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Correct Sentence Writing Using Our Online Tool. Correct sentence in your writings can cater well for the purpose, but obtaining this correctness is nowadays redefined through our online software grammar tool. We regularly witness the content demands of the world and all these needs deserve having quality content too 5 Rules for Building a Grammatically Correct Sentence. There are many rules to consider while revising your text for proper sentence structure. Let's discuss the main of them. The sentence must contain a subject and a verb, otherwise, it will be considered a sentence fragment, not a complete sentence

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  1. Definitely the police are. This is not one of those cases like team or committee where a fundamentally singular noun for a group is used as plural to emphasize the members of the group (which is very common in UK English, although less so in..
  2. al tripped and fell. In order to correct this, the sentence needs to be more specific. We can say any of the following sentences: The police officer chased the cri
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  4. How to Correct: You can correct a sentence fragment by supplying one or more of the missing elements: the subject, the finite verb, or the completed thoughts. Also, a sentence fragment often can be corrected by using a comma instead of a period to separate the incomplete sentence from the sentence that comes before it or after it

The sentence has two major errors (which when spoken seems correct, but when written has a different meaning). Firstly, let's see what the correct sentence should be - It isn't fair that people judge others by their mistakes The correct answer is 'Only (i)'.. The given two sentences are only connected with the connector 'As' to make a meaningful sentence. 'As' is an adverb that is used to give the reason. From the second sentence, We can conclude that the president declared the emergency but the reason is the first sentence hence we need to use an adverb to tell the reason.. Choose the correct form of the past tenses Last night at 9 p.m.I (be) at home. I ( watch) television when suddenly I (hear) a noise. I went to check a nd it ( turn out) that someone ( break) a window at the back of the house! I (try) to phone the police, but the burglar (cut) the phone line so I couldn't get through

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Answers. 1. English is spoken all over the world.. 2. The program was watched by millions of people.. 3. The thief has been arrested by the police.. 4. Wuthering Heights was written by Emile Bronte.. 5. The boys helped the wounded man.. 6. Football is played all over the world.. 7. Our team will win the match.. 8. The news has been confirmed.. 9. The house is being painted.. Choose the correct form of the past tenses Last night at 9 p.m.I (be) at home. I ( watch) television when suddenly I (hear) a noise. I went to check and it ( turn out) that someone ( break) a window at the back of the house! I (try) to phone the police, but the burglar (cut) the phone line so I couldn't get through Surveillance definition: Surveillance is the careful watching of someone, especially by an organization such as... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example

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His new house overlooks the mountain. _____ 6. That is the fireman. His house was burnt down last night. _____ G. Rewrite each of these sentences using a possessive pronoun in place of a possessive adjective (e.g. my, your, his, her, its and their). The first one has been done for you. 1. I think that is Alok's watch and this one is her watch Two dismissed police officers have been sentenced to death by an Akwa Ibom State High Court sitting in Ikot Ekpene local government area of the state. They were sentenced alongside three others for kidnapping in the state on Friday, July 16, 2021. The former Police officers were Corporal Friday Udo, a native of Ikot Inyang [ watch definition: 1. to look at something for a period of time, especially something that is changing or moving: 2. Learn more VIDEO of members of the Congressional Black Caucus watching former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin be found guilty on all 3 counts for the death of George Floyd. pic.twitter.com.

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  1. 'The house is old.' There are many types of noun and noun phrase in English, and it can be difficult to know if a particular noun takes a singular verb or a plural verb . 1
  2. Police broke down the door, smashed several windows and stormed the place with guns before realizing that they had the wrong house. Instead, they found a couple and their five children, ages 3 to 12
  3. yet since Exercises A) Fix the following run-together sentences using one of the seven coordinators (FANBOYS: for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so). For example: I don't usually watch reality TV ∧ I do love a show called Project Runway. 1. At the beginning of the season there are fourteen aspiring fashion designers, in the end only thre
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  5. The algorithm will detect syntactic, grammatical, and stylistic errors, suggest replacement options, and explain its decision in detail. On SentenceChecker.com you can check the text of any complexity, because our databases contain a large number of rules. We have made sure that working with the text is convenient and fast for you

