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Space Age Venus is the twentieth age in Forge of Empires. It involves the player exploring a future human colony on Venus. It follows the Space Age Asteroid Belt and was released as a whole on April 15, 2021. The age consists of two parts: the first, on Earth, and the other on a Venus Colony We are proud to present a brand-new Age — Space Age Venus (SAV). The Space Age Venus starts on March 8th, 2021 ​ After exploring the Asteroid Belt, mankind was able to obtain the resources necessary to survive and create more spaceships. However, we now have a problem with our food supplies

First Impressions & Release Date - March 8th The Space Age Venus starts on April 15th, 2021 ​ After exploring the Asteroid Belt, mankind was able to obtain the resources necessary to survive and create more spaceships. However, we now have a problem with our food supplies Space Age Asteroid Belt is the nineteenth age in Forge of Empires. It involves the player exploring a future human colony on the Asteroid Belt. It follows the Space Age Mars and was released as a whole on April 23, 2020. The age consists of two parts: the first, on Earth, and the other on an Asteroid Belt Colony It seems like new parts of an era and new eras are released roughly half a year apart, sometimes more, sometimes less. SAAB was released late April this year, so it will be a few more months at least before there's anything new, be it a new part of SAAB or SAV

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  1. On Monday 8th March the new era Space Age Venus will be introduced on the Beta market. You can read all about it here
  2. In hindsight I could have aged up quicker from IA to Colonial or even PE, overall very happy with the first year. I am ready to jump to Arctic Future, looking forward to go all the way to SAV. The A/D is at 784/484 and 45k banked FP. Any questions, suggestions and comments are more than welcome
  3. Spoiler: Mysterious Shards. Mysterious Shards. %s% chance of spawning a Shard reward in your active Cultural Settlement once every %s. %s% chance that the Shard is a rare one. Each Shard needs to be collected by hand and disappears after %s if not

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Finally.Songs free to use: Anno Beats:• Intentions: https://youtu.be/u1MpUvGB1fY NCS:• Feel Good: https://youtu.be/q1ULJ92ald Aug 31, 2020. #7. It is also boring to stay in an age and do the same thing over and over again. At least, going through all ages you get to see everything the game has to offer. Yes, it gets boring when you end but no more than staying in the same age.. I too, have finished Space Age Asteroid Belt and want to know when Venus is coming Apr 23, 2020: Updated both the goods and resources needed per era articles to reflect the release of Space Age: Asteroid Belt. Feb 23, 2020: Updated the Power Lock Math article with a visual on how the math works, for those who need to see the math to better understand it 2.16 Space Age Mars Map (part 1) 2.17 Space Age Mars Map (part 2) 2.18 Space Age Asteroid Belt Map (part 1) 2.19 Space Age Asteroid Belt Map (part 2) 2.20 Space Age Venus Map (part 1) 2.21 Space Age Venus Map (part 2

It follows the Virtual Future and was released as a whole on 28 May 2019. The age consists of two parts: the first, on Earth, and the other on a Mars Colony. When the player researches the following age, the colony on Mars will be disbanded Space Age Mars 5x5 Previous Era Goods Production: The Virgo Project: Space Age Mars 5x5 Coin production Missile Launch: Space Carrier: Space Age Asteroid Belt 7x4 Orbital Transfer Diplomatic Gifts: Flying Island: Space Age Venus 4x6 ⧼foe-play⧽. Space Age : Venus. Still no second GB for Asteroid age. Wish inno would spend more tiem on each age, liek tehy did on oceanic future. innogames formalized in mid 2020 that SAAB would only have one GM. having eras in several parts was a good idea. however OF was very (too) long for many players

Forge of Empires is a browser-based strategy game developed by InnoGames.The game was initially released on 17 April 2012 (open beta phase). In 2013, a television advertising campaign helped the game reach 10 million user registrations. The game was later released on iOS 2014, and Android in 2015. The game is similar to both SimCity and Clash of Clans, but includes turn-based strategy elements Welcome to Space Age: Asteroid Belt! The Earth is still our planet, but the population keeps growing and growing, as does the urge for even more resources. Based on known terrestrial reserves, key elements for modern industry and food production could be exhausted on Earth within 50 to 60 years

