is SCD: AA and Tenderness: 7. He has ranked as high as 3rd in Sire Summaries and still in 2013 shows up as the #9 Marbling bull Both these bulls have bred extremely well throughout Australia with sons topping both SA & WA bull sales in the last 2 years. Nockatunga is a real eye catcher. Massive volume, thickness, weight for age and out of the goddess Texas Undine Z183. Z183 has progeny sales are now over $900,000. $60/straw

The bull is tested for all sorts of diseases and once the results are clean then he is tapped for semen under quarantine which is suitable for export. The semen is stored in a straw hence a straw of semen. I have several bulls that have been tapped for export including Zambia. They are Khan, Rustin, Impi, Chico and Goliat Yellow Jacket is a son of Lifeline out of Phylli, a HooDoo Charolais dam. This bull is targeted for use on clubby or Angus cows for big bodied, stout, smokey females. Makes excellent slick shear prospects. $56,000 1/2 interest daughter, $46,000 1/2 interest daughter, and two more at $38,000 and $20,000 at Glover's 2014 Cow Sale sperm numbers from some bulls enhances pregnancy rates with sexed semen, but not with other bulls. Simply stated the damage done to sperm during sorting cannot be compensated for merely increase sperm number. Practically, reducing the number of available straws by 50% to gain 5% increase in pregnancy rate is a poor use of genetic potential

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You will have to e-mail me and tell me which bull, how many straws, and price per straw you want. E-mail to purchase this entry. For Sale: Package CJ 9 straws of AN110 DHD Traveler 6807. $150.00 per straw 1 straw of AN124 GDAR Gold Nugget 766. $10.00 per straw 42 straws of AN1455 Famous Scotch 2808. $5.00 per straw Polled Akaushi Bull Semen For Sale. Introducing Slator Ranch 15D, the first all Red Heterozygous polled Akaushi bull born 1/10/2016. With a birth weight of 62 pounds, and balanced genetics from all 4 major Red 1994 sire lines, this bull will complement any Akaushi or Black Wagyu herd Semen analysis and bull fertility Semen evaluation: The other end of straw is cut off and the semen is released into a small clean disposable test tube by cutting a small opening just below the cotton plug. On a warm side with a cover slip, a small drop of semen is placed

NOT WORTH MENTIONING!: 6 QUESTIONS FOR A BULL SPERM COLLECTORBallinclea Iveco - Pedigree Irish Aubrac Cattle Breed SocietyTexas Longhorn Cows & Bulls for Sale in Ohio | DickinsonDuches - Pedigree Irish Aubrac Cattle Breed SocietyAs demand for Murrah grows, govt to upgrade semen bankThe Moscow Mule: An Easy and Ultra Refreshing Mixed DrinkThe Apocalypse Sperm Bank - Modern Farmer

PRCA Bull of the Year, 5 times he has been to the NFR and 6 to the PBR finals. A guy could talk about this bull all day and wouldn't be able to list all of his accomplishments. Page #25-111 is the Dam to #325 Hot Stuff, 5X PBR Finals Bull, and many more good bulls. E21 has been bucked very lightly, only 3 times with a rider hollywood gus fm22073 $40.00 per straw 5 straw min. $50.00 certificates. y4 pacific express fm25419 $35.00 per straw 5 straw min. $50.00 certificates. bulk deals negotiable. for more information please call 541-589-4852. gus & willie will add length and muscle to your calves. both bulls have been shown and proved themselves in the show ring Payment for straws on delivery!!! All Elite Pedigree Genetics bulls are 100% Full Blood Pedigree in their respective breed. All performance figures are directly from ICBF and Taurus performance figures updated in line with the relevant data

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