The correct answer is they are under the watch of the police. A conjunction is a word which is used to connect clauses or sentences or to coordinate words in the same clause. When the though/although clause comes before the main clause, we usually put a comma at the end of the clause.; Example: Even though I earn a lot of money every month, I never seem to have any to spare Exercise : Comma Exercise 1. Add commas as needed in the sentences below. On the line to the left of each sentence, write the number of the appropriate comma rule (click here to see the rules).If the sentence is correct as it is, write C on the line and refer to the appropriate rule in parentheses after the sentence The modifier Watching the end of the world needs to modify we even though that word's not even in the sentence. Therefore, the correct version puts in the subject we and re-words the sentence. The phrase While we were watching the end of the world is an example of a dependent clause , which contains a subject and a verb but can't stand alone as. Correct: The police reported that five occupants of the burning building were burnt to death. Misplaced modifier: Gathering on the beach, the UFO was watched by a large number of people. . Correct: Gathering on the beach, a large number of people watched the UFO. Correct: A large number of people gathered on the beach to watch the UFO. Derek Chauvin Verdict Brings a Rare Rebuke of Police Misconduct. A jury deliberated for just over 10 hours before pronouncing Mr. Chauvin guilty on all three charges: second-degree murder, third.

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  1. 4.- SAY IF THESE SENTENCES ARE RIGHT OR WRONG. CORRECT THE WRONG SENTENCES. TWO OF THEM ARE CORRECT CORRECT: 1.- John drove his car very fast when the police stopped him. 2.- My friends left by the time I had arrived at the party. 3.- We're staying at the Kings Hotel, where we stayed there last summer. 4.- She not did her homework yesterday. 5.
  2. Each word is shown with its contextual meaning and an example sentence. After reviewing this vocabulary, you may like to try our police vocabulary quiz. vocabulary part of speech meaning example sentence; arrest verb: take into police control: My partner arrested the man who set fire to the building. assailant noun: person who assaults or.
  3. Chapter 1 Action Summary (Plot) and Character Involved. -Pony gets jumped. -Gang saves Pony from Socs. Important Things To Remember From Chapter 1. -Pony has two brothers, Darry and Sodapop. - Pony treats his gang like family. - Pony's gang' consists of himself, Darry, Soda, Dally, Two-Bit, Steve, and Johnny
  4. — -- The former Boulder police chief said mistakes were made in the initial handling of the JonBenet Ramsey murder case that transfixed a nation two decades ago.. Mark Beckner gave a lengthy.
  5. police definition: 1. the official organization that is responsible for protecting people and property, making people. Learn more
  6. 4. Which sentence is correct? a) Where Julia and Matt ate dinner? b) Where did Julia and Matt eat dinner? c) Where did Julia and Matt was ate dinner? 5. Which sentence is correct? a) Who did he talk to? b) Who did he talk? c) Who he talked to? Key: 1. c) 2. c) 3. b) 4. b) 5. a) A) Complete these sentences in the PAST TENSE, using the correct verb

a sentence, such as the subject and the direct object - Your dog chased my cat vs. My cat chased your dog • Syntax rules specify constraints on sentences based on the verb of the sentence *The boy found *Disa slept the baby *The boy found in the house Disa slept The boy found the ball Disa slept soundly Zack believes Robert to be a gentlema (b) watch (c) view (d) watch (e) observed (f) catch, glimpse. Question 2. Look at the following sentence: By that time he had his spectacles on and looked at her over them Here, look means lay one's eye on or to direct one's gaze in a specified direction. Use appropriate words from the synonyms given below in the following sentences A run-on sentence occurs when two complete sentences are fused together. The situation is similar to comma splice errors, except that there is no comma placed between the two sentences. We correct run-on sentences in the same manner as we do for comma splice errors: by using a full stop, a semi-colon or a coordinating conjunction

Sentence Examples. Perhaps the addressee already knows the information in the telegram because he has been watching over you. Her extensive understanding of war's horror contrasts with the ridiculous vagueness of her father's telegram announcing Victor's wounding. To top it all off, a telegram delivery boy runs in to deliver messages every so. REVIEW OF VERB TENSES. Fill in the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets. My parents _____ (recently/ buy) some property in the south of France A. Complete the sentences with the following words. 1. I don't mind the peace and quiet of the country, but I can't stand feeling isolated. 2. Convenient public transport and crowded streets are very important to me.. 3. The burglars are stealing things from people's houses.. 4. Edinburg Castle is built on an extinct volcano. 5. The children were scared when they heard the noise coming from. The first sentence is in the active voice. The subject is the doctor, and the verb is gave. In active sentences, the focus of the sentence is on the subject. The second sentence is in the passive voice. The object of the sentence (I) becomes the focus of the sentence. How to form a passive sentence. 1 House definition is - a building that serves as living quarters for one or a few families : home. How to use house in a sentence