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  1. Nov 11, 2020. #2. Space Age Asteroid Belt (SaaB) is already out on live servers for a while now.. Venus is not yet out in Beta, will only know when they release it. Agent327. FOE Team. Forum Moderator
  2. Space Age Venus. Thread starter Wildelk68; Start date Jan 24, 2021; Status Not open for further replies. Wildelk68 New Member. Jan 24, 2021 #1 FOE Team. Forum Moderator. Jan 25, 2021 #7 Wildelk68 said: My question is where is the promised Space Age Venus era? Did INNO just forget about it or has the greed taken over and we will be faced.
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Space Age Venus Era. Thread starter BoomerJim; Start date Dec 22, 2020; BoomerJim Private. Dec 22, 2020 #1 Any info on this new era? LastWarrior Major. Dec 29, 2020 #2 Not yet, I want to collect Lava though, when we get there. rick of shaw General Space Age Venus! from The Forge of Empires team on 4/13/21 at 7:19 am Also, make sure to regularly check the official section to be up to date with all changes around Forge of Empires! Read all about it here. Read more . Update to 1.185. Space Age Mars arrives on May 28th! Read all the details here. Read more

Forum Contests. Don't forget to check out the current contests here. We are looking for you! Always wanted to join our Support or Forum Team? We are looking for enthusiastic moderators! Take a look at our recruitment page for more information and how you can apply: 1. 2. Forge of Empires Forum I have four goods buildings from the Bronze Age and four from the Iron Age and currently have ~150 of each Bronze good, ~100 of each Iron good. It is time for us to move on again. The next era arrives soon! (eg maybe you want to get the full 90/90 from GBs first). Happy Hunting! Each of the historical periods introduces a whole series of new technological solutions. Reward: 2 random rewards. Forge of Empires: Space Age Venus Military Units! Stats Rundown & My Initial Thoughts! 11:45: 5,691: First Impressions: Forge of Empires: 2021-03-05: Forge of Empires: Space Age Venus IS HERE! First Impressions & Release Date - March 8th! 10:36: 7,058: First Impressions: Forge of Empires: 2021-03-03: Forge of Empires: City Builder & Optimizer. The Space Age Venus In Forge of Empires Launch [Experiences] Today is the long-awaited day of the beginning of the new Space Age Venus in Forge of Empires. Our first preparation today is the start PvP Arena Returns. from The Forge of Empires team on 5/19/21 at 9:58 am. After evaluating the feedback from Beta and International communities last year, we had decided to rework this project and deliver a more polished and complete version. We are now happy to announce the return of the PvP Arena, but this time on all live.

Forge of Empires (FOE) was published in 2012 as the newest strategy online game by InnoGames and has since been one of the most successful browser-based games available. InnoGames, known as a publisher of high quality titles such as the strategy game Tribal Wars and the Greek empire game Grepolis , is combining strategic game-play in an empire. Space Age Mars 156,000 82,900 500 6 50 Space Age Asteroid Belt 216,000 91,800 525 6 50 Space Age Venus 252,000 101,200 550 6 50 Power can only be produced when in a guild and it is added during daily calculation. Treasury goods can only be produced when in a guild. ⧼foe-play⧽.

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Positive & Negative Reviews: Forge of Empires: Build your City - 10 Similar Apps, 6 Review Highlights & 1,143,829 Reviews. 1. The strategic element is diverse & unique! Use either brute force or focus more on negotiation & economy to build a stronger empire 2. Stumbling upon famous people like Gandhi or Marilyn Monroe makes the game all the more fun & refreshing 3 The classic Patrick Troughton serial The Web of Fear is getting its special edition in August. In order to escape an attack in space, the TARDIS makes an unscheduled landing and ends up deep inside the London Underground. Here the travellers soon find themselves engulfed in a thrilling battle with the Great Intelligence and th 24 movies to watch in 2021 We still don't know when theaters will be open. But there are plenty of new films to look forward to Recently, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson announced that the space agency will send not one but two robotic probes to Venus under the Discovery program. The probes are DAVINCI+ and VERITAS. The two probes, which are due to be launched by the end of the 2020s, will be the first dedicated NASA missions to the second planet from the sun in decades

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