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Level: intermediate. We can use possessive pronouns and nouns after of. We can say: Susan is one of my friends. > Susan is a friend of mine. (NOT Susan is a friend of me.) I am one of Susan's friends. > I am a friend of Susan's. (NOT I am a friend of Susan.) Possessives: pronouns 2 Usually, when the word is used, it is used as a noun meaning the act of logging in to a database, device, or computer, especially a multiuser computer or a remote or networked computer system. For example, We are excited about the number of s to our website. The verbs are two words: log in and log out, whereas the nouns are and logout

The sentences below contain correct quotation marks and italics/underlining. 1. Mary is trying hard in school this semester, her father said. 2. No, the taxi driver said curtly, I cannot get you to the airport in fifteen minutes. 3. I believe, Jack remarked, that the best time of year to visit Europe is in the spring From the tense of a sentence, we come to know about the time of an action. In this page, we are Providing Tenses Exercise For Class 9 CBSE With Answers. This grammar section explains English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used 23. Police is / police are Incorrect: The police is coming. Correct: The police are coming. Rule Use plural form 'are' when referring to police in general. The word police is an aggregate noun, a word representing an indefinite number of parts; aggregate nouns have a plural form Check Pages 201 - 225 of The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation (11th Edition) in the flip PDF version. The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation (11th Edition) was published by Salman Abbas on 2016-02-10. Find more similar flip PDFs like The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation (11th Edition). Download The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation (11th Edition) PDF for free

Rewrite the following Sentences in Correct word-order: [1A. Sentences With 'Past Verbs' - 1 - 10] 1A. 'Past Verbs' - 01 - 10 (Exercise 01) Rewrite the following Sentences in Correct word-order: WRONG ORDER 01. 'Gang war' to a two-way gun led battle. 02. Bomb left scare in city residents in panic. 03 Jeremy Dewitte is a serial police impersonator out of Orlando, Florida, and quite a prolific one at that. At the time of this writing, he is currently facing seven charges of falsely personating a police officer, along with a handful of other charges, with more being added as investigations continue. Dewitte's facing 85 years in prison, and if.

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  1. According to the police, the robber (escape) through a back window. So far, the police (arrest) no one. The victims (complain) at the police station later that afternoon. The FBI (offer) a reward for information leading to the capture of the terrorists. During the robbery, one of the robbers (hurt) a bank employee
  2. Serving a double life sentence, Marni Yang maintains her innocence: Part 9. Yang claims she didn't kill pregnant Rhoni Reuter, and that she falsely confessed to protect her son. Prosecutors said.
  3. grammatically correct placement of a word form in a phrase or sentence in relation to other word forms e.g: The correct position for an article is at the beginning of the noun phrase that it describes positive: basic state of an adjective or adverb when it shows quality but not comparative or superlative e.g: nice, kind, quickly: possessive.
  4. When can the police deceive, and when do law enforcement lies go too far? Alex Spiro explores under what circumstances the police are permitted to lie to obtain information or a confession. Alex lays out some choice cases and explains the surprising truth when it comes to police deception. Alex Spiro is a litigation partner at Quinn Emanuel based in New York
  5. Cristhian Sarez. ENGLISH GRAMMAR The Passive Voice THE PASSIVE VOICE INTRODUCTION The passive of an active tense is formed by putting the verb to be into the same tense as the active verb a d addi g the past pa ti iple of the a ti e e . The su je t of the a ti e e e o es the age t of the passive verb. The agent is very often not mentioned
  6. imum.. Example 1: We like to play cricket. (Play is a finite/main verb in this sentence
  7. 4. Mike is in his house watching television when two police officers knock at the door. They accuse Mike of having stolen property, enter the house, and take several things that they say do not belong to Mike. When he asks if the police officers have permission to take his things, they just laugh and leave with the property

Blotter definition: A blotter is a large sheet of blotting paper kept in a special holder on a desk . | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example Watch the police helicopter carefully, as it does more than just circle the house and make noise; If it comes in low on the pickup/van side of the house, it's dropping off a Bulldozer. The Bulldozer is most often armed with a Reinfeld. If it hovers directly over the house, it's dropping off a pair of Yellow SWAT onto the balcony One thing blogging and good copywriting share is a conversational style, and that means it's fine to fracture the occasional rule of proper grammar in order to communicate effectively. Both bloggers and copywriters routinely end sentences with prepositions, dangle a modifier in a purely technical sense, or make liberal use of the ellipsis when an EM dash is the correct choice—all in order. The Jones' house is the yellow one. Their last name ends with an S J-O-N-E-S. Can you tell me whether or not this sentence is structurally correct? I need to write a critical analysis on Their eyes were watching God and Jonah's gourd vine. I have no idea where to begin

change the following sentences into negative1) Hurry up! 2

Sentence Fragments and Run-on Sentence Practice Select the sentence from each group that is a sentence fragment or a run-on sentence. 1. A. Probably two to three hours, depending on how hard the task is. B. The test seemed impossible, but I managed to make an A. C. We went shopping this past weekend. D. He wanted the blue one. 2. A 1. Put the verb into the correct form, present simple (I do), present continuous (I am doing), past simple (I did) or past continuous (I was doing). 1 We can go out now. It isn´t raining (not/rain) any more. 2 Ann was waiting (wait) for me when I arrived (arrive). 3 I AM GETTING (get) hungry. Let's go and have something to eat

Name:_____ ID:_____ score:___ EXERCISES 1. Complete the sentences with the correct passive form of the verbs in brackets. Use the Present Simple. a. English has been spoken (speak) in many countries. (present perfect) b. The post was delivered (deliver) at about 7 o'clock every morning. (past) c. The building had been used (use) by German army since 1935 (past perfect) d June 1, 2021. AUSTIN, Texas — It was a literal exit strategy: Texas Democrats staged a last-minute walkout on Sunday to kill an elections bill that would have restricted voting statewide. The. Richard Phillips survived the longest wrongful prison sentence in American history by writing poetry and painting with watercolors. But on a cold day in the prison yard, he carried a knife and. Join career expert and award-winning author Andrew LaCivita as he teaches you exactly how to write the 4 sentence cover letter that gets you the job intervie.. Each question has two correct answers, so be sure to select both of them. Pay special attention to the tense of the original sentence, and make sure you select answers that use the same tense.? 45. The police caught the thief red-handed. a. The police did not catch the thief red-handed. b. The police didn't catch the thief red-handed. c

1 During the time that; at the same time as. 'nothing much changed while he was away'. More example sentences. 'Now I'm not going to be able to think of anything else but her ears while watching the movie.'. 'The thing that stayed with me while watching the movie was the sense of dread that something was going to happen.' Correct All Grammatical Mistakes and Enhance Your Writing. Try Now! Check for Proper Grammar Instantly and Enhance Your Writing. Try Now for Free In Minnesota, second-degree murder carries a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison. Third-degree murder is punishable by up to 25 years. Second-degree manslaughter carries a maximum prison term. Is This Sentence Grammatically Correct Checker. If you want to save your time and find out is this sentence grammatically correct, you can use the online grammatically correct sentence checker to help yourself.There are reliable tools that can be your guide and help. It helps you to know your mistakes and to have a written work that is understandable, easy to read and clear TENSES T 20 Fill in the correct form of the verb - All tenses 1. My family have bought (buy) some land in southern France recently.They are building (build) a summer house there at the moment. 2. Andy and Mary are going (go) to a concert tomorrow night.They have been looking forward to (look forward to) it the whole week.3

B. Motion to Correct Sentence. A motion to correct an illegal sentence may be filed at any time. A sentence illegally imposed must be corrected within 120 days. A sentence is illegal when the court goes beyond its authority by acting without jurisdiction or imposing a sentence in excess of the statutory maximum In both sentences you have two actions in the past. In sentence 1, the second action interrupts the first action. So we are asking what action was in progress at the exact moment that the police arrived. In sentence 2, the second action happens before the first action, it doesn't interrupt it. So first the men were in the process of doing. Q. Identify the infinitive in the following sentence: Who wants to run to the store for some milk and bread? answer choices so people all over the world can enjoy watching pandas in their natural habitat. answer choices . It is a subject. It is an object of a verb. Choose the correct term to match the following definition: A verbal that. ESL Lesson Plan - Passive Voice - Crime Scene. May 20, 2012. Here's a lesson for solid intermediates and up with a language focus on the passive voice and crime lexis. At the end of the lesson, students take the roles of police officers and have to give a press briefing to the media about a crime scene that they witnessed

A friend of mine who's casting teenage films in London just shot me in my living room, and we sent it off, and I got the gig.: This is an exciting prospect for someone who's casting around for something to do when her contract's up.: If it's a popularity contest then next time maybe they should get someone who's won a Logie.: Hey, you know Sellersville isn't all that far from Philly, for. In this sentence the direct and indirect objects are in a different order. When the direct comes last, we don't need to use a preposition. Compound sentences follow the same structure but do it twice. A compound sentence is one made of two clauses (sections). In this case, the sentence uses a conjunction to join two halves of the sentence. Federal laws that address police misconduct include both criminal and civil statutes. These laws cover the actions of State, county, and local officers, including those who work in prisons and jails. In addition, several laws also apply to Federal law enforcement officers. The laws protect all persons in the United States (citizens and non. George Floyd. Derek Chauvin Receives a 22.5-Year Sentence for Killing George Floyd A jury convicted the former Minneapolis police officer of murder and manslaughter in April, nearly a year after. In order to form a future continuous tense sentence, a future auxiliary verb is required followed by a main verb that ends with -ing. Structure: 'will' + 'be' + present participle of the verb (ing). Construction. Use first form of the verb (+ing) 1st and 2nd person — 'Shall be'. 3rd person — 'Will be'

Conditional Sentences - First Condition (Future Possible) Verb Tenses in First Conditional Sentences Directions: Choose the correct verb tense in each of the following sentences Grammar Practice Worksheet Under the D.C. Code, that act of vandalism, assuming the damage costs less than $1,000, is a misdemeanor punishable by a maximum fine of $1,000 and up to six months in jail. But under an anti. Rewrite the sentence: Minh began to collect stamps in 2000. Minh has. Can you spell victory with this quiz? Language is intrinsically important to our status as the dominant species on the planet. As humans, we have the ability to communicate complex ideas and emotions effortlessly through the countless words that make up the thousands of languages in the world

The English language is forever changing. New words appear; old ones fall out of use or alter their meanings. World Wide Words tries to record at least a part of this shifting wordscape by featuring new words, word histories, words in the news, and the curiosities of native English speech To change a sentence to passive voice, you'll first need to identify the tense that the sentence is written in, as it's necessary to keep the correct tense when switching from active to passive voice. Second, identify the sentence's subject, verb, and direct object. Finally, change the format so that the sentence begins with the direct.

A Verb often consists of more than one word; as, The girls were singing. I have learnt my lesson. The watch has been found. Read these sentences:- The boy kicks the football. The boy laughs loudly. In sentence 1, the action denoted by the verb kicks passes over from the doer or subject boy to some Object football Pay close attention to the new sentences created so you can start making longer, smoother sentences. Directions: On a separate sheet of paper, rewrite the following sentences into one smooth sentence. You will need to share important words to combine these sentences. Remember, there may be many ways to combine each of these sentences. 1

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Read the sentence and answer yes or no depending on whether the sentence is grammatically correct or not. Teachers: If a sentence is not correct, have the students change the sentence to make it correct (to be done orally before selecting yes or no) Sasha Johnson, the self-styled 'Black Panther of Oxford', is fighting for her life in hospital following the attack in Peckham, south-east London at 3am on Sunday after an all-day house party Normally for an embedded state, such as liking, the simple present is used. I like ice cream. I hate cloves. I love jazz. I detest frogs' legs. But, in fact, when the state is seen as in some way part of a present (and temporary) state, the continuous present can be and often is used. It is no different from saying

Choose the correct answer from the codes given below to fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions. Sitting —— the tree, the four thieves were dividing the money —— themselves. Suddenly they picked —— a quarrel —— a silly issue Examples of Misplaced Modifiers. Sentences would be pretty dull without modifiers to provide excitement and intrigue. Thanks to modifiers, words like the bird become the soaring bird.. Sentences like, She peered through the window, become With a gleam in her eye, she peered through the window.. Modifiers dress up. The following are basic examples of the past continuous tense. The verb tense in each sentence is underlined. When we got to the house yesterday morning, the baby was drinking a bottle. He was waiting at home all day when she sent him the message. Alan was cutting the grass the other day when the snake appeared

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Re-write the Sentences Questions and Answers. Question 1 : Re-write the following sentences according to the instructions given after each. Make other changes that may be necessary, but do not change the meaning of each sentence. i) As soon as we lit the candle, the power supply was restored Grammar Gaffes Invade the Office in an Age of Informal Email, Texting and Twitter. When Caren Berg told colleagues at a recent staff meeting, There's new people you should meet, her boss Don. WORKSHEET 20 p63. SUBJECT : Tense Review (Present Simple / Present Continuous / Simple Past) A) Complete the sentences using the verbs in brackets in the PRESENT CONTINUOUS or PRESENT SIMPLE: 1. Please be quiet. I am trying (try) to read the paper. 2. This is a very quiet town. Where do people go (people / go) in the evenings Exercise 55. Write the correct foems of the Verbs given in brackets:--1) Raman was feeling proud because his father (to elect) President. 2) When I entered the house I found that everything (to steal). 3) The thief ( to catch) before the police came. 4) The Headmaster told us that the Governor (to give) a warm welcome (eggs, cheese and peppers = the material that was used) DOUBLE OBJECT VERBS When we have verbs that take two objects like, for example, give somebody something, we can convert the active sentence into a passive one in two ways: a. by making the indirect (animate) object the subject of the passive voice sentence, which is also the way that we.

The first sentence has been done as an example. 1. Many local farmers plan to attend next Friday's meeting. 2. Although Bradley Hall is regularly populated by students, close study of the building as a structure is seldom undertaken by them. 3. He dropped out of school on account of the fact that it was necessary for him to help support his. Man avoids prison time for fatal stabbing at Hammond 'flop house'. Sarah Reese. Jun 1, 2021. Jun 1, 2021 Updated Jul 9, 2021. CROWN POINT — A Lake Criminal Court judge sentenced a 59-year-old. ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia's highest court on Tuesday upheld a man's death sentence for killing his ex-fiancée's adult son, saying he failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he is. Example Sentences with the Word Inquire The following are sentences incorporating the term inquire in its different inflections, particularly inquiry: Kindly inquire about the same at the reception desk. I inquired about the jobs available at the store. They had zero openings. An inquiry was promised by the commissioner of police Gamers are renowned for their heightened passion - whether that's through their investment in PewDiePie feuds, their rush to get the latest Red Dead Redemption, or their skills at hacking Fortnite for money.But two years ago, one gamer's Call of Duty fervor went so far that it resulted in an innocent man's death.. On Friday (September 13), 19-year-old Casey Viner was sentenced to 15.

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Using Active Voice in Police Reports by Jean Reynolds, Ph.D. 2. Using Active Voice in Police Reports by Jean Reynolds, Ph.D. 3. Many traditions have shaped police practices over the years. 4. Some of those traditions are useful, and some aren't. 5. Passive voice is one tradition that law enforcement would be better off without Underline the topic sentence in red (double underline, if you don't have a red pen). Underline details that support main idea in blue (underline once, if you don't have a blue pen). 1. They are building a new school. It is near my house. Every day, I watch the workers. They drive huge tractors. I watch them push a ton of dirt Half the content is political, with episode 1 exposing significant flaws in a previously honest and effective force, and episode 2 an undermining of the concept of policing. I won't be watching any more. I'm averaging my 7/10 from season 1 and 2, and 1/10 for season 3 to result in a 4/10 Darlie Routier. Responding to Darlie Lynn Routier's frantic 911 call from her Dallas County home in 1996, police found her two sons, Devon Routier, 6, and Damon Routier, 5, dying of stab wounds. There were knife wounds to Routier's neck, forearm and shoulder. A broken wine glass lay on the ground, and there was a torn window screen in the. Ex: I'll build a house for you >> I'll build you a house. 3. Replace prepositional phrases with adverbs (similar to #2) Ex: A number of people >> Some people. And we always try to change nominalizations into active verbs, as a general rule of practice. Qasim on August 10, 2011 2:37 am. Heartfelt thanks for this interesting subject

Edward VI of England : Wikis (The Full Wiki)rememberlessfool: No self, no freewill, permanent